Revilo Oliver: What He Means to Us, part 3

Revilo P. Oliver in 1969

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 14 September, 2019

by Kevin Alfred Strom 2019-0914 Revilo Oliver – What He Means to Us – part 3.mp3

THIS WEEK, JAY HESS and I continue our discussion of the great Revilo Pendleton Oliver, a man whose works deserve to be — and we are determined will be — decisive in the lives of generations to come.

Some of the topics we’ll be discussing this time are:

  • Dr. Oliver’s genius is such that almost any one of his pieces can provide multiple immortal quotes
  • How those who interpret religious texts effectively control the religion involved, likely more than the founder or founders
  • Professor Oliver’s realistic view of public schools in America, which inculcate disastrously untrue superstitions in their victims
  • The manifest injustice of heavily, ruinously taxing us to finance the destruction of our children’s minds
  • The great harm that has been done to the European psyche by the adoption of a cruel, irrational, contradictory Middle Eastern creed
  • The horrible, misshapen “morality” that convinces otherwise intelligent, worthy men that their true inner nature is somehow “evil”
  • The profound harm that comes from teaching White children that “Bible history” is somehow “our” history and that we have some “spiritual” connection to the “Holy Land”
  • Was it really morally justifiable to kill thousands of White men and women because they — or their king — disagreed on whether or not communion wine was “really” Jesus’ blood?
  • The real losers of World War 2 were the White nations — all White nations — of this Earth
  • Is it really wise to base one’s entire life — and society’s morals — on patently false primitive myths concocted by our deadliest enemies?
  • Do most people follow the religion which, after a fair comparison, has most resonated with their reason, their logic, and their souls? Or do they simply follow the religion in which they were indoctrinated as a child?
  • and much more!

Books by Dr. Revilo P. Oliver:

That’s all coming up right now, on American Dissident Voices.

(to be continued next week)

* * *

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