The Awakening Process, part 1

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 4 January, 2020

by Kevin Alfred Strom 2020-0104 – The Awakening Process part 1.mp3

GRADUALLY, our people are awakening to their peril. By “awakening,” I do not mean just developing racial consciousness. That is a necessary — but not sufficient — part of the awakening process. I do not just mean realizing that Jews are a racially different people from our own, with their own interests that often directly oppose ours — that, too, is necessary but not sufficient. Even a realization that the Jews are our primary adversary in our struggle to survive, true though that is, is still not the full awakening of which I speak. Knowing that the Jewish power structure intends a genocide of Whites and is carrying out that plan as we speak verges on complete understanding — but to that should, I believe, be added the knowledge that we are here dealing with a biological parasite.

Everyone interested in expanding his mind on this topic should read or listen to my series “It’s All Biological” which can be found on

Today, we are going to look at the evidence of this awareness — that we are dealing with biological parasitism — in the writings of insightful men, especially Germans, mainly during the last two centuries. Let’s review some of the insights of these men. Their vision ranges from a glimpse of — or analogy to — the biological nature of the problem, to a full awareness. And you will see that the awakening accelerates and then culminates during the first National Socialist period in Germany.

Our word parasite comes from the Greek word parasitos, which means “one who eats beside.” A parasite comes, almost always uninvited, aggressively invading or by trickery, into the home or the body of the victim, who is, in biological terms, called the host. The parasite eats the food of the host, or actually eats the host (though without immediately destroying him), and this always harms, or even eventually causes the death of, the host. In stark contrast to a symbiotic relationship between two species or subspecies, in which both sides benefit, a parasitic relationship confers no benefits on the host whatsoever — only on the parasite. (The parasite may convince the host that he is receiving a benefit by the parasite’s presence, such as through the compelling chemical signals transmitted by some species of parasitic ants, so strong that they convince the host workers to slice the head off their own queen — but being so convinced is not the same as actually receiving a benefit.) The parasite needs the host, as his entire way of life demands a host to eat upon. The parasite always hurts the host, and the host, even if he does not perish, would always be better off without the parasite.

As early as 1543, religious reformer Martin Luther wrote, referring to the Germans as the hosts of the Jews: “These [Jews] take from their Host kitchen and cellar, cupboard and purse, curse them into the bargain, and threaten them with death. Such do the Jews, our guests, to us.”

Johann Gottfried Herder, though sympathetic to Jews, nevertheless wrote in 1784: “The people of God, once endowed by Heaven itself with a fatherland, have been for thousands of years, nay almost since the time of their beginning, a parasitic plant on the trunk of other nations; a tribe of cunning jobbers, spread over nearly the whole earth, they nowhere show, in spite of all oppression, a longing for honour and for a place of their own, a fatherland.”

The French socialist writer Alphonse Toussenel in 1845 called the Jews “an exclusively parasitic race,” and makes the term he calls “the contemptible name of Jew” a name for anyone “living, as unproductive parasites, off the substance and the labor of others… Such Jews, usurers, and dealers are, to my mind, synonyms.”

The 19th century German historian Theodor Mommsen, though favoring Jews to the extent of advocating their assimilation, admitted — and used biological terminology when doing so — that Jews were “the ferment of decomposition in a nation’s life.”

The French thinker Pierre Proudhon wrote in 1858 that the Jews possessed an innate “mercantile and usurious parasitism” and that this accounted for their wide dispersal across the Earth. He stated that Jews lived “at the expense of other nations,” adding that even after the French Revolution liberated them, “The Jew remained Jewish; remained a parasitic race, an enemy of work, given to all the practices of anarchism and lies, of agitation, speculation, and usurious banking.” This was no fit of emotion on Proudhon’s part, to be abandoned in more mature years: He also wrote a quarter century later, “The Jew is by temperament an anti-producer… always fraudulent and parasitic.” Proudhon even went to far as to say that “The principle of evil, Satan, Ahriman, incarnates in the Semitic race.”

The Russian anarchist Mikhail Bakunin, an enemy of both Marx and capitalism, said in 1871 that Jews were “a sect of exploiters, a people of leeches, nothing but one single devouring parasite” whether they served the Jew Marx or the Jew Rothschild.

Wilhelm Marr in 1879 referred to Jewish money-lending (really, money-creation) as “the cancerous tumour of usury.”

In the 1880s, Paul de Lagarde wrote of the Jews as bacilli (that is, bacteria) and trichinae (a type of parasitic worm). Lagarde said that such a foreign body lodged in any living being inevitably causes unhappiness, sickness, the forming of pus, and even death, adding that, “The Jews are as Jews aliens in every European state, and as such they are nothing but harbingers of decay.”

The French socialist Albert Regnard, writing in 1890, made at least an analogy to parasitism when he said that, “The Jew is to the Aryan as capitalism is to the workers.”

In 1918, the philosopher of history, Oswald Spengler, disclaimed any ill intention on the part of Jews, but did refer to them as a “corroding element” in their host nations.

Though the word “parasite” isn’t used, the German writer Arthur Dinter, in his 1918 novel The Sin Against the Blood emphasizes the biological differences between Jews and Germans when he warns his readers, “Now consider the damage done to the German race, year after year, by the Jewish youths who every year seduce thousands and thousands of German girls.” The author worries about the consequences: “The German people have been systematically polluted and poisoned.”

Speaking of the book’s main Jewish character, a vicious capitalist, he describes a parasite without using the word: The Jew “knew how to filch his gain from any work carried out by industrious people anywhere in the world. Hundreds of thousands, nay millions of human beings laboured in the sweat of their brows throughout the five continents, jerked on the wires assembled in his hand. Sitting like a spider in his office in Berlin, he drained through these wire-channels the marrow of these people, body and soul…. It was the big pitiless heart which sucked human blood, to transform it into cash, no matter whether it flowed from the veins of white men or black, yellow or red people, Christians or heathens.” And he warned of the dangers of letting such parasitism go unchecked: “If the German people do not succeed in shaking off the Jewish vampire, which they unwittingly feed with their very heart’s blood, and do not render him harmless — which could be done simply by legislative measures — the German people will perish before long!”

The German writer Hans Blueher stated in 1922 that the Jews possess the gift of biological mimicry, a trait also possessed by some parasites: “The Jews are the only people that practise mimicry. Mimicry of blood, of name and of physical appearance.” Blueher also uses biological terms when he says, “The Jews have tried to graft themselves upon Germany in such a way as to make the scars of the operation invisible.” By 1922, Blueher says, awareness of the Jewish problem “has become a fundamental condition of German Man.” Blueher also said that the physical differences between the Jewish mimics and the Germans they were mimicking were becoming more and more obvious to the Germans and that soon the mimicry would fail.

National Socialist philosopher Alfred Rosenberg postulated an innate difference between the European and Jewish perceptions of truth, stating that “the continuous lie” was “the ‘truth’ of the Jewish anti-race.”

We will continue our look at this process — this necessary process — the process of the awakening of our people — in part 2 of “The Awakening Process,” next time, right here on American Dissident Voices.

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