Trumpery to the Fourth Power

trumpery_to_the_fourth_powerAmerican Dissident Voices broadcast of December 3, 2016

by Kevin Alfred Strom

THIS WEEK Donald J. Trump’s rhetoric can be compared to his acts — and his acts not only fall far short of his words, they flatly contradict them. Do you remember his final campaign video? — the one that inspired so many people when he identified some of our people’s enemies — all of them ultra-elite and billionaire Jews? In it, he spoke to the massed crowd at one of his rallies as pictures of these enemies flashed on the screen: “[T]hose who control the levers of power in Washington… the global special interests… the global power structure that is responsible for the economic decisions that have robbed our working class, stripped our country of its wealth, and put that money into the pockets of a handful of large corporations and political entities.” As he spoke those words, the faces on the screen were those of Janet Yellen, Jewish head of the Federal Reserve bank; Lloyd Blankfein, Jewish head of notorious banking firm Goldman Sachs; and George Soros, Jewish billionaire hedge fund operator and political manipulator extraordinaire.

So that’s what Trump said. But what has Trump done? He has appointed as his Secretary of the Treasury a Jew named Steven Mnuchin. Steven Mnuchin worked at Goldman Sachs for 17 years. Steven Mnuchin’s father was on the Goldman Sachs management committee. Steven Mnuchin’s mentor there was Lloyd Blankfein, one of those that Trump’s commercial told us was a part of the “global power structure” that was robbing the working class and stripping this country of its wealth. Steven Mnuchin says that Janet Yellen, another member of Trump’s “global power structure,” is “doing a good job.” Steven Mnuchin is also a Hollywood film producer and produced films with Politically Correct anti-White messages. Steven Mnuchin, who was a banking partner of George Soros himself. Steven Mnuchin, who is a hedge fund operator (Dune Capital Management) with all the parasitism that that implies. Steven Mnuchin is famous, in fact, for making billions off the misery of debt-laden homeowners during the real estate bubble a few years ago, buying a failed bank for pennies on the dollar, aggressively foreclosing on “loans,” then unloading the bank for $3.4 billion, while thousands of people lost their homes. In this boondoggle he was a partner of fellow hedge fund Jew John Paulson.

And Trump was “upset” that Hillary had ties with the banking elite? — and that Ted Cruz’s wife worked for Goldman Sachs? Trump special counselor Steve Bannon is also a Goldman Sachs alumnus, like Mnuchin. Something has gone very, very wrong in the Trump camp — or was rotten there all along.

Trump has stated, all through his campaign and as recently as his day-before-yesterday “Thank You” rally in Ohio, that he stands against the “regime change” wars in the Middle East that have bled this country of six trillion dollars and so much of the blood of our best men — and that he also stands against the neocons who salivate for regime change in — or war with — Russia. But some of Trump’s recent nominations tell us a different story.

For Secretary of Education, Trump has nominated Elisabeth “Betsy” DeVos (née Prince), who believes, and this is probably a good thing, in allowing parents to have alternatives to the corrupted public school system — and who is married to Dick DeVos, the billionaire heir and former CEO of the Amway multilevel-marketing scam. Her brother, Erik Prince, is the founder of the multi-billion-dollar military contractor and legally-questionable private army Blackwater USA — and is, troublingly, an avid apologist for its murderous role in the disastrous wars for Israel that Trump claims to decry.

Tom Price of Georgia is Trump’s nominee for head of Health and Human Services. He’s a supporter of the tyrannical USA Patriot Act and the war in Iraq. Though it’s hard to see how his neocon war views could affect his performance at HHS, such a presence at Trump’s side is nevertheless a bad sign. On the positive side, Price got a zero rating from the homosexual lobby group calling itself the Human Rights Campaign and another zero from the Jewish-founded and Jewish-led National Abortion Rights Action League — and received a high rating from Gun Owners of America.

Trump’s nominee as Secretary of Transportation is Elaine Chao, a Chinese woman in an interracial marriage with establishment Republican and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. (McConnell was instrumental in delivering South Africa to Black Communists and is a major supporter of Israel who never met a neocon war he didn’t like.) Chao was introduced to McConnell by McConnell associate and Jewish attorney Stuart Marshall Bloch, who is also married to a Chinese woman, Julia Chang Bloch. Chang Bloch is described as Chao’s mentor and considers herself Jewish. (Chang Bloch is also founder and current head of the US-China Education Trust.) Despite “marrying out,” Chao made a racially-oriented video “designed to inspire Asian-American children,” she says. “Marrying out” is a family behavior pattern for the Chaos, apparently –  according to the New York Times “several ( ! ) of her five younger sisters married Wall Street titans, including [at least one Jew] Bruce Wasserstein, the owner of New York magazine.” Chao is also closely tied to the banking industry and was vice president for syndications at the Bank of America, and was an international banker at Citicorp for several years before joining the Jewish-neocon-dominated Bush administration, where she served as Labor Secretary. She works for internationalist and Zionist Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News and serves on the boards of the establishment heavyweight Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Wells Fargo bank, the insurance company Protective Life, and immigrant stoop labor employer Dole Foods.

Also a necon warmonger and employee of Fox News is K.T. McFarland, Trump’s pick as Deputy National Security Advisor. She formerly worked for half-Jewish Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger as one of his “closest confidantes.”

Trump’s pick for Secretary of Commerce is another billionaire and vulture capitalist Wilbur Ross, whose major life’s work has been making his billions by buying troubled or bankrupt businesses, figuring out ways to gut them or “flip” them for huge profits, the workers and the nation be damned. New York magazine dubbed him “The Bottom-Feeder King.” For well over two decades, he worked for Rothschild, Inc. in their bankruptcy and “distressed assets” department, during which tenure he helped Donald Trump hold on to power when three of his casinos were failing. Though not a Jew himself, Ross has worked closely with Jews during his entire career, and in his own firm works with David H. Storper, David L. Wax, and Stephen J. Toy. Ross also participated in the largely-Jewish looting of Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union, serving on the board of the “U.S.-Russia Investment Fund” during the Clinton administration.

Retired General  James Mattis is Trump’s pick for Secretary of Defense. Trump praised him to the skies during his Cincinnati speech two days ago — oddly, the same speech in which Trump reaffirmed his opposition to American military intervention in the Mideast (with the one exception of destroying ISIS). Mattis. on the other hand, is belligerent to the point of being bloodthirsty when it comes to Israel’s enemies in the Middle East. He is bellicose toward Iran (saying they are “worse than ISIS”) and Syria, and said it was “a Hell of a lot of fun” to shoot innocent Afghanis. When he was a commander in the Iraq War, he repeated the neocon’s claims that Saddam Hussein “raped and murdered the Iraqi people” and the now utterly disproven accusation that Hussein “threatened the world with weapons of mass destruction.” Strangely, Mattis holds views 180 degrees apart from Trump’s on rapprochement with Russia, saying that Russia poses a danger to NATO and has expansionist aims in Syria, Ukraine, and the Baltic states. Mattis openly adds that Trump’s views on Russia are “ill-informed.”

In his speech two days ago, Trump also signaled to his Jewish friends — and to us — that he is firmly aboard, not the “Trump train,” but the multiracialist train that is driving White America right off the cliff into demographic death and extinction. He said, “We condemn bigotry and prejudice in all its forms. We denounce all of the hatred and we forcefully reject the language of exclusion and separation. We have no choice. We have to, and it’s better.” Sounds like a speech delivered by Bill Clinton and written by Abe Foxman. The enthusiastically cheering audience fell nearly silent at that point.

Some of my pro-White friends, entranced by Trump’s magnetism, green frogs, the thrills of having an openly (civic) nationalist president-elect, and the emboldened free speech on race we’ve been hearing on the ’Net this year, have shown a reluctance to emerge from their warm, fun, and comforting dream. “He’s just saying that to disarm his enemies before he’s inaugurated,” they say. Or “He’s just keeping his enemies close to him so he can throw them to the wolves later.” Or “He has to say that kind of thing until after the Electoral College meets.” Or “He’s got those Jews and Wall Street vultures working for him, not the other way around.” And on and on they go, with almost infinite hope and faith — and loyalty that is not reciprocated. Hey guys, you were the very first ones he threw under the bus, and you still don’t get it. You were used.

It very much looks like business as usual in Washington for the next four years. Yes, there will be a few changes, mostly cosmetic, mostly changes of degree and of speed — but they will not be fundamental. The genocidal multiracial paradigm is not being challenged, except by us. The Jewish hand will still be throttling our people to death.

The government in this country will still be in the hands of the Jewish money-men, who may well persuade Trump that cracking down on “haters” is just the thing to polish his new presidential image. If they can insert words into his latest speech, as they clearly have, they can probably insert words into his executive orders and legislative initiatives, too. Expect it. (Remember, it was the “conservative” Boy George Bush administration that elevated the unspeakably vile Michael Chertoff into power at the “Justice Department,” and it was Chertoff and his careerist employees who railroaded Doles and Duke and me into federal prison.) The System that wants us dead is still intact. We are still a people without a state. I had dared to hope otherwise in one part of my soul, but that faint hope has now died. Not only is the swamp not being drained, but quicksand is being added along with a thousand more alligators.

What we need is a real revolution — not this fake ballot-box revolution, even though it was made possible by good White Americans. Those good White Americans had an accurate gut feeling that something is very rotten in this country and in the Washington/Wall Street crowd — and an inaccurate gut feeling that the Man in the Red Hat was the answer.

The revolution we need right now is the revolution in thinking that will precede the founding of a new nation and a new people — a spiritual revolution that will bring into being a generation of men like holy warriors who will create a new order in which the advancement of our race, not just material and scientific advancement but also biological advancement, is seen as the main purpose of our lives and of our nation — a generation that will never rest on its laurels, nay, will never rest at all until this new order is achieved. That is the revolution for which we of the National Alliance are working today.

As I’ve expressed on this program several times before, I knew this kind of betrayal of Whites by Trump was a distinct possibility. But I wanted to be proven wrong on that. I never thought it would all come this fast. But here it is, right in our faces.

The best result of the Trump campaign was that it emboldened many, many thousands of our people to speak up for White interests. The best possible result of a — very disappointing — Trump presidency will be to leverage that new boldness into a bigger, more successful, and more well-known National Alliance. I can’t do that alone.

* * *

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