How Jews Create Consensus Unreality: Roy Barnes

Roy Barnes and one of his numerous friends who just happen to be rabbis

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 22 August, 2020 2020-0822 – How Jews Create Consensus Unreality – Roy Barnes.mp3

by Kevin Alfred Strom

IT’S DISTASTEFUL to constantly be talking about Jews. No other people is as spiritually and often physically ugly, no other people is more grasping, deceitful, underhanded, and ignoble. I’d much rather be talking about noble, beautiful people and the noble, beautiful things they are doing than talking about Jews. But it’s necessary to talk about them, because they have decided to wage war — genocidal war — upon us.

One of the ways that Jews trick us into going along with their schemes is to lie, of course. If we don’t know what’s really going on, if the facts of reality are hidden from us, and a tissue of lies presented to us as real, we will do the wrong thing. We will do what the Jews want us to do. We were told that Germany in the 1940s wanted to “take over the world” and make Americans into their slaves. Now that was a preposterous lie. In fact, it was a case of the Jews projecting their own behavior, falsely, onto the Germans. But the Jewish media, almost as powerful then as they are now, were able to sell that lie successfully to the American people, and the American people proceeded to slaughter millions of innocent Germans as if their lives and their freedom depended on it.

But when they were lying to us about Germany, it wouldn’t do if it was only the Jews that were doing the lying. If almost every Jewish spokesman was anti-German, and almost every White American spokesman was pro-German or neutral, people might have gotten the (correct) idea that all this anti-Germanism was a Jewish thing. That wouldn’t do at all. Enter the shabbos goy — the non-Jewish, White American spokesman who appeared to be taking the Jewish side in their fight against Germany for noble, moral, and purely American reasons: Franklin Roosevelt, for one; and innumerable White American radio and newspaper commentators, for many of the rest. The Jewish support and funding for these shabbos goyim was carefully hidden, of course. But they did the trick. They convinced millions of the gullible that fighting Germany was in America’s interests, not just Jewish interests. So White Americans joined the Jewish killing spree, killing millions of their fellow Whites with real, sincere enthusiasm — just as the Jews wanted.

And we still have many, many shabbos goyim today: former Georgia Governor Roy Barnes among them.

Barnes has been a willing toady for a long, long time. Here we see him (left) decades ago with then-ADL boss Abraham Foxman (right).

What does the term shabbos goy (plural: shabbos goyim) mean? It’s a concept that runs deep in Jews. Literally, it means “sabbath non-Jew.” According to Wikipedia, a shabbos goy:

is a non-Jew who performs certain types of work (melakha) which Jewish religious law (halakha) prohibits a Jew from doing on the Sabbath.

That concept has been expanded in modern times, and among non-religious members of the Jewish race, to mean simply a non-Jew who works for the Jews. Their name is Legion in today’s America. (The term goy, by the way, for a non-Jew, though it literally means a member of any non-Jewish nation, also has a pejorative connotation: It is almost never used in the presence of non-Jews, and, to Jews, a goyishe kopf, or “gentile head,” means someone who is stupid.)

Today I am going to be focusing on one particularly egregious example of the shabbos goy, former Governor Roy Barnes of Georgia.

Even during the corona lockdown, Roy Barnes finds ways to please and serve Jews.

It was 105 years ago this week, 17 August 1915, that Leo Frank, the Jewish sex killer, B’nai B’rith leader, and pivotal figure in the founding of the ADL, was lynched for the murder of Mary Phagan, the 13-year-old White girl he lusted after, sexually attacked, and strangled two and a half years before. The seventeenth of August is my birthday, and I have acquired the habit of reflecting on the case every time my day comes round. Do a search on social media sites and on the ’Net generally, and you’ll find that every 17th of August, there is a big corporate/government/Jewish push to convince you that Leo Frank was innocent.

Leo Frank was unquestionably guilty, and the evidence was so strong that every level of the justice system in Georgia and every appeals court, right up to the Supreme Court of the United States, upheld the jury’s guilty verdict. So the Jews invented the hate crime hoax — one of their specialties for the last 2,000 years — that there was a mob screaming, “Hang the Jew or we’ll hang you!” at the jury during the trial. Nothing like that happened, and if it had, Frank’s top-drawer attorneys would have called, and called successfully, for an immediate mistrial — which they never did. Nothing like that was reported in the innumerable local newspaper articles written by eyewitnesses during the month-long trial. It never happened. It was a hate crime hoax.

The “hang the Jew” hoax was popularized by Jewish academic Leonard Dinnerstein starting in 1968. Countless other Jewish and Jew-fawning writers and academics have quoted Dinnerstein since, and now they quote and re-quote each other endlessly, as if their self-referential footnotes qualify as “proof.”

Here’s Roy Barnes repeating and embellishing Dinnerstein’s “hang the Jew” hoax on WXIA-TV:

Barnes recounted what jurors allegedly faced as they were moved from a nearby location to the courthouse during the trial. “As they would march up the jurors every day to go to the Fulton County courthouse, the crowd would chant, ‘Hang the Jew or we’ll hang you’,” he said.

Then Roy Barnes gave an interview to Georgia Public Radio, whose interviewer of course latched on immediately to the ‘correct’ interpretation of the hoax — “anti-Semitic mob crucifies innocent, Christ-like Jew”:

ROY BARNES: There were some good lawyers in this case, but unfortunately they did not control the mob. The Fulton County Courthouse was on Marietta Street at the time. There’s no air conditioning so the windows would be open and there’s a mob down below. Somebody would sit in the window and tell what the testimony was, and the mob would either groan or cheer. It’s reported that when the jurors would walk up the street to go to the trial — the trial lasted a month — that the mob would scream, “Hang the Jew or we’ll hang you.”

GPB INTERVIEWER: Wow. This mob had power.

ROY BARNES: Mob had power.

Barnes also has added two fillips of his own to the hoax: 1) That members of the “mob” literally sat on the window sills of the courthouse, yelling out testimony so the “mob” outside could hear it better. Would any judge tolerate that? Would a judge who, like this one did, threatened to clear the courtroom when even light applause took place, tolerate that? Come on! Again: Nothing like that happened, and if it had, Frank’s lawyers would have called successfully for a mistrial — and they didn’t do that. Again: Nothing like that was reported in the innumerable local newspaper articles written by eyewitnesses during the month-long trial. Nothing! 2) That the mob screamed “Hang the Jew or we’ll hang you!” not just once or twice, as Dinnerstein’s established hoax suggested, but on every day of the month-long trial. Absolutely insane. The thought process must be, “we’re getting away with this lie so far, let’s ratchet it up a bit.”

(And what about the “mob” itself? Contemporary eyewitness accounts describe no such thing. It’s just a crowd waiting to get into the packed courtroom, or a “curious throng.” That’s it. No “mob” whatsoever. And this from newspapers that favored Frank!)

The Jewish ADL uses Dinnerstein’s “hang the Jew or we’ll hang you” hoax. They also make the bizarre claim that no evidence was presented at Leo Frank’s trial.

Then the King of shabbos goyim spoke at Mercer Law School, repeating the windowsill-yelling and “hang the Jew” hoaxes, saying among other things:

And I have read some reports that, as the jury would come up from the Kimball House to go to the courthouse every day, parts of the mob would say, “Hang the Jew or we’ll hang you.” Whatever it was, and I don’t think that there’s a lot of dispute about this — there was a mob presence there.

Now shabbos goy Barnes isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, saying in his Mercer speech such things as “the difference in the trials are greatly different than they are today,” whatever that means, and stating that Governor John Slaton’s review of the Leo Frank case happened in 2015 instead of the actual 1915. But Barnes has the cachet of having been governor — which to the enlightened is more like a stink than a cachet, but we’re not talking about the enlightened here; when you’re building a consensus unreality, you prefer and depend on the marks and rubes and fools — and to such persons, being a former governor is still moderately prestigious. Barnes also speaks like an aristocratic Southerner, which triggers something in the limbic system of the rural Southern White who still hasn’t figured out that he’s being herded just like he herds his domestic animals. I don’t know if Barnes is blackmailable, but if he is, and I suspect he is, he’s the perfect shabbos goy for his time and place. For a few paltry shekels, he’ll lead his kinfolk to the abattoir.

As I said last year, the “hang the Jew” story is a hoax. A transparent, obvious hoax. If it had happened even once, it would have been front page news in every Atlanta paper — and the defense would have jumped on it and immediately demanded a mistrial and a change of venue — which would have certainly been granted. If it had really happened — even once — in a town that the contemporary press clearly shows had many Frank sympathizers, there would have been outrage from the literally hundreds or thousands of witnesses to such a blatant abuse of the judicial process. There would have been articles and editorials by the dozens or hundreds right there in 1913, as it all was happening. Frank’s gold-plated legal team would have held press conferences and filed motions that would have stopped the biggest murder trial in Georgia history — if such jury intimidation by a screaming mob had taken place even once — and Barnes is now saying that it happened “every day.” But there were no such stories in the Atlanta papers of the time, some of which had already published multiple articles favorable to Frank. There were no hundreds of outraged witnesses. There were no witnesses at all. Frank’s own legal team made no such claim at the time. No such mistrial motions were filed. No jury member ever said he was intimidated. None of that happened. None of that happened because the “hang the Jew” story was a complete hoax.

(Even pro-Frank Jewish author Steve Oney, who is more careful and circumspect than other members of his Tribe, quietly admits that it’s all a hoax, saying “[I]t didn’t happen. It was something that someone wrote a couple years after the crime, and then it got stuck into subsequent recountings of the story…. Jews were accepted in the city, and the record does not substantiate subsequent reports that the crowd outside the courtroom shouted at the jurors: ‘Hang the Jew or we’ll hang you.’”)

So here you have the template, established more than a century ago:

  1. Something happens that the Jews would rather we not know about.
  2. A Jewish academic or self-appointed “expert” will tell a lie or series of lies to deceive the people and make them believe in the Jewish version of events.
  3. Other Jewish writers, and some non-Jewish academics, will quote the original expert’s lie in their papers and articles, as if the original liar’s credentials lend substance to his claims.
  4. As time passes, these academics and writers will start quoting and citing one another, in a positive flurry of self-referential footnotes that keeps typesetters busy, but proves nothing — though giving the appearance of proof.
  5. Eventually, if the case is important enough, well-known non-Jewish figures or celebrities or leaders in whatever field is at issue will be recruited as shabbos goyim to lend an air of prestige and respectability to the lie. Enter Roy Barnes.

So that is how consensus unreality is built. The hoaxes the Jews have created surrounding the Leo Frank case, some with the help of Roy Barnes, are just a few examples of the uncountable thousands they have put over on the marks.

To my listeners: Stop being marks. Start being participants, instead of gullible spectators to history. Get organized. Join the National Alliance.

To Roy Barnes and the other collaborators: We’re taking notes.

* * *

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