They Will Kill Us

[Warning: the videos, above, of Thursday’s Nice attack and its aftermath contain disturbing graphic images that should not be viewed by children.]

American Dissident Voices broadcast of July 16, 2016

by Kevin Alfred Strom

THE THOUGHT IS not original with me, but it remains true: Anyone who lives in the same society as you, and who is absolutely determined to kill you, will probably succeed in killing you.

Bulletproof vests only cover a small percentage of your body. Iron skillets and lead pipes and bricks are just as fatal as guns at short range. Under the right circumstances — and circumstances can be contrived — a pillow or a piece of twine can be the instrument of your doom. You can never be certain that something hasn’t been put in your food. Even a phalanx of bodyguards has as many gaps as it has members. A commonplace truck driven by just one man, as we have just seen, can deal as much death as a mob of gunmen.

And that’s just one man who wants you dead. If there are a great number of people who have decided that you will die — then you are going to die.

This is the situation in which we in the West find ourselves today. Embedded in our societies are millions of others who hate us and want us to die. Most prominent among these are the non-White Middle Easterners, mostly Muslims, who are flowing into Europe and America and other White nations by the millions. The Tunisian truck killer of Nice, France, Mohamed Bouhlel, is just the latest example.

Bouhlel had a small armory of weapons with him, but didn’t use a single one. All he needed was a truck. He drove zig-zag through a crowd of Bastille Day celebrants two nights ago, hitting over 300 people, wounding over 200 and killing 84 people — including several children.

France has been under a state of emergency for this entire year, since another group of non-White invaders opened fire on French crowds in Paris just last November. France is almost in lockdown. It’s widely acknowledged to be a thoroughgoing surveillance state, even more so than the US. A British intelligence analyst, Annie Machon, says “nobody has any civil liberties in France.” Thanks to Edward Snowden, we know that the security services in all Western nations are drowning in oceans of private and personal information, including information on the contacts and communications of radical and criminal Muslims, but it does little good. Mohamed Bouhlel was well known to the local police as a criminal, but that also made no difference.

Miss Machon states that a majority of the many invaders who attack using low-tech weapons — such as trucks or swords or meat cleavers — were already known about beforehand by state intelligence agencies, but almost nothing is ever done with such information. She asks why these spy agencies are “not doing [their] job of protecting national security, if they have this information coming in, if these people who committing the atrocities are indeed known to the spies, why on earth are they not being prosecuted, why are they not being stopped, why are they not being taken in front of a trial judge and put in prison? That’s what an intelligence agency is supposed to do. They are supposed to get the preemptive intelligence to a crime that is about to be committed, and stop it. Why are they not doing it?”

I’ll tell you why they are not doing it. For one thing, there is a substantial faction among the Jewish elite who dominate our governments who do not want these attacks to stop. They want to create Syria-like chaos in our nations because that makes our nations internally weaker and easier to control — because such attacks lead to less and less freedom, and more and more centralized control and surveillance in the name of “security” — and because these attacks unite the peoples of the West against the visible Muslim enemy who is also the Jews’ enemy in the Middle East, and this makes foolish Westerners support war after war after war for Israeli dominance in that part of the world.

But the main reason they are not shutting down these attackers before they strike is that they simply cannot do so even if they want to under the current legal structure of our nations. That legal structure, which involves trial by jury, probable cause before even a search can be made, the right to remain silent, the right to representation and the right of appeal, and the need to convince a hard-headed prosecutor that you have a case that can be won in the first place — all this legal machinery evolved and was designed to work in a society made up of a specific kind of people, White Europeans, who have a certain kind of attitude toward life, a certain range of behaviors, and a certain crime rate. The legal systems of the West were not designed to deal with Third Worlders, with their life-is-cheap attitude and random violence and volatility — and they certainly weren’t designed to deal with violent Third Worlders united by a fanatical, fundamentalist religion that unites many of them into a virtual guerilla army, hundreds of thousands or millions strong, which has declared war on us.

And do not delude yourself that “most Muslims and Middle Easterners do not hate us.” True, some are more civilized than others. But how could they not hate us? We Americans have supplied the money, guns, bullets, missiles, aircraft, bombs, and helicopter gunships to Israel that have expelled millions from their homes, killed uncounted innocents for more than half a century, and condemned millions more to a life little better than living in an open-air concentration camp. We Americans enlisted and coerced other Western nations into doing the same, and joining us in brutally invading and occupying Middle Eastern nations which had never harmed us in even the slightest way.

The West, under Jewish control, is responsible for the deaths of at least two million Muslims since 1948. The vast majority of these deaths were civilian. From the creation of the State of Israel and subsequent ethnic cleansing to make room for Jews; to the First Gulf War and the associated genocidal blockade of Iraq (engineered and implemented under Jewess Madeleine Albright); to the second Gulf War; the invasion of Afghanistan; the engineered coups in Egypt and Libya; to the current drone warfare; more troops in Iraq; and the proxy war against Syria — the killing never seems to stop. We’ve been making war on them and killing them for decades.

You’re damned right they hate us — and for very good reasons. Muslims and other Arabs and Middle Easterners have seen their brothers and sisters and parents and children starved, driven into the wilderness, betrayed, lied to, bombed to death, burned alive, and tortured — by us. Or by others being paid by us. Now do you understand? Do you finally understand?

Do you finally see how all of these people — who we have foolishly allowed to enter our nations — form an army of righteous hate and anger, ready at the slightest opportunity to degrade us, to attack us, to dispossess us, to eradicate us, to do whatever is in their power to get back at us? Do you understand that they will teach their children and their children’s children what has been done to them? Do you understand that they regard us as a profoundly alien other? Do you understand that, in their culture and to their mentality, life is cheaper than it is to us, and that their religion teaches them that to give up their lives in the fight, when jihad has been declared, is a high virtue?

Do you understand that at current rates of invasion and births, they will come to dominate our countries soon by sheer numbers alone? Do you understand that even our police and our intelligence agencies — even if they were truly ours and not under the control of another and even more toxic Middle Eastern group, the Jews — are powerless to stop an army of millions, a society within a society, a nation within a nation? — are powerless to use the slow, cumbersome legal tools designed for Anglo-Saxon yeoman farmers on an implacable and ever-growing invasion force, the size of which dwarfs many nations’ entire populations? — (and most of whose millions are silently in agreement with jihad but have no traceable links to any organized groups, no paper trail, nothing but a burning hatred in their hearts and a determination that we must submit or die.)

Do substantial numbers of the Middle Eastern invaders flooding our lands want us dead? Yes they do, and their words and actions prove it. And the agitators and fanatics of the “Black Lives Matter” movement? And the Aztlan Mestizos who want us out of the Greater Mexico they are carving our of our Southwestern states? What do you think?

And the most wealthy and powerful ethnic group on planet Earth — the Jews, who engineered the opening of our borders; who enslave us with debt for our entire lives; who created the anti-morality that infects our people and makes them hate themselves; who control our media and pump anti-White propaganda into our homes every second of every day; who use our young people as cannon fodder to fight in their wars; who persuade our children that racial mixing is trendy and desirable and that perverse sexual deviancy is “normal”; who use all their power and influence to shut down, intimidate, and destroy anyone who speaks up for White interests — do you think it’s at all possible that they, too, want us dead?

What’s the answer?

Better “vetting” of Middle Eastern immigrants to make sure they don’t belong to any listed “terror groups,” as Donald Trump and others suggest? Preposterous. The “terror group” list will be out of date in six month’s time, and most will have no such ties anyway — and even the CIA can’t read minds.

“Integrating” Muslims and other invaders into our societies, and giving them more resources and power over us? Ask France how that’s working out.

Or should we follow the advice of the “conservatives” and start a new bombing campaign in the Middle East, killing as many of the Arabs and Muslims who are staying in their home countries as possible, engineering yet another coup and setting up a sure-to-be-hated puppet government, and then “making up” for all the death and carnage by inviting the survivors into our nations en masse? Isn’t that how we got into this situation in the first place?

None of that can possibly work. If we don’t want to lose our nations — if we don’t want to die in this war — we need to do two things:

First, we need to end all Western support for the murderous state of Israel, and cease immediately the aggressive wars, proxy wars, murder-by-drone campaigns, and coups we have been engaging in on behalf of the Zionist state. As the chaos and death recedes, so shall the migrant flood — and, in time, the justified hate against us. An exposure of how the West was manipulated and used by the Jewish power structure will redirect the anger to the parties who should bear most of the guilt.

Second — and most important — we need to define citizenship in our nations on a racial basis. No non-White can be allowed to be a citizen. Thus all — each and every one — of the racial aliens who hate us and want us dead can immediately be excluded from our society and kept at a safe distance. Those who refuse to leave will be treated as hostile foreign invaders and dealt with through military force — and not through the legal system.

The man who wants to kill us cannot do so if he is separated from us by an ocean. He, in fact, is very unlikely to do anything at all to us — especially if his presence in the White Republic would be instantly detected by the first person who set eyes on him.

These two necessary things are both things that the powerful Jewish minority doesn’t want us to do. But we must do those things — or die.

We, the men and women of the National Alliance, are organizing White Americans — and White Europeans wherever they reside — who are determined that we and our kind will live and will do the things that need to be done. I hope you’ll join us.

* * *

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