Killing the White Man in Us

This graphic shows us the number of lines of “code,” or instructions, contained in various computer programs — and in the human genome. (click, or right-click to open in a new tab, to see a larger version)

American Dissident Voices broadcast of September 29, 2018

by Kevin Alfred Strom

THE ESTABLISHMENT in the Western world, led by its dominant Jewish faction, is attempting a genocide of one of this planet’s major races — our race, the White race. One of the facets of that genocidal program is convincing Whites, through propaganda and faked or prostituted “science,” that they ought not to care about whether our race survives or not. One way they do that is by telling us that we never existed — and don’t exist — in any meaningful way. If “race does not exist,” then obviously there’s no White race to exterminate. And why care about something that’s just a “social construction” — a figment of our bad racist imaginations? Just keep on watching TV — keep on being childless — keep on “welcoming refugees” — keep on “fighting racism” — keep on averting your eyes when you see White women raped and abused, White men murdered, and White people denigrated and punished and prevented from defending themselves and legally persecuted if they try, even in the most peaceful way imaginable, to warn their brothers and sisters. Just keep looking away.

In 1892, Richard Henry Pratt of the US Army, a leader in setting up “Indian Schools” to forcibly assimilate Amerindians into our society (something which harms both races), explained what he was trying to do by saying — and these are his exact words — “A great general has said that the only good Indian is a dead one. In a sense, I agree with the sentiment, but only in this: That all the Indian there is in the race should be dead. Kill the Indian in him, and save the man.” (Much of the support among Whites for such Indian Schools, and for “killing the Indian” in the students there, was motivated by a hope that the souls of the natives would be “saved” thereby, and that more Amerindians would be “won” for Jewish-derived Christianity.) Similarly, the Jewish power structure, its White collaborators, and the governments it owns are now trying with some success to kill the White man in us, as a prelude to our physical elimination from the Earth.

The people who are telling us that we do not exist as a people because “race does not exist” must find it difficult not to laugh out loud at us, their victims, who almost never call them on their supermassive hypocrisy: The Jews practice a racial religion — even atheist Jews regard themselves as members of a biologically-descended tribe, or race, and that’s right out in the open — and they even operate their own apartheid-based racial state, Israel, and demand endless payments and tribute from us to support it — they even demand our lives to protect it. Yet they tell us that “race does not exist.”

A simple Internet search on “genetic differences between the races” yields endless variations on the theme. The once-excellent National Geographic magazine, now run by a Jewess, Susan Goldberg, is particularly bad. The titles and subtitles tell the story: “There’s No Scientific Basis for Race—It’s a Made-Up Label”; “All Africans under the Skin”; “All humans are 99.9% identical and do not fall neatly into physical categories some people call races”; “We’re literally African under the skin”; et cetera.

The controlled media are flooded with claims that the genetic differences between the races are so microscopic as to make the entire concept of race meaningless. Here’s the Jewish-owned New York Times on the subject:

“If you ask what percentage of your genes is reflected in your external appearance, the basis by which we talk about race, the answer seems to be in the range of .01 percent,” said Dr. Harold P. Freeman, the chief executive, president and director of surgery at North General Hospital in Manhattan, who has studied the issue of biology and race. ”This is a very, very minimal reflection of your genetic makeup.” (“Do Races Differ? Not Really, Genes Show” by Natalie Angier; New York Times, August 22, 2000)

Now it seems odd to me that a surgeon-turned-bureaucrat is the best authority on genetic variation the Times could find — but he is likely Jewish, and he’s parroting the party line, so let that pass. It also seems a bit odd that Dr. Freeman is claiming a degree of genetic variation between the races that is ten times smaller than that claimed by his friends at National Geographic — .01 per cent. compared with .1 per cent. But go back carefully over Freeman’s words: He’s assuming at the outset that the leftist lie that race is “only about appearance” is true. Right before he answers his own staged question, he says “what percentage of your genes is reflected in your external appearance, the basis by which we talk about race,” so he’s leaving out all of the other racial variations — leaving out 90 per cent. of them in fact, if we accept the National Geographic‘s figure! Leaving out variations in intelligence, in reaction times, in the functions of various organs of the body, in susceptibility to different diseases, in the efficacy of various drugs, leaving out everything, in short, except mere appearance. How Talmudic, Dr. Freeman.

This image of Black/White, White/Asian, and White/White couples is from a Christian Web site operated by anti-evolution crusader Ken Ham. You may be sure that Jehovah heartily approves of the marriage of the first couple shown, according to Ham. Mr. Ham slavishly echoes Jewish arguments that “race does not exist,” and claims that the Jewish-derived Bible expresses the same idea.

Freeman also wrote a piece for the American Cancer Society making similar claims and quoting at least two other Jews, including Dr. Marcus Feldman who blesses us with the wisdom that “the term race is now unnecessary,” and the great authority Dr. Solomon Katz, who solemnly assures us that he reviewed “everything that could be found dealing with this issue” (thus saving us the trouble of doing it ourselves) and concluded that “the concept of a biological basis for race as applied to humans is no longer acceptable and has no legitimate place in biologic science.” Another Jew, Larry Adelman, produced “Race: The Power of An Illusion” for PBS; the great brain of Jefferson M. Fish Ph.D. produced dreck entitled “The Main Reason Races Don’t Exist” and (getting a little boring in his title choices) one called “Another Reason Races Don’t Exist” for Psychology Today magazine (and that’s far from all from the prolific Fish, who says in the latter piece “Looking back over all my posts, about half of them have dealt with race.”); Jewish-run ABC tells us bluntly that “We’re All the Same,” invoking Hitler and using such brilliant arguments as “it’s kind of like if all of us are recipes. We have the same ingredients, maybe in different amounts, no matter what kind of cake we turn out to be.”; and even Old-Testament-believing Christians like Ken Ham get into the act these days in trying to prove that “race doesn’t exist” and that “God approves of interracial marriages.”

These arguments for the supposed non-existence of race are preposterous, but, coming from authoritative-sounding sources, they fool many people — and harm them, psychologically; and also harm our nation and our racial community.

An article at the Harvard University Web site (and Harvard is heavily-Jewish in both student population and administration) argues that since “almost half” of alleles in the human genome are found in all seven major regions of the globe, there can’t be human races. Now, that’s really a bizarre argument. It means that  by their own admission most human alleles (genetic variants) are not found in all regions, yet they persist in their claims. The article even admits (after invoking Donald Trump as one cause for all this terrible belief in human races — give me a break) that “7.4% of over 4000 alleles [studied] were specific to one geographical region” — that’s almost 300 alleles, and 7.4 per cent. — as we shall see in a moment — is a huge degree of difference, more than enough to account for human racial variation, even human-animal species variations. As one commenter pointed out, in 2012 the National Library of Medicine published a study of bears showing that having just half of the alleles shared among two populations was enough to prove that the populations were not only different races but entirely different species! In the scientists’ exact words, this degree of genetic difference was consistent with the two populations being “different species with little or no gene flow among extant populations.” So, if two groups share about half of their alleles, it proves they’re different species — if they’re bears. But if they’re humans, it proves the exact opposite — not only are they all the same species, but there’s not even any racial variation among them. It’s pretty obvious that someone is lying here, and I don’t think it’s the guys and gals studying the bears.

And just to say that we’re all composed of a huge proportion of something means almost nothing: We’re nearly three-quarters water — but nobody calls us water, or claims that there is no difference between Mozart and a puddle. We’re more than 92 per cent. the same genetically as a mouse, but no one calls us Mickey. We’re almost 99 per cent. the same genetically as chimpanzees, but no one says that the differences we see between us and chimps is a “social construct.” Hell, as I’ve pointed out before, we share 44 per cent. of our genes in common with fruit flies — 26 per cent. with yeast — and nearly 20 per cent. in common with a grain of wheat.

Huge amounts of the human genome code for necessary things that every human race and thousands of species of animals share in common, so you’d expect large swathes of the various races’ genomes to be identical. We and seaweed are carbon-based life forms. We and ants are land animals. We and guinea pigs are mammals. We and tarsiers are primates. We and boa constrictors need to breathe and process oxygen, so we need the genes that code for that. We and planarian worms have bi-radial symmetry, so we need the genes that code for that. But, you know, there is a difference between Aristotle and a tarsier, a chimp, or a planarian worm — despite the undisputed fact that hundreds of millions of genes in each are absolutely identical.

Genes are the instruction set which determine how the growing being will be constructed. With one genome, or set of instructions, you build a man. Vary the instruction set by just one per cent. and you end up with a chimp instead. Small differences in the instruction set make for huge differences in the result. Vary them by another seven per cent., and you build a mouse. If there are some three billion base pairs in the human genome, and a tenth of a per cent. of them differ between the races, that is three million instructions that differ between the races. Is that significant? — three million differences? You bet it is. It is the difference between Zurich and Zimbabwe, between Milan and Mogadishu; between Cape Canaveral and the Congo — that’s how significant it is.

Let’s think for a moment about genes as instruction sets. Many of us these days are familiar with another variety of instruction sets: computer programs. A computer is a generic machine that can do little more than faintly hum if it doesn’t have a set of instructions — a program — to control what it does. Likewise, the substances that make up our bodies would do nothing except decay and provide food for flies and bacteria if they had no genetic program to determine their development and range of behaviors.

It wouldn’t take too many lines of code to make this handsome fellow the only thing you could see on your computer monitor.

Just as our genome can be measured by the number of its base pairs, computer programs can be measured by lines of code — literal lines of symbols, like a line of text in a book, but each containing instructions as to what the computer should do given the state of its inputs and its place in the program. Windows 7, for example, contains some 40 million lines of code, or instructions, that absolutely determine how it functions (see the embedded infographic from Information is Beautiful near the beginning of this article). But one of its programmers, were he so inclined, could add a trivial amount of code, perhaps even a single line, that would radically and completely alter the behavior of the program — completely killing its video output, for example, or replacing the normal screen image with a picture of my sweetheart’s and my collie, or redirecting every Web browser to instead of the pages requested by the user, or any of thousands of similar dramatic changes in the program’s behavior. Change a single line of code, out of 40 million lines — and get totally different results. With the human races, we see that three million lines of code differ between them.

That is what the Jewish power structure and their collaborators are trying to tell “means nothing” — and such outrageous, ridiculous lies are the means they are using to demoralize us, to make us hate ourselves, and to kill us. We’re in the right. Science is on our side. Morality is on our side. Truth is on our side. They are immoral liars — and deceivers — and killers. We can defeat them. Let’s do so.

* * *

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