The Great Revilo Oliver: The Jewish Plague, part 3

Here we see an idealized sculpture of the Roman Emperor Claudius, surrounded by a semicircular swastika design. Claudius, who was befriended by Jews early in his career, was eventually to call them “the fomenters of a universal plague.”

A rational look at the Jewish Question from ancient Alexandria to the present day

American Dissident Voices broadcast of August 26, 2017

by Kevin Alfred Strom

I HAVE TITLED this series of broadcasts “The Jewish Plague,” but the phrase belongs to the Roman Emperor Claudius, not to me. I suppose that, after today’s show — in which Revilo Oliver explains why Claudius, who was once friendly to the Jews, came to describe them as plague-carriers — all the statues of Claudius will have to come down, too.

From the Jews who intruded themselves upon the ancient Classical civilization of our race, to the Zionist zealots and fanatically anti-White secular Jews of today, we see a pattern of culture and group behavior that is remarkably consistent. Since it is the Jewish power structure which is the primary opponent of White self-determination and survival, it is incumbent upon us to understand that opponent in order to most effectively counter his acts of attempted genocide upon us.

No man is better qualified to increase our understanding of the subject than the late, great Professor Revilo Pendleton Oliver — classicist, linguist, scholar, and one of the greatest writers of the last century. This week we continue our excerpts from his insightful work on the subject, under the title, “The Jewish Plague, part 3.” I give you the words of Revilo P. Oliver:

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The Jewish Plague
part 3

by Revilo P. Oliver

IN THE EARLY years of our era, the Jews were then (as now) busy selling religion and revolution to the natives, and that is undoubtedly what the Emperor Claudius meant in 41 A.D. when, in his letter of warning to the Jews in Egypt (preserved in a papyrus now in the British Museum, R Lond. 1912), he described them as “the fomenters of a universal plague.” Claudius’ phrase is the best description of the biologically innate nature of Jews that I have seen. I hope this does not startle you; if it does, I recommend a little objective observation of Jews engaged in collective action.

Claudius in infancy suffered from poliomyelitis or a similar disease that left him with a partly paralysed foot, some impediment in his speech, and muscles of the face and neck subject to spastic contractions. Regarded as unfit for public life, he devoted himself to historical and antiquarian studies, becoming both erudite and pedantic.

He was quite intelligent, but timorous, excitable, and gullible, especially toward persons who showed him some attention and professed friendship during the first fifty-one years of his life, when he was regarded as an awkward and ridiculous political nullity, the butt of his nephew Caligula’s wit. Among those who thus acquired his gratitude and confidence were a number of clever Jews of great wealth and influence in Rome. Among these was Marcus Julius Agrippa (note the purely Roman name; a grandson of the Herod who appears in many versions of the Christ story), who, when the barbarian mercenaries rioted after the assassination of Caligula and, while plundering the palace, found old Claudius hiding in a closet and dragged him out to proclaim him emperor, by subtle and crafty machinations and bribery managed to get Claudius installed and recognized as emperor by the Senate. Claudius rewarded him generously, and was always under the influence of the prominent Jews in Rome. That is what makes his pronouncement so significant.

Alexandria was, of course, founded by Alexander the Great as a Greek city in conquered Egypt, and it became under his Greek successors, the Ptolemies, the capital of that country. Its position as the only real harbor in Egypt added to its great prosperity, and naturally Jews came streaming in from their colonies all over the civilized world. Alexandria became the New York of the ancient world, i.e., the largest Jewish city. The Jews took over two of the five quarters of the city for their ghettos, from which they unofficially but effectively excluded White people, but naturally insisted on pushing their way into all the other quarters of the city and making themselves obnoxious in their normal ways.

Jews always betray the countries in which they are feeding on the natives, so naturally, when Augustus attacked Egypt, the Jews naturally betrayed the Greeks, who remained loyal to Cleopatra, the last of the Ptolemies. Augustus punished the Greeks for their loyalty by depriving them of their local self-government, and rewarded the Jews for their treason with many special privileges, including the right to have a kind of Jewish government of their own. The Jews, now riding high, naturally pushed the Greeks around more than ever, thrusting themselves into the gymnasia and other Greek institutions that were traditionally for Greeks only and inciting riots whenever they were so “persecuted” that the Greeks did not recognize them as a vastly superior race. The result was an endless series of civil disturbances that the Romans were powerless to prevent because no government dared to revoke Augustus’s grant of special privileges to the Jews.

In the second year after Claudius became emperor, there was another one of the perennial riots in Alexandria that became virtual civil wars in the city, which was the most populous in the ancient world. The Greeks of Alexandria despatched an embassy of their leading citizens to Claudius to request restoration of their local government and explain the cause of the riots, and the Jews, of course, sent an embassy of their own to snivel and whine about being “persecuted” by the wicked goyim. The edict of Claudius of which the papyrus is a copy is addressed to the Greeks of Alexandria and announces his decision concerning the requests made by their envoys. He states in part:

I now order the Jews not to agitate for more privileges than those they have long enjoyed, and not again to have the unprecedented insolence of sending out their own ambassadors as though they were living in a separate state, and furthermore I order them not to force their way into the games and contests held by the gymnasiarchs and cosmetae while they, the Jews, reap the profits of their own special privileges and, living in a city that is not their own, enjoy all the bountiful advantages of that city; furthermore I order the Jews not to import, or bring in to Alexandria by ship, Jews from Asia Minor or Egypt, a procedure which must necessarily excite in me the gravest suspicions. Otherwise, if the Jews do not obey, I will by all means take vengeance on them as being the fomenters of what is a universal plague throughout the civilized world.

You will have noticed that Jews were behaving normally in Alexandria, not only whining about being “persecuted” because of their Love of God while pushing their way into every place where the despised goyim hope to have a little privacy from them, but even illegally importing fellow parasites to prey on the White cattle, just as the Jews are constantly importing thousands of their congeners into the United States, not only across the border from Canada, but by ships that land thousands of the dear creatures at Red Hook on Long Island, whence they are carried by limousine to the New Jerusalem commonly called New York City, in open defiance of the immigration officers, who know about it but dare not intervene.

Survival of the Fittest

The few Aryans who dare to criticize the Jews are wont to wax indignant over the methods by which the aliens acquire control, which, to be sure, are immoral according to our own accepted standards of civil behavior within one of our own societies. But let us be fair and, what is more important, objective.

The survival of the fittest always has been, and always will be, the immutable law of life on this planet. Mammals that do not depend on sheer fecundity to preserve their kind (e.g., rabbits, lemmings) have but two resources in themselves: strength and stealth, the latter compensating for deficiencies in the former. Even the male lion, whom we have taken as the symbol of courage, depends for much of his sustenance on prey that his females take by leaping from ambush. The elephant is a noble animal and a symbol of strength, but he falls prey to the cunning of weaker species, such as tigers and men.

It is a peculiarity of our race — and one that the Jews regard as especially childish and fatuous — that we have an ideal of victory obtained only in a fair fight. Our racial mentality is dominated by the sentiment that finds expression in our cherished picture of Mediaeval knights, equally matched, meeting in the lists or in the storied adventures of King Arthur’s Round Table. But even in our romances, the fair fight is an ideal only as between individuals of our own race, who observe our racial standards of personal honor; and in practice our race has accepted modifications of it that seem odd to us today: For example, in the family feuds of Iceland it was considered proper to kill a man by striking from ambush, provided that one boasted of the deed and thus averted an imputation of cowardice by indicating to the victim’s kinsfolk on whom they should revenge his death.

In war, even between nations of our race, our ideal of a “fair fight” is disregarded as irrelevant, unless we hold that “fairness” includes not only physical courage, but also intelligent forethought and planning, which can be described as cunning. We admire strategy as much as courage. In the proverbial story of the Trojan Horse, we do not reprehend the deception practiced by Sinon, but rather the superstition and credulity of the Trojans, who fell victim to the Greeks’ ruse; and while we may feel compassion for certain individual Trojans who suffered for their people’s folly, we feel no pity for that people as a whole, unless we attribute their gullibility to a force outside themselves and think that their minds were darkened by the supernatural power of some god or gods.

All the great generals of history have achieved their victories, not by the indispensable courage of their men, but by strategy, i.e., their ability to outwit their enemies by a form of deception. We even have an aphorism that affirms that “all is fair in war,” and we take it for granted that the physically weaker party must rely on superior cunning, if it is not to succumb.

When Europeans first settled in the Western Hemisphere, they were few in number — so few that even their superiority in armament and discipline over the aborigines did not cancel their numerical weakness — and they did not hesitate to use some Indian tribes to defeat and destroy others, often exciting and always profiting from the internal dissensions of a race whose continent they intended to take from them.

Such expedient deception we have always considered justified as a weapon of physical weakness against physical strength.

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Next week, we’ll continue looking at the Jewish strategy of deception as a weapon against the peoples among whom they reside. You’ve been listening to “The Jewish Plague, part 3,” written by Professor Revilo Pendleton Oliver and presented by your host, Kevin Alfred Strom. In future programs, Dr. Oliver will explore the subject of why, after World War 2, the Jewish attitude toward Whites profoundly changed from one of exploiting Whites to one of barely disguised genocidal warfare.

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We’ll continue this important discussion of the Jewish Question by classicist, scholar, and teacher Dr. Revilo P. Oliver, next week on American Dissident Voices.

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