It’s All Biological, part 1

biocentric03_nationalvanguard_dot_orgAmerican Dissident Voices broadcast of August 6, 2016

by Kevin Alfred Strom

THERE IS GROWING awareness of the Jewish problem among our people. It’s hard to hide the fact that Trump has surrounded himself with Jewish handlers, advisers, and money men. Even Forbes magazine openly admits — and even publishes charts showing — that practically all of the top multimillion-dollar donors to the War Hag (also known as Hillary Clinton) are Jews.

Although more-than-minimally-literate people are now the minority in this country, there are still millions of them, and they notice these things. They can’t help but notice that Jews constitute an overclass: They have higher average intelligence than the rest of the population (and getting proportionately higher still, as the dullest kinds of humans are being imported by the millions); they are by far the richest ethnic group; they have effective control of the mass media and therefore of the minds of the majority and therefore also of the “democratic” political process; and they control money-creation in this country and therefore can, almost without effort or work, seize a huge proportion of the nation’s wealth without fear of prosecution — and use a large part of that seized wealth to solidify their overclass position.

But the people who see that — and thank the gods for them! — disagree on just what exactly we’re dealing with when we say “the Jewish problem.”

Some of these people say it’s a religious problem. Just disabuse the Jews of Judaism and the Jewish supremacism that goes along with it will disappear too, some say. Jews will then become like any other people, they believe.

Some others disagree and say there is something special in the Jewish bloodline that makes them the way they are. (That makes sense, since Jews who’ve abandoned Judaism make up a huge percentage of Zionists, fanatical Jewish leftists and Cultural Marxists, Jewish bankers and financiers, and especially media Jews. But giving up Judaism or treating it like a quaint set of cultural traditions at best doesn’t seem to have affected their tribalism, hyperethnocentrism, and predatory behavior. In fact, if anything, the Jews at the apex of the overclass seem to be the least religious of all Jews, though there are some exceptions.)

But some of these people who make sense, who see the Jews as a people apart with a distinct bloodline that makes them different from all other peoples, then proceed to ruin the good impression they’ve made on me by sending me bizarre charts and graphs with pictures of Babylonian statues and old 19th Century “Bible maps” with superimposed stars of David and arrows pointing every which way to the names of various Hebrew tribes of the Old Testament, Esau, Edom, Judah, and incorporating quoted verses from the Jews’ own Torah — and claiming that all this proves that today’s Jews aren’t really Jews and that we Europeans are the “true Hebrews” or something like that. (Please, if any of you are listening, don’t send me any more of this stuff: I stopped believing that anything at all can be “proved” by quoting verses from the nonsensical Hebrew Bible back in the 1970s.) This kind of “thinking” by good, awakening people is a result, I think, of a collision: A collision between the reality of Jewish supremacism, and childhood programming that tells these good folks that the Jews’ Bible is “holy” and “inerrant.”  They’ve figured out the toxicity of the Jews, but they just can’t emotionally accept the fact that the Jewish scriptures are toxic too. The result is a train wreck of ahistorical religious nonsense that is no help at all.

Even so, though, the “bloodline” people are onto something. There’s a truth there. The Jewish problem exists because the Jews are a distinct, very different kind of people compared to us and compared to almost any other people on planet Earth. What the “bloodline” people are missing is a realistic, scientific, biological outlook on humanity, and indeed encompassing all of Life itself — an outlook that we in the National Alliance call biocentric, which simply means life-centered. In short, we see everything about humans and human groups and human societies as biological in its essence.

We of the White European race are a life-form, a species, in fact a distinct subspecies that is evolving in its own unique way, in a direction different from any other kind of life and any other kind of human.

And so are the Jews. Their history is different from ours, very different. As a consequence, the natural selection to which they have been subjected is not the same as the natural selection to which we have been subjected, and this has caused their DNA code to be different as well. These differences in DNA make for differences in appearance, as everyone knows, but they also cause differences in mentality, personality, instinct, behavior, and group survival mechanisms.

Culture and religion themselves are a result of DNA interacting with the circumstances in which each people finds itself. Over the very long term, our DNA itself is sculpted by those circumstances, because gene-patterns that can’t deal well with current realities tend to die out, while those that “have what it takes” to survive in a given environment tend to proliferate. Thus one can say that our genetic code is almost a kind of transmissible “memory” of the environment — and way of life — of the ancestors of our race.

Our race, the White race, evolved in the harsh environment — the forests, plains, mountains, and wide-open spaces — of Europe and environs over long ages, including centuries of intense cold in which intelligent planning was absolutely necessary to survive the Winter. In the last few dozen thousands of years, we evolved in relatively fixed dwelling places that eventually came be called “countries,” attached to particular pieces of land, on a continent of very low population density in which the main enemies were the elements and other warlike tribes. High abstract intelligence and high-trust societies were prominent among the biological, evolutionary results. The primary skills of conflict were the martial virtues: One’s enemies were warring tribes who attacked openly, sword in hand.

The Jews, on the other hand, are a largely Semitic and largely nomadic hybrid race of much more recent appearance that emerged in the relatively heavily-populated, multiracial, multicultural, and polyglot Middle East, where the climate was much milder and the main problem — for the Jews, at least — was surviving and prospering as a small, stateless group in territories ruled by others. High verbal intelligence and a concealed dual moral code — one for dealing with fellow Jews, another for dealing with the non-Jews in whose societies they lived — were the prominent biological, evolutionary results. Their primary skills of conflict were negotiation, diplomacy, pretense, duplicity, mimicry, and “reading” the psychology of their enemies — who were very seldom sword-wielding invading armies, but rather were the omnipresent non-Jewish peasants and warriors and priests and tradesmen and rulers among whom they lived — and off of whom they fed.

The European race evolved into a mode of life that involved living off the land, as did many other races and peoples. The Jews, on the other hand, evolved into a mode of life that involved living off those who lived off the land.

There is a name for the relationship between Jews and people like us. That name is parasitism. It’s a biological term. There are many examples of parasitic relationships, of relationships between parasites and their hosts, in Nature — including parasites that are closely related to their hosts. In fact, parasites can be found among almost every kind of living being that exists, so it should hardly be surprising that a human group has evolved to fill the parasitic niche.

In future American Dissident Voices programs, I’ll explore the concept of parasitism as it applies to our present situation — and the important insights that concept can give us in our struggle for survival and progress in the future.

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