Cosmotheist Beginnings, part 2

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by Kevin Alfred Strom

WHAT KIND of society do we want? As our society breaks down into chaos and tyranny, we know that it cannot last. After the fire, a time of rebuilding is coming. What shall we build? A “democracy”? A constitutional republic? A theocracy? Shall we have unregulated “free enterprise”? Should we strive for “equality”? Or for hierarchy? The National Alliance, and its underlying philosophy, Cosmotheism, provide the answers to these questions.

Come with me again to that small, darkened meeting hall in Arlington, Virginia, on a warm Sunday evening in the Summer of 1976, as Dr. William Pierce is about to speak. This lecture was never recorded in audio form, but Dr. Pierce did publish the text in the members-only National Alliance BULLETIN in August of that year. I will do my best to convey his meaning truly. These are the words of William Pierce, in the conclusion of one of his most important works,”Creating a New Society”:

* * *

Creating a New Society (conclusion)

by Dr. William L. Pierce

THE SAME is true of [many] social illnesses [ besides just homosexuality — we can eliminate them simply by providing the people with healthy examples to live by]. One can effectively suppress them by rounding up and shooting enough people, or one can eliminate them by establishing a healthy social climate. Some illnesses call for the first cure and some for the second — but in the long run a society can be and remain truly healthy and truly progressive only if the tendency toward health and progress is naturally rooted in the great bulk of the members of the society instead of being artificially imposed from above.

Nevertheless, we are talking about a society which is willing and able to guide its members, to impose constraints, to set both positive and negative examples. And this implies the exercise of power, real and effective power, even if not in the form of direct police power. For we are certainly not talking about an anarchic society or a libertarian society, in which everyone does his own thing.

Today, even in our present society, far more social control is exercised by the mass media and by the schools than by the Congress and the President and the courts, with all their legislative and police and judicial powers. In our new society should we simply leave these powers, the power of the media and the schools, up for grabs, to fall under the influence of whatever private groups can win control of them?

Hardly! They are the very determinants of the type of society we shall have. They do more than anything else to set its goals and shape its institutions, and we must be sure that these goals and institutions are in accord with our Purpose, with the Creator’s Purpose. So this means that society as a whole must assume certain powers which are now either chaotically uncontrolled or are in the hands of the enemies of our people.

How shall these powers be administered and exercised? That is a question we want to answer very carefully, after the greatest deliberation. But we can make some tentative suggestions now. We can say quite definitely, for example, that we are not interested in the conservative goal of restoring the Constitution of 200 years ago.

We are not interested in minor variations on that theme either, which might allow, for example, some deviant person of great wealth or strong personality who favored reintroducing Blacks or Jews into our society to control, say, ten percent of the Federal legislature if he could convince ten percent of the public to vote for his party. We are, in fact, not even greatly impressed by the democratic axiom of “one man, one vote.” That was supposed to insure against tyranny, but it has not quite lived up to expectations.

Let us remember that our Purpose, and therefore the Purpose of our new society, must not be to provide the best possible climate for free enterprise but to put us, as a race, once again on the Path toward Godhood. Because of this, it is likely that the privilege of choosing our society’s leaders will be somewhat more carefully bestowed than at present, when it is merely necessary to have attained 18 years of age.

It seems clear to me that our Purpose tells us that we must envisage a society in which the electorate consists only of those members of society who are wholly dedicated to that Purpose. Those who have the responsibility for choosing our society’s administrators and decision-makers must be persons who have proved, in deed as well as word, their dedication.

We might envisage the attainment of electoral status as a crowning honor bestowed on our most worthy citizens, an honor not only entailing great respect from the community but also a great responsibility for the welfare and progress of the community. Being given the privilege of voting might be made a ceremonial occasion, a sacramental occasion, the most important occasion of a citizen’s life, an occasion not unlike joining a Holy Order, in which the initiate takes a binding oath to fulfill his responsibility and to put his duties and obligations as an embodiment of the Creator and an agent of the Creator ahead of all else, throughout the remainder of his life.

This will be a status potentially open to all but actually achieved by relatively few, the best and ablest of our race. And it will be their responsibility to exercise the ultimate power, to control the destiny of the society. Those few experts who actually make the day-to-day decisions will be answerable to their electorate.

Now, there are many other aspects to the society we want besides the determination of voting qualifications. In most cases we must be very careful about being too specific, because the actual working out of the specific details is something which will require a great deal of thought and planning. Whatever we say now is only of a tentative nature.

But we can be sure of some general things. We are sure that we do not want a society in which our Truth, our understanding of reality and of our Purpose, is but one idea in a competing chaos of ideas, a society divided against itself into a hundred conflicting sects. We want a society which is not only racially homogenous but also spiritually homogenous, a society which is a single, indivisible community inspired by a single, great Truth, working for a single Purpose.

And we can be sure of some other things. We want a society based on blood instead of on gold, a society in which racial quality, in which Life itself, is the basic value, instead of money, as in today’s society.

It will be a society in which the importance of the family will not be so much as an economic unit but as a biological unit, a creative unit; a society in which healthy, racially sound children will be the greatest treasure which can be produced — a treasure far more significant than today’s Gross National Product.

It will be a society which will judge its progress by the degree to which each new generation surpasses in racial quality the previous generation. The great task of our new society will be the upward breeding of the race. And this task will be shared by every institution of the society. We must have an educational system, for example, which not only prepares the child to lead an economically productive existence, but which instills in him a lifelong consciousness of his racial identity and his racial mission, a consciousness of the fact that he exists not only in the present, but that he is a link in the chain of generations which stretches from the distant past into an unlimited future, and that he has a responsibility to every other link, past and future, in that unending chain.

We want a society without artificial barriers based on social class or on personal wealth or family connections, but one in which status is determined by the quality of the individual and, even more so, by the extent to which that quality, those talents and abilities and character, are used in the service of our Purpose.

The ordinary workman who strives always to do the best job he possibly can, whether he operates a lathe in a factory or a tractor on a farm, the workman who puts his soul into his work because he understands that he is working not just for himself but for his racial community and for the Purpose it serves — such a person will be entitled to the highest honor and respect in our society.

We want a society, finally, which in all its institutions and its policies, in its schools and its athletic programs, in its taxing policy and its welfare policy and its foreign policy, in its environmental programs and its military defense program, reflects the one overwhelming fact that it is a society not of man alone, but of man as a part of God, as an embodiment of the Divine Spirit.

It must in its every aspect reflect the beauty and dignity of a higher mankind, and as man ascends the Creator’s Path toward self-completion and total self-realization, our society must itself ascend that Path with him.

* * *

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