Fallen America

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 29 August, 2020

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by Kevin Alfred Strom

YOU REALLY should watch the videos I’ll embed in the text version of this broadcast on nationalvanguard.org. They’ll show you how America has changed in the course of one lifetime; how the peaceful, safe, civilized, relatively honorable, and relatively united United States has been changed into a dangerous, hate-filled, Third-World-style zone of political violence starting to explode all around us, getting worse and with no end in sight.

The first set of videos was taken just two nights ago in Washington, DC, not too far from where I used to live and where Dr. Pierce maintained the original offices of the National Alliance. In it, you’ll see United States Senator from Kentucky Rand Paul, his wife, and a couple of companions, trying to walk the short distance from the Republican National Convention to the Willard Hotel a short distance away. (Interestingly, the Willard is the place where Jewish defector Benjamin Freedman made his most famous speech, featured on National Vanguard.)

In the videos, we see the great, famous, wealthy Senator Rand Paul and his wife and companions reduced to walking precariously between two narrow rows of heavily-Black bicycle-walking DC police officers who are there in order to prevent the Rands from being attacked — so that the Rands can survive the short walk to their hotel. All around them are shouting, screaming, pushing “mostly peaceful” leftist protesters who are also mostly Black, shrilly and endlessly demanding that Rand Paul “say her name, Breonna Taylor.” Paul says they were also threatening to kill him. The Senator and his group can’t even walk normally, even under police protection — they grasp each other with their hands, forming a tightly connected line to help prevent them from being separated and falling to the mercies of the mob. If any one of them were separated, it would be like a lone gazelle amid hyenas on the African savannah — and it would end the same.

I hold no brief for Paul, who has caved again and again on issues affecting our race, but ironically, Rand Paul is the very man who introduced the Breonna Taylor Act, which he himself named after Breonna Taylor, a Black victim who lost her life because of an unjustified “no-knock warrant.” Paul’s Breonna Taylor Act would ban such warrants. But none of that mattered to the slavering mob: Paul and his wife and friends were coming out of Trump’s convention, and they were White. That was enough to call for their blood.

Now, I’ve walked those very streets many times. Even during political protests in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. I’ve never seen it this bad before, and this is the New Normal — it’s much worse than this somewhere in America, every day, these days. It’s sure as Hell worse in Portland and Kenosha and Seattle.

And I feel certain that, if it weren’t for those DC police officers, multiracial and politicized and bad and corrupt as I personally know them to be, Rand Paul and his wife and his friends would have stood an excellent chance of having their heads bashed bloody to the pavement, having their limbs torn off, and having their remains paraded as bloody trophies by the ravening mob.

So that’s what America has come to, in my lifetime. It was a quite different America I was born into. Look at the next two videos on National Vanguard, one a home movie, taken during another Republican National Convention in San Francisco in 1956.

Did you notice the convention’s doors opening right onto the street, without any sign of police protection? Did you see activists doing political promotions right on the sidewalk? Did you see politicians and party officials and workers mixing with the crowds, without a thought of danger? What a different world!

Those differences weren’t because Republicans or their opponents were saintly or even good. No, the politicians were even then betraying us for Jewish money or favorable publicity in the Jews’ media, even in 1956. Politics and media were rotten even then. The difference was that America was White, America was homogeneous, and because of that Americans shared most of their important values, and Americans trusted each other and most were worthy of that trust, making the streets and even the most politicized of arenas places where everyone, even little children, felt totally safe. A nearly all-White America wasn’t perfect, but it was free from fear, full of optimism, and truly free, in ways that most people can’t even imagine today, in ways that have little to do with laws or constitutions and everything to do with race.

But the old White America has fallen. And a new criminal class is being allowed to attack and kill and feast on our blood almost with impunity atop the remains.

The legal system was designed for handling a small criminal element among a generally civilized, homogeneous people. It was not designed to handle 1) an invasion, 2) a biologically/genetically/culturally Third World population — and 3) particularly not a Third World population weaponized by a hostile Jewish media monopoly.

Now the few people in the Establishment who are actually trying to solve this burgeoning leftist political violence problem are trying to use the legal system to fight it. They try, and usually fail, to identify the criminals. Then they try to gather evidence, which is sometimes scant in these drive-by, flash-mob, masked attacks. Then they call on prosecutors, often politicized themselves, and increasingly so, who often refuse to prosecute the left for anything it does. And juries? Think about it. What is a New Orleans jury going to do in the case of BLM-type defendants? A Washington, DC jury? A New York City jury? What are they going to do in the case of a racially-conscious White man being prosecuted for defending himself against such a mob? Think about it.

So. There is no legal solution. A military solution is called for. Yes, a military solution. The final step toward pure power politics. The final admission that the farce of mass democracy has failed and can never be restored. But — and this is the crucial thing — we no longer have a military. Barring a mutiny by White generals and troops loyal to them, probably a vain and pathetic hope, we have lost our military. They are as multiracial and corrupt and politicized as the DC police.

We no longer have a military. We no longer have a government. We no longer have a State. All that has been taken from us, stealthily but boldly, by the Jews, through corruption, through preaching of false values through their mass media, through open borders, through demographic replacement. All that has been stolen from us, while we watched Friends and Big Bang Theory.

Dr. William Pierce spoke to this subject when he — in 1978 — discussed the capabilities the National Alliance must gain for itself. He begins by talking about building our media, of which National Vanguard is a part. These are his words.

Eventually the printed-propaganda arm of the Alliance must be continuously generating a veritable flood of new material, ranging from serious newspapers to ideologically oriented romances and agitational pamphlets.

But even as this arm continues to grow, we need other capabilities. We need, for example, a fund-raising capability: a branch of the Alliance consisting of people with an expertise in obtaining the money we must have, whether from mass mailings, personal solicitations, or other means. We have no such cadres on our staff now.

We need a legal capability, not only for defending ourselves in the courts when necessary, but also for using the courts in an aggressive manner, for going on the offensive legally when the opportunity arises. At the present we have not even one legal cadre in the Washington area.

We need a business capability, a sales capability, for building the circulation of our newspaper and our other publications. This capability will require cadres who concern themselves with placing our publications in independent bookstores and newsstands, with advertising in other publications (including the mass media), with establishing and maintaining far larger numbers of news racks for NV sales than we have now. This is an extremely important capability, and it is one which is almost nonexistent now. It cannot wait much longer.

We will need a public-speaking capability, a branch of the Alliance concerned with carrying our message orally to groups of people everywhere, whether to a meeting of patriotic organizations or to bystanders at a public protest demonstration. Occasionally one or another cadre now on the National Office staff does this, but we need cadres who specialize in it, who learn how to find and exploit every opportunity for doing it, who learn how to make their own opportunities.

And we will need, one day, a branch of the Alliance which has the capability for dealing successfully in an extra-legal way with extra-legal attacks against us. That is, we must eventually develop a military capability.

In short, we must once again have our own State and possess our own means of self-defense. We must become the State, since a stateless people quickly become slaves, or meals, for those who are not stateless. We need those capabilities Dr. Pierce spoke about. If you, too, would like to see the National Alliance gain those capabilities, and put our race back on track to security, achievement, and greatness once again — we can use your help.

* * *

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https://audio.nationalvanguard.com/programs/ADV 2020-0829 – Fallen America.mp3

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