Moving Forward

National_Alliance_BULLETIN_December-2014American Dissident Voices broadcast of January 31, 2015

by Kevin Alfred Strom

SOMETHING SPECIAL is happening right now high in the mountains that Dr. William Pierce loved. For the first time in many, many months — years, really — people are gathered in the Life-Rune-crowned building where I worked for so long. Neglected infrastructure is being repaired. An inventory is being made. The power is on again, first in the main building, then in others. Living quarters are being made fit for habitation again. And, sitting around a table, as I and Dr. Pierce and Will Williams and others did so many hundreds of times, a group of Alliance comrades has gathered, and envelopes are being addressed and filled with a brand new edition of the National Alliance BULLETIN, the internal newsletter of our organization — and members will be getting them in the mail soon.

Last month we revamped and modernized our main Web site — — and ever since then, letters and inquiries have been ramping up. Let me share a few of those with you today.

Norman Lowell, of Malta, friend of William Pierce and leader of Imperium Europa, writes: “I wish you well, always.”

Rex O. writes: “Outstanding website. Beautifully done. Congratulations to all concerned.”

William M. writes: “Kevin…I just found your radio shows last week. After 11 months. I thought you’d simply retreated into enjoying beauty from now on after what you went through. Also I didn’t know about the National Vanguard site. Sorry for being so oblivious! Listening to your shows starting from last winter. Am up to June now. Excellent! Thank you very much.”

Luke I. writes: “I am a passionate National Socialist residing in the Commonwealth nation of New Zealand. I would like to volunteer my services to this organisation, as well as to enquire about joining. I would be able to distribute flyers and leaflets here in my local area, where a large number of citizens are becoming gradually dissatisfied with the political situation — in particular the issue of mass immigration and the Islamification of our culture.”

Luke, thank you for your offer of help. You can join the National Alliance via the “Join Us” link at We’ll keep all members apprised of our needs and our progress through our monthly BULLETIN.

Roger H. writes: “Like you, I have a strong sense of White ethnic identity, which I want to preserve and cultivate. However, I think that if we are to be successful in this endeavour, it is imperative that we pursue it in friendly cooperation with other races and those of mixed race. For too long we have allowed the state to deceitfully pose as our nation. Peacefully, legally and respectfully, we need to start organising OURSELVES (into genuine tribes and nations of our own free choice, within the framework of existing states) instead of leaving it to state and capital to do for us. But as I say, it HAS to be in friendly cooperation with other races. We can’t achieve it on our own.”

Roger, I appreciate your letter. I am the author of what I call the Maxim of Self-Determination, which states that “Every people which considers itself to be a people should, to the maximum extent possible, live under its own government.” While I do believe that a modus vivendi can be and ought to be achieved with other nations and races, possibly on the basis of the Maxim, and while I don’t believe in harming or antagonizing anyone unnecessarily, I also don’t believe that we can expect their help, especially at this stage in our struggle. Yes, the more aware members of every race and nation are coming to an understanding of the Jewish question more and more with each passing year. That’s a very encouraging trend. But they, in accord with the eternal laws of Life, must put the interests of their people first. And so must we put our people’s interests first. The other races living in their own homelands may have an interest in Whites throwing off the yoke of the Jewish power structure, true. But those which have been imported into or who are invading our homelands have interests diametrically opposed to ours in almost every way, and we can expect nothing good from them — and, until we Whites gain racial self-respect in significant numbers, we’re only going to receive their well-deserved contempt.

As for your statement that “for too long we have allowed the state to deceitfully pose as our nation” — you have a good point. The regime in Washington is no longer the legitimate government of our nation. We have become, like the Kurds, a people — a nation — without a state, without its own government. And a people without its own government is poised for extinction.

Nicodemus from Portugal writes: “I’m a identitarian (racialist) computer scientist from Portugal.

“Your organization, the National Alliance (NA), is the one I identify the most with in the whole world…. Unlike most European forms of nationalism (which are mostly ethnic), the NA is purely racial-nationalist and supports the political unification of all European peoples of the world. I find this idea very attractive not only from a romantic point of view, but also because I think it is absolutely necessary in the world of the future (that of great civilizational blocs). Here in Europe only some identitarian organizations support this, and even those often restrict themselves to the unification of the European continent only.

“…I have interest in the Western form of spiritual evolution, and because of that I plan to live permanently in USA several years from now. …I hope at that time to participate in your organization and help you create a powerful political and metapolitical force capable of taking advantage of the coming economic collapse.

“I just want you to ask a few questions to confirm some issues that are important to me.

“Do you still support the political unification of all European peoples of the world like the original NA? Do you consider all European natives as part of the European race?”

Nicodemus, you raise some important questions. To take your last question first, yes we do. As William Pierce put it once when discussing qualifications for membership in the National Alliance: “Race counts; not nationality.” Has every branch of the White race, from Malta to Bergen, from Porto to Vladivostok and beyond, taken part in its struggles, its evolution, its culture, and its greatness? Yes. Does every European and European-derived nation have some individuals and bloodlines of low quality, and stand in need of a thoroughgoing upbreeding and eugenics program? Yes. Does every European and European-derived nation also have within its ranks men and women of high racial quality, creativity, genius, and the will and capacity to live as noble White men and women in a racially progressive society of the future — and fight for the right to so live? Yes, absolutely. The White race of the future will be molded by a new kind of evolution, molded in the struggle against those who are trying to exterminate us. Those with the will and ability to survive in these darkening times, and live proudly as White men and women — those who will succeed at community- and organization-building and then nation- and civilization-building: These will form the White race of the future. I predict that these select progenitors of tomorrow’s White race will not be drawn from one nation, or region, or sub-race alone. They will be drawn from those who hear our message, find that it resonates in their race-soul, and then do what has to be done. The thing that concerns me most at this moment is making sure that all these men and women do hear our message, do come to a new understanding of their place in the Universe, and do make our cause the most important thing in their scale of values. Think of the motto which Dr. Pierce chose for the National Vanguard logotype: Toward a New Consciousness; a New Order; a New People. If we succeed, we will become that new people.

As for the political unification of all peoples of European descent: That is implicit, though not explicit, in the National Alliance Membership Handbook, which everyone who joins the Alliance will receive as a member. Ultimately, we need a racial outlook and unbreakable unity that only a confederation of White societies can provide. But, although we at the National Alliance “think big” — no one thinks bigger than we do — we also don’t like to make grandiose statements, or act like we have powers that we don’t yet have. The people of quality who we’d like to attract are intelligent, discerning people. Realistic people. People who respect seriousness in others, and demand seriousness from us.

So I’m not announcing a plan for the National Alliance to form a pan-European state, or publishing a map showing where the superstate’s borders will lie. We concentrate now on recruiting the cadres that can make our organization grow, and make it stronger with each passing year. We don’t know what the future will bring, even though we’re determined to impose our will upon it as much as circumstances and our abilities allow. This is going to be a long struggle. We need to ensure that we’ll be around and growing as the generations pass. We need to be self-sustaining and survive. We need to build a community, locally, then on a national and continental scale. It’s not yet time to predict how the struggle will unfold — which nations and regions will emerge on the side of our people’s survival, and which will be opposed, what White communities will have formed within those regions, and the compatibility of their ideologies.

But should Whites worldwide, ideally, be united in a new and unshakable belief system that teaches that our survival and advancement are the essence and definition of morality and the very reason for our lives on Earth? Should we be associated for the defense of our racial homelands in a union so strong that no one dare threaten us? Yes — absolutely yes.

D. Williams writes: “You’re at the height of your powers. Keep blasting.”

Sam U. writes: “You have offered new hope for us all. I am a retired scientist (PhD-Chemistry) and I married late in life… I have two young adult boys — twins — and I saw no future for them or their descendants — just a dark, meaningless, directionless chaotic world full of the worst creatures that human biology could spew out. Things in Australia are bad and they are getting worse – multiculturalism, diversity and race-mixing are destroying our continent and no one seems to care. Academics do not care, teachers do not care, politicians do not care, church leaders do not care and sadly, many of our people – White people – do not care.

“For over a year I was putting together (on my computer) all the broadcast’ that Dr. Pierce ever gave, along with transcripts of the broadcasts. I also have copies of some of Dr. Revilo Oliver’s work – as much as I could find available for download on the Internet. My children and I have listened to them all and we have discussed the significance of the broadcasts as far as White people are concerned. I am happy to say that as individuals and as a family we are very race aware. We are equally Jew aware too.

“I have had no personal experience with Congoids in Australia but I have had plenty of exposure to Australian Aboriginals (Australoids) – in our major cities and in their natural habitat – the Australian bush.

“I started my scientific career many years ago as a Forensic Chemist with the Australian Government, but became disillusioned with government and when the opportunity arose I left. After a short break of about a year I started working for the mining industry in Western Australia (WA) managing gold assay laboratories. My first assignment was managing a gold assay laboratory in the town of Wiluna…

“My time in Wiluna gave me an opportunity to see Australian Aboriginals (Australoids) in their natural habitat, and what I saw would read like Hesketh Pritchard’s book, ‘Where black rules White’ but in my case a more appropriate title would be ‘Where black fools white; A journey in and about Central Western Australia.’…

“When I first started working in Wiluna I would often hear my workers speak of a nearby Kmart. This puzzled me! To my knowledge the closest Kmart was in the town of Kalgoorlie some 600 km to the south of Wiluna – certainly not nearby by any definition of distance. So where was this local Kmart? My curiosity had been aroused and I had to see it, but I needed to know why it was called Kmart. One of my workers told me – ‘you know – if you need something to build with you go to Kmart to get it.’ The Kmart in question was a town built exclusively for Aboriginals (Australoids) by the West Australian Government some 60 km south of Wiluna. It was nicknamed Kmart because if anyone in the area needed hardware such as wood, window glass or plumbing – they would go to Kmart to get it.

“Kmart was a town consisting of professionally built 3-bedroom houses, a small shopping centre, recreational centre, bituminized roads, concrete footpaths, electricity, phone lines and sewerage – in short – a pre-made town just waiting for occupants. However the targeted occupants did not want it. When the Aboriginal elders saw the town they claimed that it had bad spirits. I do not know how much the government spent on this exercise in stupidity but based on 1997 housing prices the whole town would have cost the taxpayer of WA at least 30 million Australian dollars. I did make a few inquiries back in 1999 when I was in the capital of WA, Perth, but no one in government knew what I was talking about. I said you know – the town built for aboriginals between Wiluna and Leonora. The usual response was – what town? By late 2000 the town had been sold, and completely dismantled. There are no signs that a town ever existed at the site.

“I always maintained that the aboriginals rejected Kmart not because of the presence of bad spirits but rather the absence of spirits. The government forgot to build a pub (bar) and Wiluna was too far away to walk to the pub every day.

“Many White people blame the consumption of alcohol and the general drunkenness of Australian Aboriginals on Whites. The usual accusation is that the White man introduced the Black man to ‘grog’ – grog being the local slang for booze. But when you have lived in towns like Wiluna with a large Australoid population – as I have done you know the real answer – it is in their nature. They are impulsive and live for the moment. Grog gives them that immediate ‘high’ and they never reflect on the consequences of their alcohol consumption on themselves, on their family or on their community. ‘Consequence’ is a word as alien to them as the word ‘truth’ is alien to the Jew.

“I am so happy that the Alliance has risen from the ashes, much like the proverbial phoenix. …Again, I really enjoyed your broadcast. Kind Regards.”

As I told you at the beginning of today’s broadcast, the lights are being turned on again on Dr. Pierce’s mountain. Looking down upon the Earth, the lights winking on down there must look like new stars, a new, growing constellation. With will and determination, and with your absolutely necessary help, let us make that new constellation into a supernova that will sweep away the old, the rotten, and the false  — and establish a whole new order upon this Earth.

* * *

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