First Things

American Dissident Voices broadcast of July 21, 2018

by Kevin Alfred Strom

RACIAL IDENTITY is the necessary basis for everything we do.

The leftists and the Jews who call the shots for them, the controlled mass media, and the lemmings who take their cues from the media, are outraged by Donald Trump more and more every day. They’re outraged because every now and then Trump appears to want to walk back a few steps toward the Old White America. Nothing substantial, really — just a few steps back on a journey that would take many miles. But it’s a matter of symbolism. Trump says we should have borders, and takes a few measures to enforce them. Nothing that will actually reverse the non-White invasion of this country, mind you, or delay for even a year the death of America. But even a hint that one or two fewer Mestizos or Somalis might bless Minnesota this year than last is enough to send the controlled media into spasms of rage.

It’s good that these evil anti-Whites are wasting so much of their energy on attacking Trump. It polarizes and radicalizes the country, and that’s a good thing. It gives the anti-Whites less time and money and energy to do the other, far more profoundly evil things they might otherwise be doing. And in their rage they also provide many chilling illustrations of the true nature of the racial enemy and his Gentile collaborators, and that helps White people see reality and understand the National Alliance.

We in the National Alliance aren’t much concerned with Trump or his fate as president. We aren’t interested in “better border enforcement” with a “path to legal citizenship” for non-Whites “who are willing to get a job and work hard” — we see no hope in such things. We’re not interested in “leaders” who change course depending on the latest polls or the usually-staged outrage of the day. We’re not interested in the euphemisms and lies that right-wingers use to avoid talking about race. We’re done with Trumpism, done with conservatism, done with populism, done with all of that. We’re race thinkers.

No race can survive which does not make its survival its highest value. It is that simple. And we intend to survive.

We must think of ourselves as White people first, before we think of ourselves as individuals, or as men or women, or as members of a particular religion, or as Americans or Canadians or Germans or Frenchmen. We should put race – what we actually are — higher in our scale of values than religion, than what we believe. Don’t think I’m being anti-religious when I say that. The implications of what I am saying are profoundly religious, profoundly moral, in the highest sense possible.

If you’re one of those who think I am sinning when I say that, I appreciate your concern for my soul. There are far too few people in this world who care about anything higher than their own wealth and pleasure, so we at least have that in common. Stick around and hear me out.

I believe that we live in a world of matter and energy, and that the divine — the true, the inevitable, and therefore the supremely good — lies not in ancient religious writings, which are often mistaken, but within the reality all around us. I believe that the principles underlying our Universe — and what could be closer to the divine than they? — are discoverable by the scientific method applied by the best minds of our evolving race.

Most importantly, I believe that the divine path is the path of the upward development of our race. And I also believe that the current limitations on our knowledge are not limits or faults of the scientific method, but are instead the current limits of the human condition and the human brain: Even our best minds have only begun to evolve. We are but 20,000 years past savagery — a millisecond in geologic time. Another way of putting it: Our most exalted scientists, leaders, artists, and other geniuses have, from our point of view, risen far above the primordial swamp from which we sprang. But seen from a distance — and more objectively — they are but an inch above that primordial swamp: And we are on a journey to the stars.

I further believe that the best, most racially-conscious Christians agree with me on these last two and most important points. They may couch it in religious terms — a journey to God instead of a journey to the stars; respect for God’s will versus respect for Nature’s laws — but both they and I understand that our uniquely beautiful and creative race must survive and progress if our lives are to have any meaning at all.

The National Alliance unites into one community those who want to restore the traditional racial basis of society. But we also must go beyond the vision of racial preservation espoused by our forefathers. Based on what we have learned about race in the last 200 years — and informed by the utter failure of the founders’ laws and Constitution to protect our race — we must go farther, much farther, than they did when it comes to race. We must build a society whose very purpose is the survival and upward evolution of our race.

That implies new values for our people and for our leaders, new values to be taught from birth to every White child. When you speak of values, of course, you touch on religion. Many will be sensitive to my implication that we need new religious and moral values as well.

They may fear that they or those they love will be forced to abandon their faith. They may suspect that we, in building new values for our people, will act as did Lenin and Mao and the Communists in Spain, and suppress religion at the point of a gun. But that is not the way to the racial and moral and spiritual awakening we seek. That awakening — and the new society which the awakened will build — can only come through honest investigation, courageous examples, profound inspiration, and the divine spark that lies dormant in millions of White men and women.

One of the great needs of our race is freedom — freedom to inquire, to study, to question, to know through one’s own independent quest for truth. We want to build a society fit for White men and women to live in, one that is in full accord with all our needs. And that must be a society that, to the maximum extent possible compatible with racial survival, grants freedom of conscience and freedom of inquiry to its citizens.

The anti-religious fanaticism of the Marxists left a red stain on the 20th century. We remember the destruction and looting of the churches, and the wanton butchery of church members and leaders which occurred in the Soviet Union and in so-called Republican Spain, in which the anti-religious mania was inflamed by the Communists as a cover for the Jewish destruction of the existing White society, the killing of thousands of White people, and the replacement of a native ruling class with an alien one.

The genie of free inquiry has been released in our society since the Renaissance, and its benefits are so enormous, both practically and spiritually, that we’d be crazy to give them up. We Cosmotheists believe that getting closer to the truth through free inquiry is synonymous with getting closer to the Creator, so reverence for free minds and free inquiry is part of our beliefs.

The conventional “revealed” religions have a real problem with their elders perpetually having new “revelations” and completely changing the principles on which the religion was founded. That’s what happened to the Mormon Church a few years ago. Their doctrines had long favored White people — and their church was almost exclusively White. Some of their religious writings discussed this explicitly. With minuscule exceptions, only Whites were proselytized and only Whites could be leaders of the Church. But one day a “new revelation” occurred and the leaders of the church magically discovered that the old interpretation of sacred scripture was wrong and they declared that, overnight, their racial policy was to be reversed. Thereafter non-Whites could become church leaders and non-White countries were to become the focus of missionary efforts.

A similar thing happened to the Dutch Reformed Church in South Africa. That church had long supported the freedom and independence of the Afrikaner people who made up its membership. It was a bulwark of White racial survival and of the survival of White civilization on the dark continent. It fully supported the Apartheid or ‘separate development’ policy of the South African government, which was an absolute necessity for White survival there. Despite all the economic pressures of the Jews (who control the financial establishment of the the West) to destroy White South Africa, as long as the Dutch Reformed Church stood firm, White South Africa survived. Despite the assassination of South Africa’s great leader Dr. Verwoerd in 1966, as long as the Dutch Reformed Church stood firm, White South Africa survived. Despite the institution of Jewish television programming in South Africa in 1975, as long as the Dutch Reformed Church stood firm, White South Africa survived. Despite the fact that the Jewish Oppenheimer family was long the most powerful economic entity in South Africa, as long as the Dutch Reformed Church stood up for apartheid, White South Africa survived. Despite the screaming, spitting, and 24/7 vilification of South Africa for decades by the Jewish media in the West, and the resultant institution of crippling state sanctions on that country which went on for many years, as long as the Dutch Reformed Church supported White survival, South Africans did not bend and they maintained their freedom and independence. But as soon as the leaders of the Dutch Reformed Church had a ‘new revelation,’ and declared that the teachings of their church had been wrong for 400 years and that the races were equal after all, the South African people gave up their country voluntarily and voted for a new constitution which guaranteed them slavery, savagery, and murder on a scale that boggles the mind, and which also guarantees their extinction as a people unless a radical change in consciousness occurs there soon.

Now it really does not matter much if the ‘new revelations’ that occurred in the Mormon Church and the Dutch Reformed Church were the results of naive faith, creeping secularism, outside pressure, or bundles of Jewish cash. The fact is they occurred. And the only thing that could possibly have stopped them from occurring was if the leaders of those churches and of those societies had put race first, and made racial survival a non-negotiable principle that could never be changed. Isn’t it obvious that we need a new system of values — and a faith — that puts race first?

The religions we have now, unfortunately, are all based on an interpretation of ancient writings which are, to put it mildly, subject to a wide range of interpretations.

Making anything except race the highest value of your society is dangerous. Making economic principles — whether of the egalitarian socialist or rapacious capitalist variety — your highest value is a danger to the race. The state bureaucrats who thrive under international “socialist” globalism love dependent people who always vote to give the bureaucrats more power — and who is more dependent, and politically dependable, that the Black and Mestizo underclass? The rapacious capitalists love cheap labor and a dumbed-down consumer class which is very susceptible to mass marketing techniques. Who fits those profiles better than the same underclass beloved of the bureaucrats? Who ships factories to China’s and Mexico’s slave labor pens, and who brings non-Whites to work in their chicken-rendering plants and agribusinesses by the millions? Yes, basing your society on economic principles can be fatal to your people, too.

We must make racial survival and racial progress the two most important principles of the state.

We must begin where the founding fathers of the United States left off, and make the racial basis of our society even more explicit than they did. Racial preservation and racial progress must be made the first principles of our Constitution, and those principles must not ever be subject to amendment. No ‘revelation,’ no sentiment, nothing must ever be allowed to threaten the survival of our people.

Of course, a Constitution is just a piece of paper. It means nothing without a strong community dedicated to its principles, and willing to die rather than to see it overthrown. We are building that community in the National Alliance.

* * *

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