Save the Quad Cities — Save America — and Love Your Race

American Dissident Voices broadcast of December 2, 2017

by Quad Cities National Alliance members
and National Vanguard staff

HELLO, QUAD CITIES. Hello, Davenport — Moline — Bettendorf — Rock Island. We’re the men and women of the National Alliance. Just recently, our local members have been handing out and distributing our “Love Your Race” fliers in your area. That’s probably how you found this article.

Now, isn’t that something that everyone should do — love his or her race?

Pride in one’s race — in one’s ancestors and the things they’ve achieved — and wanting one’s race to continue into the future, is applauded in our society. . . unless you’re White. If you are Black, you are encouraged to have racial pride. If you are a Mestizo from south of the border, racial pride is fine too. If you’re Jewish, racial pride is a major part of your culture, and it’s even okay for you to have your own country and lobby the US Congress to fund that country with American taxpayers’ money. But if you’re a White person and you express even the slightest and mildest love for your race or pride in its achievements, or if you even softly suggest that maybe it ought to survive, the haters start attacking you from the television and the press and the pulpits and the synagogues: “You’re a hater! You’re a nazi! You’re a racist.”

Even though our Love Your Race message — and that is absolutely all our first wave of fliers said — is purely positive, the biased media and local agitators and political hacks have been screaming their heads off with hate — hate against White people. Hate against you. Hate against the idea that we might want our race to have a future — and not be replaced by the tsunami of mass immigration they’ve engineered.

You know what we’re saying is true. When you are sitting at a restaurant or other public place with your family or friends, and you want to speak a Politically Incorrect truth about non-White crime, or express an opinion about the wisdom — or lack thereof — of importing millions of Third Worlders and Middle Easterners into our country, you know very well that before you speak, you look behind and to the side of you to see if anyone’s listening first. You know that you lower your voice. You’ve done it a hundred times. You’ve read about people who lost their jobs and became unemployable because they spoke a Politically Incorrect truth — and some of those people were prominent, wealthy people, too.

Deep down, even if you’ve never articulated it, you know you’re not free. Deep down, you know we’re all supposed to applaud and smile and keep our mouths shut as we’re being replaced in our own nation. Deep down, you know that the way to get promoted and liked by the media, by the faceless megacorporations, by the money-men who dominate our government, and by the corrupt preachers and politicians, is to betray your race, and denounce as a “racist” any fellow White man or woman who speaks out for our people. Deep down you know that’s wrong and you won’t do it. Deep down you know you’re not free. And you know that’s not right. You know we are being replaced — just like the Tibetans are being replaced so that soon they’ll be a minority in their own country.

And soon after that — extinction.

Everything our ancestors fought for — everything they believed in — every sacrifice they made — and every possibility they made possible for our own children will be wiped out if we let that happen.

Loving your race is just as right and just as moral as loving your family. Just because you love your family first doesn’t mean you hate or want to harm other families. It’s the same with loving your race.

The men and women of the National Alliance aren’t haters and we aren’t motivated by hate for other races. But we do think that we have a right to live — to exist — as a race. And to do that, we need living space that’s ours alone. That’s what all peoples need. That’s what our ancestors fought for. And that’s what every race on planet Earth has: There are many all-Black nations; there are many all-Asian nations; and there’s a Jewish nation. And all of them intend to stay that way, and have laws and policies to ensure they do stay that way.

There’s no sin, and no “hate,” and no “racism” in wanting that for our race, too. Wanting our nation to be for our people and of our people is normal; it’s what all races and peoples naturally want; it’s what the founding fathers of this nation wanted from the very beginning. It’s what every sane person wants. But there’s a campaign to replace Whites in America — and in every traditionally White nation around the world.

We in the National Alliance are the resistance to that campaign. And the people who want to replace us hate that.

The people who want to replace us are the real haters, yet they and the media they control try to falsely portray us as “haters.” That’s their method of scaring us all into silence and submission. One such hater is local Rabbi Henry Karp, who is the main force behind a group whose whole purpose is to slander Whites who care about their race’s survival.

Our flier says Love Your Race. Rabbi Karp says “With this flier, there is no question that hate is here in our community.” Rabbi Karp is so agitated that even the presence of a single National Alliance card or flier is, by his standards, a cause for “official concern.” When one National Alliance flier was reported to have been found under a windshield in Davenport a few weeks ago, Karp contacted the news media and police immediately. He got a lot of coverage, too.

Karp is so alarmed by the fact that a few hundred or a few thousand Whites might read the National Alliance message on our fliers that he organized a coalition of anti-Whites and leftists for a so-called “No Hate” rally in Davenport. Despite the deceptive name, every single participant hated Whites becoming racially conscious and caring about their future and their children’s future as White people. Falsely framing such concern as “hate” was the entire purpose of the rally. The good rabbi was able to gather a big crowd, almost enough to fill the narrow sidewalk.

Will Williams, Chairman of the National Alliance, said in an email to the Quad-City Times that our fliers are being distributed because “long-suffering White Quad-Citians need what the Alliance offers, just as Whites everywhere else do, to counter all the PC anti-White pabulum they’re fed by the controlled media. The perceptive few can actually understand that what they read is perfectly reasonable, not ‘hate,’ not ‘supremacy,’ or any of those other buzz words used to smear White loyalists,” Williams wrote.

Fox18 television — and Fox is a globalist, anti-White network no matter how “conservative” they pretend to be — followed the lead of Rabbi Karp and broadcast a piece recently which basically said nothing more than how “alarming” and “disturbing” our fliers were, and how we have to go all out to make especially sure that no child ever sees those three evil words “Love Your Race” or is ever able to visit the forbidden, hate-filled URL with his smartphone or tablet. Naturally, neither Fox18 or the Fox network itself, with its huge budget and global reach, was able to locate a single person who found the fliers interesting or unoffensive or find a single spokesman for the National Alliance. They even made the claim that we National Alliance members are “hiding.” Hiding? — of course we’re hiding; that’s why we operate a news site, that has three times the readership of one of the main news portals in the Quad Cities area, Now that’s hiding!

Now the good Rabbi has scheduled, and his friends in the media are promoting, a speech by a pathetic loser and habitual criminal, Frank Meeink, who used to be, he claims, a “neo-Nazi skinhead.” Meeink by his own admission regularly broke the law and physically beat up numerous innocent people including some of his own skinhead gang, went to prison for it, and decided while there that a fair living could be made denouncing racially-conscious White people and falsely conflating their concern for their children’s future with violent crime. That will be the focus of Meeink’s talk: How saying “Love Your Race” and opposing mass immigration leads directly to beatings and bombings and other violent crimes.

Really, Meeink’s and the good rabbi’s characterization is the opposite of the truth. Meeink is an admitted violent criminal who physically attacked both Whites and non-Whites, and now — for cash payments from a Jewish group, the ADL — he verbally attacks Whites who are concerned about our race’s future. Meeink knows nothing about the National Alliance. The founder of the National Alliance, Dr. William Pierce, on the other hand, strictly forbade any violent or illegal activity to further the program of the Alliance, a policy still in force today under Chairman Will Williams. Anyone violating that rule — or even talking about violating that rule — has to leave the Alliance. Back in the 90s and early 2000s when some skinheads who claimed to be pro-White acted out violently and irresponsibly, Dr. Pierce condemned them as freaks and weaklings and said they weren’t wanted in the Alliance. Anyone who didn’t like that policy was quickly shown the door. And the National Alliance continues that policy today.

Davenport and Moline and Rock Island and Bettendorf are great places in so many ways. In a darkening America, they’re still fairly safe and cultured and productive and decent places to live. Even Davenport, which has the most non-Whites of the four, is almost 90% White. But that’s changing, with high non-White birthrates, massive immigration, migrant resettlement, and media and government demonizing Whites whenever we organize to defend our interests.

Davenport, for example, has more Blacks and more immigrants than almost anyplace in Iowa. Could that be why it also has more crime — and violent crime — than almost anyplace in Iowa? According to the politically-neutral site Neighborhood Scout, “For Davenport, we found that the violent crime rate is one of the highest in the nation . . . Violent offenses tracked included rape, murder and non-negligent manslaughter, armed robbery, and aggravated assault, including assault with a deadly weapon. . . . One’s chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime here is one in 19. Within Iowa, more than 99% of the communities have a lower crime rate than Davenport.

Detroit when her streets and beaches were safe, clean, beautiful — and White
Detroit when she was the industrial powerhouse of the world: clean, prosperous, cultured, safe — and White. When enough of us understand and accept the program of the National Alliance, all America can be like this again.

That’s bad, but it could be a lot worse. There are places just a few hours’ drive away from the Quad Cities where no one of any race can walk safely at night — and where a White woman or White child can’t walk safely at any time — where even the police fear to tread. Places that look like a war zone — a war zone in a war that we lost. Places like Chicago — East St. Louis — Detroit. Places that used to be shining examples of prosperity, safety, White American achievement, and White American culture. These are places where the White people have essentially been driven out, and the few that remain are experiencing a living Hell. Places that are now essentially ruled by corrupt bureaucrats and criminal gangs, with no hope of ever getting better — short of God sending a cleansing fire. Places where the Rabbi Karps of this world finally got their way — places just loaded with his kind of “love” and “diversity.”

Is that the kind of future you want for your children? I didn’t think so. A lot of you moved to the Quad Cities because you wanted to escape that kind of Hell. If your town eventually turns into another Detroit or Chicago — and if Rabbi Karp and his friends win, that’s where we’re headed — where will you run to next? Where can you run next? It’s about time we White Americans stopped running and did what it takes to save ourselves.

That’s what the National Alliance is all about. Saving our race. Saving you. We love our people. We love you. We deserve to live, and we are determined that we will live. Not only is it not “wrong” to stand up for our race’s survival — it is the highest virtue of all.

* * *

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