Cosmotheist Beginnings, part 1

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 28 March, 2020 2020-0328 – Cosmotheist Beginnings part 1.mp3

by Kevin Alfred Strom

MANY OF you are in self-imposed isolation during these Coronavirus days. Many of you also have fewer duties to perform, since your jobs are on hold. At the very least, you’re driving and going out less. You have more time, and nothing is more valuable than time. The crisis has given you some time for peace and reflection, and maybe, just maybe, you are finding that this peace and reflection is worth more, far more, than the money it replaced. If you’re not finding that to be true, may I suggest you’re doing it wrong. You’re not using your time reflecting on what really matters.

Today I am going to give you a chance to do that. Today I am going to share with you the words of my friend and mentor Dr. William Luther Pierce, words that changed my path in life forever. Dr. William Pierce showed us what really matters in this Universe. He showed us the purpose of the Universe itself. And he showed us that our individual lives can be, if we so will them, a conscious part of that purpose — a part of something so immense and so important that its full dimensions cannot be known at this time. Something that will determine the future of all Life — of everything that exists and will exist, of everything that will ever be.

Come with me now to a small meeting hall in Arlington, Virginia, on a Sunday evening in the 1970s, as one of Dr. Pierce’s very first Cosmotheist lectures is about to begin — as this new revolutionary religion was being born. We have no audio recording of this lecture, but the text of this broadcast is based on Dr. Pierce’s own notes of the event, which he also published in the National Alliance BULLETIN. I will do my utmost to convey the meaning as Dr. Pierce would have done. It is time that these truths became part of the American Dissident Voices archive, and part of the continuous audio stream on our radio network. These are the words of William Pierce, in his “Creating a New Society”:

* * *

Creating a New Society

by Dr. William L. Pierce

A WONDERFUL THING about the philosophy which governs our movement is that it is very simple — it is completely summed up in our Affirmation — and yet it is all-inclusive. That Affirmation is:

There is but one reality.
That reality is the Whole.
It is the Creator, the self-created.
I am of the Whole.
I am of the Creator, of the self-created.
My purpose is the Creator’s purpose.
My path is the path of the Creator’s self-realization.
My path is the path of divine consciousness.
My destiny is godhood.

That tells us everything we need to know. Everything is derived from it.

It tells, for example, what kind of society we want to build in place of the present one. That is, it gives us the basic principles which must govern the building of a new society. Since our principles are fundamentally different from those governing any society now on this earth, then our society will also be fundamentally different from those which exist today.

Today, societies are categorized in various ways. A common way is according to which members of the society have the power. Thus, we have monarchical society, ruled by a single person, who usually inherits his power. And we have plutocracy, or a society ruled by the wealthiest members. And we have technocracy, or a society ruled by the technicians who keep the wheels of industry and commerce going. And gerontocracy, a society ruled by its elders. And democracy — or monocracy — society ruled, supposedly, by everyone. And, finally, anarchical society, in which, supposedly, no one has power, no one rules.

Another common way of categorizing today’s societies is according to the type of economic system which prevails. Thus, we have communistic societies and capitalistic societies, as just two examples.

But note one thing about all these different types of society. None are defined with respect to any purpose. They are defined according to which members control them, defined according to the mechanics of their operation, but none have any purpose — other than the common purpose of all societies, of course — namely, the static, day-to-day purpose of providing a framework within which its members function, presumably with more efficiency and greater security than they could function without a society.

Of course, the societies with which we are familiar may set goals for themselves: building an irrigation project, for example, or conquering a neighbor, or eliminating smallpox, or increasing the average wage. But these goals do not determine, in any fundamental way, the structure of the society. They do not provide a purpose which determines the essential nature of the society. A monarchical society or a democratic society which sets out to build a system of dams and canals or to take some land away from the members of another society remains monarchical or democratic, as the case may be.

But we want to build a society, and we must build a society from the beginning, according to principles determined by our Purpose — in other words, a purpose-oriented society. And this is where we part company with all conservatives and with most right-wingers. They are concerned with making slight modifications to our present society — getting rid of Henry Kissinger, outlawing busing, dismantling the Federal Reserve System — or, at most, with reestablishing the society we had 30 or 40 or 50 years ago, by putting the Blacks back in their places, either in their part of town or back in Africa, and by interpreting the U.S. Constitution once again the way it used to be interpreted.

Now, there is no doubt that such changes would yield a society more agreeable to everyone in this room than the present society, but it would still be a society with no purpose beyond the basic purpose of all societies, which I just mentioned. It might be a safer society, a freer society, a stronger society, a more prosperous society, but we are aiming for something far beyond that.

The conservative, the right-winger, wants a society, basically, which suits his needs and desires. We are aiming for a society which suits the Purpose of the Creator. And that’s a big difference.

There is, however, one aspect of the society we want which is shared with the society most conservatives and right-wingers want, and that is naturalness. Everyone feels this Jewish-cosmopolitan chaos, this multiracial bedlam which passes for a society today is alien, is wrong, is unnatural. If we are to survive much longer we must have a society which is more in accord with our inner nature, a society which suits our race soul, the sort of society we might have expected to evolve naturally among an all-White population, without alien or discordant influences.

A natural society is, among other things, racially homogeneous. [It is for one race only.] It is the social aspect, the social dimension, of a natural environment. It reflects all of that race’s characteristics and peculiarities. It is uniquely theirs. It provides for them a lifestyle, it embodies a mode of behavior, which is perfectly attuned to their innermost souls.

A natural society is a society which feels right, which fits. There are millions and millions of our people today, certainly not just right-wingers, who instinctively feel that this mass-production, nine-to-five, rush hour to rush hour, neon and asphalt and Negro lifestyle which has been forced on nearly everyone today somehow just doesn’t fit.

We want a natural society not just because our souls will be more at ease in such a society, but because living and working in a society to which we are more closely attuned, we can be more effective. Each of us individually, and our race collectively, can make more progress, in each generation, along the Path ordained for us by the Creator.

Now, a truly natural society is something which is only formed slowly. Its institutions develop and grow over the course of generations. Only thus can it truly mold itself to the soul of a race. It is not something which is transformed overnight by an edict of the government, as the alien forces in our present society have repeatedly transformed it in recent years.

And yet we are not talking about a static society but a dynamic one, a truly progressive society. But by progress we mean the advancement of our race along the One True Path, the Path toward Godhood. We do not mean new styles in clothing or automobiles every year, or a revolution in sexual practices every other year.

Although true progress is inherently slow, there are many things which can and must be done very quickly in laying the groundwork for that progress. One of those things, which we can accomplish in the first few months of our new society, for example, will be a drastic revision of the crime situation. I believe we can safely guarantee that in the first year we will reduce street crime to perhaps one percent of its present level and reduce all crime by perhaps 95 percent, that is, to about a twentieth of its present level.

Those who think that is an exaggeration are still thinking only in terms of what is possible in the degenerate society of today. There are many today who would sincerely like to reduce crime to such a low level, but they are not willing to do what is necessary to accomplish that goal — even if the rulers of this society would let them. They have the wrong priorities.

But we are willing to do what is necessary, because we have a goal, a Purpose, which determines our priorities for us. And among our priorities the health of the society ranks considerably ahead of the supposed personal rights of its thieves and rapists and drug dealers.

Of course, simply by excluding from our society those who are not members of our racial community, we will eliminate the great bulk of the criminal element. But, more than that, the simple act of removing these alien elements reduces our own inclination to anti-social behavior. For the root of anti-social behavior is alienation, the feeling of not being a part, of not belonging to society — and alienation naturally and inevitably is the accompaniment of racial mixing.

Now, please note that we are not promising the elimination of all crime, but only the majority of it. Husbands will still beat their wives occasionally. One man will occasionally kill another in a quarrel over a woman or over money or something else.

People will still be exposed to temptations and provocations of various sorts every day, and some will inevitably yield.

Perhaps, in fact, some types of behavior which we now consider criminal should no longer be considered so in a new society but instead should be recognized as natural and inevitable and be accommodated in some way. For we do not expect our new society to change human nature — or at least not very quickly. That is something we will attempt only over the course of many generations, only over centuries and millennia.

But simply by establishing a healthy social environment for our people and by introducing a few fairly simple and obvious reforms into our police and criminal justice systems we can keep criminal activity down to a level where it will not be the socially destructive factor it is today. And that will not require, by any stretch of the imagination, a Big Brother style police state.

A society which is really determined to keep itself healthy, to eliminate certain sicknesses from its midst, a society which is not controlled or influenced by those who have a vested interest in maintaining those sicknesses, can use many means which are as effective, or more effective, than direct coercion — although we must not ever be too squeamish to use coercion when that is called for.

The prevalence of anti-social behavior, whether engaging in muggings on the street, or flaunting homosexuality, or even corrupting oneself through drug abuse, is determined to a very large extent not by the laws passed by legislatures but by the attitudes inherent in a society. Why is homosexuality, for example, so much more prevalent, so much more obvious and public today in America than it was 100 years ago? It is largely because of the attitude expressed by our controlled mass media and by our educational system that there’s nothing wrong with it. If one changes the attitude expressed by the media and by the schools from one of toleration or even encouragement of this sickness, to one of the strongest disapproval, one may not change the basic nature of the homosexual who was born with some genetic defect which gives him his unfortunate tendency. But one will at least drive him back into the closet and one will prevent many persons of weak or disturbed character from acquiring the tendency.

(to be continued)

* * *

On our next program, we will continue this original Cosmotheist lecture by William Pierce, right here on American Dissident Voices.

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