Progress: The William Luther Pierce Memorial Library and Research Center

American Dissident Voices broadcast of January 5, 2019

by Kevin Alfred Strom and William White Williams

WITH THE ARRIVAL of the year 2019, I am reminded that great things often begin in years that end in “9.” 1889 was the year the greatest man of the 20th century was born. The year the love of my life was born ends in a “9” too. And 2019 will be the year that the first construction begins on the the William Pierce Memorial Library and Research Center: a place for the preservation of history and knowledge for future generations; a place for the true education of young and old alike; a place for study, reflection, and creativity for scholars and writers; a retreat for thinkers and philosophers — and builders of the White world that is coming; a place for the creation of new works that will still stand when our race reaches its first new home in the starry sky that Hipparchus first mapped 2,200 years ago.

To tell you about this important project, I will be quoting from several issues of the National Alliance BULLETIN, our print publication, written by National Alliance Chairman Will Williams and his staff. It is Chairman Williams whose hard work and vision is responsible for bringing the Pierce Library into being. (In the text version of this broadcast on, you’ll also see many illustrations from these articles in the BULLETIN.)

It was in our very first print BULLETIN after Mr. Williams became Chairman, the issue published in December 2014, that he told us about the collection that will form the core of the new facility: Dr. William Pierce’s personal library, which was willed to the National Alliance when Dr. Pierce died in 2002. The first place for Dr. Pierce’s books was in the Alliance’s National Office building in Tennessee, a facility that — as you’ll soon see — the collection has now outgrown. From the October-December 2014 BULLETIN:

When I first learned that Erich Gliebe was trying to sell Dr. Pierce’s library back in February 2014, I contacted him and negotiated to purchase it myself to preserve it.

In March we moved it to Tennessee where I have constructed a headquarters building and media center for the Alliance.
At that time, this complex was built for the new incarnation of the National Alliance that I and Kevin Strom decided to launch as soon as Mr. Gliebe did away with the original membership organization structure of the Alliance in September, 2013. The complex is now fully a part of the National Alliance, as the two groups became one when I succeeded to the chairmanship.

In July, desperate for funds, Mr. Gliebe offered to me another large book collection, stored upstairs in the William Luther Pierce Memorial Hall, that had belonged to an Alliance member. I purchased those books, too, and moved them to Tennessee in August.

The library is being organized on the 68 sturdy wooden shelves that held the second collection, and volumes are being added from that collection, as well as from a couple of thousand books from my own personal library and from another collection donated by a member. We will have a world class racially-oriented research library by the time it is fully organized. It will eventually have to be housed in an even larger, purpose-built facility, the construction of which will be a major project.

…The library is more than just books, too — it includes innumerable hand-written notes Dr. Pierce made and inserted in many of the books, greatly adding to their value for us. Others have offered to add their own book collections to this one.

In the BULLETIN for March 2017, National Alliance members were updated on further expansion of the Pierce Library:

Several thousand valuable books from two independent sources have been pledged or already donated to Chairman Williams recently. They are to be merged with Dr. Pierce’s already superb research library that Mr. Williams purchased himself, saving it from the auction block three years ago when he discovered his predecessor, Erich Gliebe, was trying to sell that priceless collection to the highest bidder. A few months later, in August of 2014, Mr. Williams discovered that Gliebe wanted to sell an even larger collection of books from a deceased former Alliance member that at the time had been stored on the West Virginia property for ten years, so he purchased that collection too.

Together, these two large race-centric libraries have been secured in 800 or so carefully packed boxes at the National Alliance’s Tennessee headquarters, waiting to be sorted through and merged into the restored William L. Pierce Memorial Library. Dr. Pierce’s collection already contained libraries he had inherited from George Lincoln Rockwell (National Socialist White People’s Party), James H. Madole (National Renaissance Party), Ben Klassen (Church of the Creator), as well as a few smaller collections and numerous volumes donated over the years to Dr. Pierce by National Alliance members and supporters…

Dr. Pierce was like a “book magnet,” attracting donations of many valuable volumes, many of them rare, out of print editions, which were entrusted to him because of his integrity — and the likelihood they would be put to good use.

The second large library, estimated to consist of more than 15,000 volumes, belonged to the distinguished patriotic writer and Professor of Philosophy at Kent State University, Dr. Gerrit Daams. Dr. Daams began collecting books with a purpose in 1938, when he was just 20 years old. Dr. Pierce, accompanied by Dr. Revilo Oliver, first met Dr. Daams in 1968, before there was a National Alliance, or even our organization’s predecessor, the National Youth Alliance that Dr. Oliver helped Dr. Pierce launch during 1970-1971.

In 2015, Chairman Williams shelved two sections of Dr. Pierce’s library — Biographies and Jewish Topics — on a dozen of the 68 custom-made wooden bookshelves that came with the second large library that had belonged to Dr. Daams. Those two sections of Dr. Pierce’s books were all our Chairman had room to shelve at the time, with all of the stored boxes of books and the other bookcases taking up so much available space.

At the end of December, Chairman Williams, along with the assistance of a competent, trusted associate, began opening boxes from Dr. Daams’ large collection and carefully sorting through them, book by book, for suitable volumes to be added to Dr. Pierce’s library — a racially loyal White bibliophile’s dream job. Not surprisingly, more than two thirds of the books so far from the Daams collection have been re-boxed now for inclusion in the Pierce library. There will, no doubt, be numerous duplicate volumes in the two collections once the final organizing is accomplished.

One problem with these older collections is that they lack newer editions that were published in the 15 years since Dr. Pierce died. That’s not to say we cannot add important, newer works as they are purchased or donated. So many book lovers today do not buy actual books, but purchase ebooks that they read on electronic devices like Kindles. That’s fine, and we will eventually be offering Kindle versions of some of the books we publish, but the Pierce research library will have actual books, as pictured — books that give the devoted lover of a beautifully-bound volume pleasure that he can never get from his hand-held electronic device — and they will be housed in a suitable purpose-built facility designed for our writers and research staff. This will be a major, ongoing National Alliance project that will likely take years to realize — but world class it will be.

In July 2017, Mr. Williams emphasized the importance of the Pierce Library:

Building the world class William Luther Pierce Memorial Library will be a primary focus of mine for several years to come. It will materialize. Watch. It is an achievable, worthwhile project for these times when we don’t yet have the numbers we will eventually attract.

Just one month later, in the BULLETIN of August 2017, Chairman Williams revealed that the extensive racialist library of the late, great writer and musician Joseph Pryce was to be added to ours:

Forty boxes of books have generously been donated to the National Alliance’s William L. Pierce Memorial Library from the personal research library of Joseph Pryce, by his widow Patricia. Patti did an excellent job of choosing appropriate titles, packing, and labeling the boxes. She and Joe helped to organize Dr. Pierce’s library years ago, so were already familiar with the sort of books that will dovetail nicely with Dr. Pierce’s.

Joe died last October and requested that these topical volumes go to the Alliance under its present leadership. Earlier, Joe had granted full rights to his outstanding musical CD Call of the Blood to the National Alliance. Joe and Patti were on the National Office staff in West Virginia in the early 1990s at the same time Chairman Williams worked there as Membership Coordinator and when Kevin Strom first held the position of Media Director. You can read more about the late Joseph Pryce at

Joseph Pryce, far right, with his wife Patti, Will Williams, lower left, and Kevin Strom on The Land in 1992.

In September 2017, Chairman Williams visited with the recently bereaved Ingrid Zundel at her Soaring Eagles gallery and library, gaining ideas and insights from her well-designed combination retreat/library/production facility. Although Ingrid died the very next month, it was nevertheless a very important visit and led to contacts which expanded our new library even further — and which may yet bear valuable fruit. Here’s his report from the BULLETIN:

In mid-September Chairman Williams and member Dan S. paid a courtesy visit to Dr. Ingrid Rimland, shared a large pizza with her, and toured her well-designed facility in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

Dr. Rimland is widowed since her world-renowned revisionist and activist husband Ernst Zundel died in Germany on August 5th. Had she gone to her husband’s funeral in Germany, she would have presumably been arrested as a thought criminal. She has been following the activities of the National Alliance for a long time and in her nice follow-up note to our visit wrote, “I enjoyed meeting you. Let’s keep in touch in case we need each other.” We agreed to exchange periodicals and we certainly will keep in touch since Dr. Rimland’s extensive facility is only a couple of hours drive from Laurel Bloomery. She is a wellspring of useful information and great stories. We aspire to build Dr. Pierce’s memorial library to the high standard Dr. Rimland has achieved with hers.

In the November 2017 National Alliance BULLETIN, Chairman Williams reported on excellent news and further growth for the William Pierce Library:

Rose Schmidt, widow of the distinguished writer and activist Hans Schmidt, has been in the process of moving from the magnificent estate in western North Carolina where she and her husband lived and worked together for years. The large historical research library accumulated by Mr. Schmidt was, in recent days, being gradually transferred to Ingrid Rimland Zundel’s facility in Tennessee. (The photo of Ingrid’s library that appeared on the front of the October BULLETIN was mostly comprised of the Schmidts’ collection of 12,000-plus books that had already been donated to the care of Mrs. Zundel by Mrs. Schmidt.)

Mrs. Schmidt had also planned to donate the remaining books to the Zundel library before she moved — until, that is, she learned of Ingrid’s passing in October.

Because it had become known that Chairman Williams is planning to build a world-class racialist library with Dr. William Pierce’s research library as its core, word came down the grapevine that those books, along with the remaining inventory of books authored by Hans Schmidt — some which were carried in the old National Vanguard Books catalog — would find a good home with the National Alliance. It certainly helps that Rose and Ingrid both knew and respected Dr. Pierce and supported his work for our people, as did their husbands. So, with only a couple of days before Rose was scheduled with the movers to vacate her estate, Chairman Williams and Alliance volunteers arranged, on short notice, the logistics required (big box trucks, labor, etc.) to carefully move more than 300 cases of books from North Carolina to secure locations near the National Office.

The titles by Hans Schmidt will soon be offered to our members and the public.

The can-do attitude of our members to adapt, rise to the challenge, and deliver when a serendipitous opportunity — like receiving Hans Schmidt’s books — presents itself, helps boost the Alliance’s image as can-do winners, and gains confidence and support from those we want to attract, especially among book-loving White radicals.

In just the last few months, in the National Alliance BULLETINs of October and November 2018, Will Williams announced the biggest news of all: the exchange of an unused part of our West Virginia land for a beautiful wooded site where the new building for the William Luther Pierce Memorial Library and Research Center will stand, nearly adjacent to our current National Office building in Laurel Bloomery, Tennessee:

In the spring of this year the realtor who had listed for sale the unused and uninhabited back portion (not including our campus buildings) of the Alliance’s West Virginia property for former Alliance Chairman Erich Gliebe in 2013, Mr. Oak Hall, approached Chairman Williams and expressed his interest in purchasing that back property for himself, since he already owned 650 acres surrounding that steep timbered tract.

A National Alliance board meeting was held this May to discuss the possibility of our selling that tract to Mr. Hall and using the proceeds to expand our facilities in Tennessee. Chairman Williams was authorized to negotiate an agreement with Mr. Hall and accept his offer, if reasonable. A price was negotiated and a closing was set to occur, after a title search and a certified survey of the land was completed on 22 June. The proceeds from the sale of the National Alliance’s relinquished West Virginia land were set to be reinvested in a replacement property, also to be owned by the Alliance. Chairman Williams negotiated to purchase new property in Laurel Bloomery, Tennessee soon after.

…The transactions on both properties were closed in September. The National Alliance will own the new property in perpetuity. Plans are to, first, build a facility for Cosmotheist Books on this land; and then the other facilities will be built…

So, now the National Alliance owns over 50 acres of prime land right next to our National Office and staff, free and clear, in the unincorporated community of Laurel Bloomery, Tennessee. During July, with the Tennessee seller’s permission (even though the sale was [not yet complete]), we bush-hogged some trails and a couple of potential building sites.

During October, once the Alliance had title to the land, we have gone “full tilt,” clearing those sites and building a proper road to the interior plateau: the future site of the William Luther Pierce Memorial Library.

… Access to the Tennessee land is infinitely better than the abysmal, nearly mile-long rutted, obstacle course of a drive into the remote West Virginia property, and it is a proverbial stone’s throw from the current National Office, which greatly aids management. The National Alliance and the Cosmotheist Community Church still own and maintain the remaining, developed 82-acre campus in West Virginia where all of the buildings are located, but our National Office has been headquartered in Laurel Bloomery since October of 2014.

We won’t be able to do much construction on the new Tennessee land until spring. We’ll be maintaining our new road; doing seeding and erosion control; setting up fencing, gates, and utilities. Planning building sites and designs over the winter months, and figuring out how to pay for the early stages of our work without going into debt, will keep us busy. We hope to get lots of helpful input from our membership, especially from that one lucky ramrod foreman-type with construction skills, who is “good in the woods” and who is willing to relocate. Applications for that job are being accepted now. I know we have members who fit that bill, and can give us a one-year or more commitment.

With our expansion to a new campus and new facilities, there will be many new opportunities for volunteers to help us.

Before all the snow and rain halted site work on our new Tennessee property for more than two weeks, we staked out a 40-foot by 60-foot footprint for the first two-story main building of the William Luther Pierce Memorial Library, and are working on the building’s architectural design. Expanded additions off three sides of that perimeter can bring the square footage to just under 6,000 square feet. It will be a pleasure in coming months to report on our construction progress.

Thanks to our Chairman William White Williams, the National Alliance — and our people — are making progress. Thank you Will!

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