Kevin Strom Interviewed: Speaking to Our People, part 3

Kevin Alfred Strom

American Dissident Voices broadcast of December 15, 2018

by Kevin Alfred Strom

TODAY WE ARE presenting the third and concluding part of my second interview on Resolution Radio with host Sonny Thomas. In the show we talk, among other topics, about the ability of the Jewish power structure — and the controlled media they own and operate — to insert a weirdly distorted picture of reality into the consciousness of so many of our people, the consequences this can have for our future, and some of the ways we can break free. We ran well over the time allotted for the show, so this recording has been edited for broadcast.

Some of the topics we cover are:

• The Jewish urge to censor and punish is so strong, and many in the Jewish power structure have so little self-restraint, that it is awakening many to the reality of Jewish power.

• It’s perfectly okay these days to criticize many powerful groups and individuals in our society — Democrats, Republicans, Trump, Russians — but criticizing Jews as Jews results in extreme backlash. It’s becoming clearer and clearer how much illegitimate power now lies with the parasite.

• The Jewish groups that act as censors are not just “kindly advocates of civil rights” but are actually connected with killers and murderers, and their function is to take away our rights — and kill us — not protect us or our rights in any way.

• When you control the mass media, you not only have the power to push degeneracy and suicidal ideas — but you also have the power to give the impression that almost everyone agrees with you, and that hardly anyone disagrees, even if that is the opposite of reality.

• The media also have the ability, when presenting views in opposition to their agenda, of cherry-picking and showing only opponents who are illiterate, cruel, ignorant, or otherwise likely to bring disrepute to their point of view.

• Good advice: Stop watching all broadcast and cable television. Don’t give the precious, irreplaceable minutes of your life to people who are trying to kill you. (And deny them any of your money, too.)

• One method exterminators use to eliminate a species is to deploy sterile females or sterile males into the environment, so that mating results in no offspring.

• What, then, are “transgender” freaks or homosexuals, or people who use contraception all the time, but sterile males and females?

• Another method used by exterminators is to place objects into the environment that look like a member of the opposite sex, fake females for example, that cause the target species to engage in sex acts with a fake partner — which also results in the extermination of the target species. What, then, is pornography as seen from this perspective?

That’s all the time we had on Resolution Radio for this particular interview, but I plan on returning — and I thank Mr. Sonny Thomas very much for the opportunity to be on his program. Remember to be with us again next week, right here on American Dissident Voices.

* * *

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