Minnesota Dreamin’

American Dissident Voices broadcast of October 13, 2018

by Kevin Alfred Strom

THE NATIONAL ALLIANCE is dedicated to the proposition that European man shall not perish from the Earth.

I use the word “man” in the generic sense, of course, to mean both sexes. Actually, and this is sometimes a source of disagreement between me and the egalitarian-minded, of the two sexes the female is the more valuable, the more precious.

Her body is the vessel through which the entire future of our race passes. The miraculous process of conception and childbirth takes nine months and, with the birth of her child and its total dependence in the early months of its life, the woman is out of commission for many other tasks for close to a year per child. Even the strongest and the youngest who embark on motherhood can only do this a few times in their lives; even in healthier and more pro-natal times it was seldom more than half a dozen in a lifetime, usually three or fewer. And not every woman can have children. Not every woman is suited to motherhood. And not every conception and pregnancy results in a healthy child.

Yet the entire future of our race depends on the successful passage of life — and life in sufficient numbers to sustain itself — from the womb to the world. And it must happen continuously. Not a single generation can be skipped, for woman’s childbearing years are limited.

Do you realize, then, how precious White women are? Even if men were not stronger in battle, it would still be right and good for women to be protected and kept from the fight, so valuable are they for our race’s continued existence. If half of them are lost to White motherhood because of war or feminist propaganda or racial mixing or pure selfishness for those crucial years, do you realize what a devastating blow that would be to our race? The loss of an equivalent number of men, tragic as it might be, would be far less harmful to future generations. Man’s reproductive capacity is not as time- or resource-limited as woman’s. Within limits, the difference can be made up. Not so with the more precious sex. Kill them or make their wombs barren in sufficient numbers — or, worse, fill their wombs with colored offspring — and the White race dies. This is why so much of the propaganda of the Jewish-controlled media is aimed at women and girls.

Which brings me to the story of some people I knew a few years back — Heather, Lauren, and Diana. Heather was a mother in her late 30s, tall, fair-skinned, well-spoken, with high intelligence and aristocratic features and bearing. Her daughters Lauren and Diana, 15 and 17 years old respectively, looked almost like their mother. Anyone hearing me today would have agreed that the features of the entire family showed the highest racial quality. And the kids’ grades at school reflected this. They did very well.

Heather was a divorced mother. She was a child of the 70s, growing up at the tail end of the “counterculture” generation with its “do your own thing” attitude. She wasn’t a permissive nut, though. She did have rules for her children — curfews, knowing their girlfriends and boyfriends, wanting to know where they were when they went out, discouraging drug or alcohol abuse, and all the usual things. But Heather had absorbed one lesson very well from the Jewish manipulators behind the establishment — and behind the “counterculture” which pretended to oppose it — the one thing on which both establishment and counterculture agreed: Heather accepted the lie of racial equality. She accepted the belief that it was the ultimate in wickedness to notice that the races are different and act accordingly.

When Black music — so-called “rap” and “hip-hop” — began to be marketed to White adolescents in the early 1990s, Heather thought it was “cute.” She imagined that she saw a harmless rebelliousness and innovation in her daughters’ generation — a reflection of her own generation’s rebellion. She let Lauren and Diana watch all the “cool” TV shows — the ones with Black heroes and miscegenating stars; she let them “groove” to MTV videos glorifying non-Whites and racial mixing, and when many of the “boys” who started to become interested in them as they grew up turned out to be Black, well — she showed how “good” she was by “accepting” them as no different from White boys, by treating them as “equals” and as legitimate suitors for Lauren and Diana’s affections.

After the disaster, Heather told me “I don’t know why, but Lauren and Diana have always been attracted to Black men.” My jaw hit the floor when she uttered “I don’t know why….”

With an absent — and possibly denigrated — father, the main White male influence in their lives was removed. With the endless media parade of White male weakness and villainy — and non-White strength and virility and morality and heroism — and with no corrective from their family, is it any wonder these vulnerable girls were twisted so? With the wanting-to-fit-in mentality of most teens, and the mass promotion of non-White music, non-White fashions, and non-White culture, is it any wonder that Lauren and Diana succumbed? With a mother who gave her tacit approval to all these things — and who smiled warmly as sexually aggressive Black males came to “date” her daughters – is it any wonder that the disaster happened?

So far I’ve omitted to say what the disaster was. Let me tell you.

Lauren and Diana seemed to be losing interest in school. They were skipping classes much of the time, and were “hanging out” and “partying” with a group consisting mainly of White females and Black males. They were disciplined for — and counseled about — the rules they were breaking, both by their mother and by school authorities: but it was just the usual pap. They were never warned against “hanging” with Blacks.

Lauren and Diana developed a taste for “getting high” like their Black “boyfriends” and their gang did. And when they “got high,” they “got it on” too. This is what it is all about, they thought. This is being grown up. This is just like those cool girls on MTV.

And when they were told by their Black “boyfriends” that there was a place where their parents and teachers and counselors couldn’t bug them anymore, and where they could “get high” and “get it on” all the time, they went there.

As far as their family and school were concerned, they just disappeared. No one knew where they were, and the search went on for day after day after day with no results.

They ended up in a Black gang’s crack house in a nearby city. They lived there in indescribable filth for several weeks before they were found. During those weeks they willingly offered themselves up for what amounted to near-continuous gang rape by dozens of Black males who, when they tired of that, pimped them out to mostly-Black “customers” in return for cash which the Black males kept. The Blacks “gave” the girls some cheap flashy clothes (the better to attract “customers” with) and some occasional greasy fast food when they thought of it. And they hooked the girls on mind-destroying drugs.

And let me add that this all happened in Minnesota, that supposed White bastion of the North, where Garrison Keillor used to tell us us that homespun values still rule. And I will also add that the whole sordid story was known to the newspapers and television reporters in the area, who did not report on it at all and who certainly did not begin a series of stories warning White teens and White parents of what can happen if you follow the path taken by Heather, Lauren, and Diana. (The media there, did, however, publish stories attacking me around the same period of time, warning their readers of the extreme dangers of “White racism.”)

This is what happens to many thousands of White girls and women every year. In Lauren and Diana’s case, this was a real degradation they willingly chose after seeing their race virtually degraded in the controlled media their entire lives — and after seeing the emptiness of the platitudes and values of the multiracial consumer society which was all they knew for their entire lives.

Somebody needs to be instilling hope and self-respect and healthy values in the rising generation. Somebody needs to be warning parents and White youth of the dangers of multiracialism. Somebody needs to be doing what the controlled media and the schools and the churches failed to do.

As I said, the National Alliance is dedicated to the proposition that our kind shall not perish from the Earth. We are dedicated to the proposition that never again will White women be degraded as Lauren and Diana were degraded. Never again will parents be so deluded and misled as Heather was. Never again will genocidal haters — like the Jews who poisoned Heather’s and Lauren’s and Diana’s minds — be allowed to pump our people full of their hateful, twisted lies. Never again will they be allowed to live among us. Never again will anyone in our society be allowed to propagandize or campaign against our race’s solidarity, survival, or upward ascent.

To that end we must build a community of honorable, trustworthy, and competent men and women who will commit a significant portion of their time and resources to sustaining and growing that community.

That community must become strong enough to sustain itself through persecution, legal harassment, and violent attacks by its enemies.

That community must be able to renew itself by having the numbers and the requisite talent pool so that new leaders can step in seamlessly when one man dies or becomes incapacitated. That community must also be able to renew itself by bringing White children into the world and raising them with the knowledge of the great legacy they have inherited and with the determination to pass that legacy on undimmed to future generations we will never know.

That community must be able to support itself financially to do all the jobs that need to be done. Even as White working families are forced down by globalism’s Iron Heel, our community must find ways to prosper in the hard times ahead. That community must embody excellence in everything we do, because that is what it will take, and that is what will speak louder than words to our people.

A pop song of my childhood was “California Dreamin'”; it is about dreaming of a warm, summery place on a cold winter day. Tragedies like the one I just described are taking place all over America, Europe, and wherever our people live in this cold winter of decline and death, but this tragedy took place in Minnesota, where I used to live. And it set me “Minnesota Dreamin'” of the White, clean, beautiful, safe place that I remember, where my family first planted its roots in the New World. We all need to do some Minnesota Dreamin’ — or Virginia, or Maine, or Texas, or Europa Dreamin’ — dreaming not just about restoration of the beauty and unity and community that was, but about even greater beauty, community, and unity — about our people having a Cosmotheist, White-upward-evolution faith that imbues everything they do and guides them on the right path, instead of the alien faith that has taken them down the wrong path for a thousand years and more — a dream of our people having a deep sense of belonging; belonging to something eternal, something not only much greater than themselves, but something greater than we can ever know in our lifetimes.

More than anything else right now, we must successfully communicate this vision to our people. That’s the only way we can find the people who will grow the Alliance.

It’s very important that we — the National Alliance, with our solid political and spiritual foundation — that we lead our people out of this death trap. As our people wake up to our racial plight, there is a very real danger that Jewish-run or -dominated “pro-White” groups will spring up, the goal of which will be to divert White racial consciousness, awareness, and anger into a Jew-safe direction. That could be fatal to us.

There is a real danger that a “respectable” pro-White organization will be funded and promoted with the express purpose of diverting Whites down a blind alley which wastes their resources and leaves the root of the problem untouched. We see it happening already among the “alt-lite” non-racial nationalists.

In some ways we’re in the same position as the Texas Rangers were in the legendary story of the capture of Pepe Rodriguez.

Pepe Rodriguez was a Mexican bank robber who preyed on the White citizens of the Republic of Texas before it became a state. He lived just across the border in Mexico, and regularly sneaked under cover of darkness into Texas towns to rob banks. He always seemed to be able to return to Mexico before the Texas Rangers could catch him.

The Rangers were so embarrassed and frustrated by this that they finally decided that enough was enough, and they decided that next time, instead of waiting for Pepe, they would seek him out in the border town where he lived. The Rangers illegally crossed the border into Mexico and cornered Pepe in a tavern that he frequented, which was owned by a Jewish barman and pimp named Rosenthal. When the Rangers arrived, no one was there except the barman and Pepe. Unfortunately, Pepe couldn’t speak any English and the Rangers couldn’t speak Spanish, so the lawmen made a fatal mistake: They asked Rosenthal to translate for them.

Rosenthal explained to Pepe who these men were, and Pepe began to shake with fear. The Texas Rangers, with their guns drawn, told the bartender to ask Pepe where he had hidden all the money he had stolen from the people of Texas.

The Rangers said “Tell him that if he doesn’t tell us where the money is right now, we’re going to shoot him dead on the spot!”

Rosenthal translated all this for Pepe. Pepe knew the reputation of the Rangers, and he knew his luck had run out. Immediately, Pepe explained in Spanish that the money was hidden in a dry well in a ghost town fourteen miles south. They could find the money, he explained, by counting down seventeen stones from the well’s handle, and behind the seventeenth stone was all the loot he had stolen.

Rosenthal then turned to the Rangers and said in English, “Pepe is a very brave man. He says that you are a bunch of stinking pigs, and he is not afraid to die!”

We don’t need any Rosenthals to mediate or translate or explain for us as we reclaim our destiny. The end result of such foolishness would be the same death our people will suffer if they do nothing. For the Rosenthals of this world would do anything — anything — to keep us in bondage. We have our own scholars — our own scientists — our own artists and writers and activists — and some day soon, if we do right, we will have our own statesmen and heroes who will set this land and its sons and its daughters free once again.

* * *

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