Unspeakable Monsters and Giving Thanks the Right Way

The White girls who were attacked preferred that their faces not be shown for fear of reprisal. How low we have fallen in what used to be our country.
The White girls who were attacked preferred that their faces not be shown for fear of reprisal. How low we have fallen in what used to be our country.

American Dissident Voices broadcast of November 26, 2016

by Kevin Alfred Strom

THIS THANKSGIVING weekend, there are four bruised and battered White girls in New York who are giving thanks that they are still alive after being attacked by Blacks in broad daylight on their way home from school. Though there were witnesses aplenty — just a few feet away from the girls as they were being beaten and robbed — no one did anything to help them. Let me tell you their story.

But first let us pause and give thanks ourselves for the things that really matter. Let us give thanks for the love of our mothers and fathers — and all the generations that came before us — who sacrificed ease, who sacrificed wealth, who sacrificed time — and in some cases, sacrificed their very lives — in order that we, their children and grandchildren and distant descendants, could come into existence. We are the result of their lives and their loves. Like them, we are all links in a chain that rises upward into the clouds of an as-yet unknowable future of greatness and triumph and consciousness and God. Let us live every day with that gratitude — and with that truth — in mind.

Our children are the next link in that sacred chain. Just last Tuesday afternoon, in New York City, one of the most degenerate, most multiracial, and most Jewish-dominated places in these Ungreat States, four White schoolgirls — embodiments of the future life of our race, precious links in that sacred chain — were attacked by Blacks and left bruised and bloodied by an uncaring System and an uncaring populace.

The 15-year-old girls were chatting and laughing with each other, wearing their school uniforms, as they rode home from St. Catherine’s Academy in the Bronx on the BX8 bus. Nearby a group of young Black males was eyeing them. As soon as the four girls had boarded the bus to Throggs Neck, the Blacks had openly leered at the girls and snapped pictures of them with their smartphones. The girls said they tried to laugh it off — doubtlessly they had been the victims of Black larceny, lust, and anger before — but the Blacks wouldn’t be put off this time.

According to the New York Post:

One of the victims, who only wants to be identified by the initials LT because the attackers are still at large, said they were in their school uniforms when the young men tried chatting with them and then threatened to “piss on them.”

Is there any place of torment dreamed up by Dante or Bruegel or Vlad the Impaler that these depraved animals do not deserve? Speaking such words to a White woman or girl should result in a painful but rapid trip into unconsciousness for such beasts, who — if they do later awaken — should awaken not in New York but on the outskirts of Lagos or Monrovia, and at least the width of one major ocean away from the nearest White girl.

Notice that the Congoids had no apparent fear of being held accountable for their intolerable, disgusting behavior, neither by the bus driver — race unknown — or by any of the other passengers on the bus, some of whom were quite likely White males of fighting age.

The taunts from the Blacks continued: “Oh, you go to St. Catharine’s? What? Do you have money? Go drink your coffee, White girl, and go shopping… Oh, White girl got money!” one of the Blacks called out.

Already the monsters were plotting, though the girls didn’t know it. The Post continues:

The girls nervously tried to laugh it off, and the thugs said they were calling friends at the upcoming Westchester Square stop for re-enforcements. …Before they knew it, the boys called up some female friends, who boarded a few stops away. …Before they knew it, six to eight young black girls got on the bus and all hell broke loose. …the girls said the group punched and kicked them while grabbing clumps of their hair.

“All I remember is seeing the bus doors open and these girls have me by the ankles,” LT said. “One of the guys had me by my hair and punched me in the jaw.”

The driver stopped the bus in the middle of the block and when she opened the door, the gang escaped with a backpack, which contained an iPad and some cash, LT said.

So, six to eight Black girls had to join before the Black males — and there were at least two of them — would make their move. Two to one, or maybe even three to one, are the odds it takes before these worthless pieces of dung, characterized by the Jewish media as the ultimate alpha males, were willing to take on schoolgirls.

But how many adult White males were on that bus? Were there none within earshot? Within sight, then? Were there none willing to rise and interpose themselves between the animated garbage and the precious embodiment of the future of Life? Were there none willing to even stare the cowardly hyenas down? Were there none armed with a gun? — or with a baseball bat? — or with the firm steel of a cane or a man’s umbrella? — or, failing that, with the muscle-covered radius and ulna of their forearms? — surely adequate, given a little courage and pressure on the trachea, to cut off the animals’ undeserved supply of air.

Bad as modern LCD-screen-addicted Whites may be, their inaction can’t be blamed entirely on their own malformed characters. Here we are also seeing the results of the “hate crime” and “hate speech” laws and codes created by the Jews, and imposed by them and their lackeys — like enthusiastic “hate crime” statute sponsor Rudy Giuliani. Who wants to “get involved” and risk not only injury and death, but public accusations of “racism,” possible criminal prosecution, a tsunami of hate from the media, and loss of one’s livelihood? Add that to a lifetime of White guilt being inculcated in them by the school system, and the result is cowardly worms that should have been men. Better just bury my head a little deeper in my Android or iPhone and pretend I don’t notice. If it’s Blacks attacking Whites, better never help the Whites. They might say I used the N-word! Pathetic. Shameful. Hateworthy.

But not all White people are like that. Some White people react quite differently when the smiling Jewish faces on their telescreens tell them to bow down and wait for the shechita or halal or gangsta blade to be applied to their necks. Some White people don’t accept that such callous, animalistic treatment of our sacred and infinitely precious children is an acceptable price to pay for an imaginary “racial harmony” that never can and never will exist.

Some White people instinctively know that a single eyelash on a White child’s head is worth ten thousand times the lives of every such primitive monster who ever lived or will live in this or any other world you can think of.

And this Thanksgiving, I am thankful that such White men and women exist — and exist by the millions, as the evidence is starting to show. And I am thankful that they are starting to awaken and find their voices and join the National Alliance in the fight for their children, their future, and their very existence. It is our sacred duty to make every single such person aware of the Alliance — aware of our total program of education, understanding, community-building, national rebirth, and true spiritual understanding that alone is capable of defeating our enemies and making it impossible for them to ever again do what they are doing to our children.

Working for a White America in which Jews are accepted as White will never save us. It will guarantee our extinction.

Working for an “American nationalism” that includes non-Whites will never save us. It is exactly what we used to have and exactly what has led to our present peril. It will guarantee our extinction.

Working for non-racial “liberty” or libertarianism — same story. A gold standard for Brown people, or a strictly-enforced Tenth Amendment for mulattoes, are worse than chimeras. They would be worthless if we could achieve them, and they’re impossible to boot. Pursuing such nonsense will guarantee our extinction.

Working for an America based on some interpretation or other of nonsensical Hebrew scriptures will never save us. Like the petty civic nationalism dead end — but even worse, since it literally involves worshipping our deadliest enemies — it will guarantee our extinction.

The plain truth is that only the uncompromising revolutionary program of the National Alliance for a new White nation on this Earth can save us.

I am deeply thankful for all those men and women who read this and know that I am right. It is now time for all of you to do your part.

* * *

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