The ADL: Defamation Has Nothing To Do With It

jonathan_greenblattAmerican Dissident Voices broadcast of October 10, 2015

by Kevin Alfred Strom

“FIGHTING DEFAMATION” of Jews was the ostensible purpose of the ADL (original name “Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith”) when it was founded 102 years ago this month. But fighting defamation really had nothing to do with it. The purpose of the ADL, then as now, was to keep Gentiles — specifically, the host populations of those nations where Jews reside — under control. (ILLUSTRATION: Jonathan Greenblatt, current head of the ADL)

When the ADL was founded in 1913, the president of the Atlanta, Georgia B’nai B’rith, a Jewish sweatshop boss named Leo Frank, had just been convicted for the sex murder of 13-year-old Mary Phagan, one of his employees. Despite overwhelming evidence of Frank’s guilt, the Jewish power structure — financiers, press barons, underworld figures, and the B’nai B’rith itself — organized a massive advertising, editorial, bribery, pressure, and public relations campaign which attempted to reverse the jury’s verdict and set Frank free. They failed. But one of the things they did was create the ADL. Remember that: The ADL was founded to leverage Jewish money and influence to nullify and defeat a jury’s verdict and set a sex murderer free — because that sex murderer was a Jew. That, ladies and gentlemen, had nothing to do with “defamation” of Jews.

My Cambridge dictionary defines defamation as “damaging the reputation of a person or group by saying or writing bad things about them that are not true.”

The arrest and conviction of Leo Frank had nothing to do with defamation of Jews. It had nothing to do with Jews at all, the large population of which in Atlanta were utterly unmolested and undefamed.

But the Jewish campaign to free Leo Frank had as its basis the claim that the people of Atlanta and of the South generally were rabid, irrational, unreasoning bigots and Jew-haters and that this supposed “anti-Semitism” led them to prosecute and convict an innocent Jew. That claim is false — the truth is that the South then and now is the most pro-Jewish section of the United States. And that claim damages the reputation of Southerners. Therefore it was the ADL itself, from its very inception, that was engaging in defamation — the defamation of an entire people; a people they wished to intimidate, bully, and control.

Just this year, the ADL declared that the traditional Celtic cross, used by the Irish and other European peoples for millennia, is a “hate symbol.” What did that have to do with “defamation” of Jews? Exactly nothing. The purpose the of the ADL’s list of proscribed “hate symbols” is to intimidate and shame White people by demonizing any cultural symbol that might unite them or help them achieve a sense of shared identity. You may be sure that the Jews’ own cultural symbols — such as the menorah and the Star of David — are not on the “hate list,” despite the fact that they are often used by murderous gangs (like the Israeli “settlers” who drive families out of their homes so they can take over) and terrorists (like the Irgun bombers who helped found the state of Israel) and the assassins of the Mossad.

Just this week, Jonathan Greenblatt, the new ADL boss, called up Barack Obama and asked for an increase in the immigration of non-Whites from Syria into the United States, and also demanded more “action” to overthrow the government in Damascus, saying “We’re not telling the president how to do it, but we have a role to play in advocating that the U.S. increase its involvement in resolving this conflict.” What did that have to do with “defamation” of Jews? Nothing, absolutely nothing. But it had everything to do with using our dwindling wealth and the blood of our soldiers to invade a country which never did us any harm, overthrow its government, and set up a puppet regime that will be more friendly to the Jewish state. And it had everything to do with opening our borders even further, so that White Americans will continue to be displaced by non-Whites and our formerly orderly, civilized, advanced, and united society will be ripped apart by multiculturalism, violence, and chaos.

Just a month ago, the ADL called for the banning of writer and historian David Irving’s “Make Up Your Own Mind” history tours of Poland and Latvia. What did that have to do with the “defamation” of Jews? Nothing at all. But it had everything to do with muzzling and bankrupting Irving, who, as one of the very best researchers and investigators of the World War 2 era, has debunked or cast into serious doubt many of the exaggerated tales of Jewish losses during that war. The Jewish “holocaust” stories are a major source of funds and sympathy for Jewish groups and the state of Israel, and the guilt they induce in naive Whites is a major tool used to justify the mass invasion of formerly White nations and to demonize Whites who organize for White interests — “Oh, you say you want White people to survive… that’s just what the Nazis said, and you know where that leads!”

Just this August, the ADL launched what they called their “50 States Against Hate” initiative, through which they hope to pressure the five states which still do not have ADL-drafted “hate crime” laws on their books to cave in and enact such “laws.” What does that have to do with “defaming” Jews? Nothing whatever. But it has everything to do with intimidating Whites into keeping quiet about their dispossession and looming genocide. It pretty much says everything about the lavishly-funded ADL’s ability to control legislatures when you note that 45 states did enact such “laws” based on the ADL-written “model statute” handed to them along with a few hints about press coverage and campaign donations. Now they’re working on the remaining five states, and they’re not ashamed to use Leo Frank as the poster boy for their campaign.

What these “hate crime” laws do is create two tiers of citizens in this country, with a different set of laws and punishments for each tier. One tier is for people who do what their televisions tell them to do and never complain about the conversion of America into a Third World slum. The second tier is for White people who do want their race to survive and do oppose the non-White invasion. If a first-tier person is suspected of a crime, he will get the normal amount of police scrutiny and face the normal amount of punishment if convicted. But, under the ADL’s “hate crime” laws, a second-tier citizen suspected of exactly the same infraction will get vastly increased police scrutiny and suspicion, and face far higher sentences if convicted because the legal assumption will be that he was “motivated by hate.” The entire purpose of these ADL-created “laws” is to intimidate Whites into keeping their heads low and their mouths shut while their throats are being cut. “Defamation” of Jews has nothing to do with it — control of Whites and the silencing of dissent are the real motivations.

One the ADL’s pet projects recently has been the legalization of so-called “gay marriage” and the promotion of “equality” for sexual perverts in every sphere of life. The ADL was the main force behind a Jewish coalition that filed a pro-perversion amicus brief before the Supreme Court on the homosexual “marriage” issue. Vice President Joe Biden said that the ADL and other Jewish groups have “driven gay marriage changes” in the US. (He thought that was a wonderful thing, of course.) When the court decision went their way, the ADL even tweeted “love wins,” borrowing the homosexual slogan of the day. The ADL crowed that they were “on the right side of history.” What does all this have to do with “defamation” of Jews? Not a damned thing. What it has to do with is lowering the already suicidally-low birth rate of Whites, confusing young Whites about their sexuality and even their sexual identity, and enlisting impressionable and naive Whites to make so-called “gay rights” their cause du jour and the focus of their young lives. All of these things work together to reduce the number of those most undesirable things possible in this world, in their view: White children.

This becomes even more obvious when you look at the ADL’s strong support of the state of Israel, which is so pervasive and intense that it has led to repeated calls for the ADL to be required to register as the agent of a foreign government. In Israel, however, “gay marriage” is outlawed, and the ADL says nothing about it. In Israel, marriage between Jews and non-Jews is also forbidden, and the ADL says nothing about that, either. Guess being on “the right side of history” really means promoting and encouraging homosexuality, and other perversions of the sacred, in White countries — and opposing those same perversions in the Jewish state. It means promoting racial mixing on a genocidal scale in White countries — and demonizing, ostracizing, even criminalizing, those Whites who oppose it. But it means exactly the opposite in the Jewish state, where keeping Jewish blood pure is the categorical imperative.

What does the ADL’s decades-long push for disarming the American people have to do with fighting the “defamation” of Jews?

What does the ADL’s association with — and accepting money from — organized crime figures like Meyer Lansky and Moe Dalitz have to do with fighting the “defamation” of Jews?

When the Jews at the ADL lobbied state legislatures for “anti-paramilitary training” statutes to prevent the kind of citizens’ militias that the Founding Fathers supported and depended on, what did that have to do with fighting the “defamation” of Jews?

When the ADL was caught with thousands of stolen confidential police files and private personal information on thousands upon thousands of Americans of all political persuasions, what did that have to do with fighting the “defamation” of Jews?

When the ADL defames the German people with preposterous and long-debunked atrocity stories such as the canard about Germans manufacturing soap out of the corpses of murdered Jews, what does that have to do with fighting the “defamation” of Jews?

When the ADL was caught encouraging and soliciting the wiretapping of the phones of private citizens deemed to be “enemies,” what did that have to do with fighting the “defamation” of Jews?

When the ADL “No Place for Hate” program gains control of our children’s classrooms in hundreds of schools across the country and teaches our children that pride of race and heritage and culture — if they’re White — is the ultimate evil, what does that have to do with fighting the “defamation” of Jews?

When the ADL sponsors training seminars for police officers and FBI agents, teaching these hapless men in uniform that White Americans who have the impunity to want their race to survive, as Jefferson and even Lincoln indubitably did, are evil terrorists who deserve special law enforcement attention, what does that have to do with fighting the “defamation” of Jews?

When the ADL sends law enforcers and Congressmen on all-expenses-paid “fact finding” trips to the human-trafficking capital of the world, Israel, for indoctrination or “training,” where who knows what really happens or how many shekels change hands, what does that have to do with fighting the “defamation” of Jews?

The answer, of course, is that none of these things had anything to do with fighting the “defamation” of Jews, and everything to do with controlling White people, terrorizing White people, corrupting the political and judicial systems of White people, intimidating White people, destroying the pride and cohesion of White people, shaming White people, capturing the minds of the children of White people and turning them against their own kind, making it difficult or impossible for White people to organize in any way for their own interests or defense, and doing everything possible to lower the birth rate of White people so that our hated race will, one day soon they hope, pass forever from the Earth.

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