The Narrow Bridge

breker_flora-divinitybreker_flora-divinityAmerican Dissident Voices broadcast of May 24, 2014

by Kevin Alfred Strom

WHICH WAY will it be, Western Man? Will it be upward to a future of light, of undreamed-of advances, toward a pinnacle of civilization beyond anything we can imagine, toward a destiny in the stars? Or downward toward a Black abyss, an Afro-world of degradation, of drugged unconsciousness, of weak, undeveloped men on the road to extinction, of outrages upon our women and children?

Today I show you the path we are on now: I show you a White girl who believed her teachers and the churches and the controlled media, and who engaged in a sexual relationship with a Black male — and paid for it with her life. Today I show you two White women walking the streets of once-White and once-safe Minneapolis, Minnesota who were stalked, then robbed and choked and stabbed by a Black assailant who is still at large, and major media remain silent on the race of the attacker. That is the downward path. That is the abyss.

Today I also show you another way, a better way: a way of upward evolution and advancement so revolutionary that it will make all human progress to date appear to be but the first note in the most marvelous symphony you have ever heard or imagined. Today I give you hope. Today I show you the upward path.

* * *

WE OF EUROPEAN RACE stand on a narrow bridge. Ahead of us, a slender, precarious path leads upward, ever more steeply, into brilliant light. It is no wider than a footstep. The slightest slip and we will fall into the infinitely deep abyss that lies on either side. One misstep means death. And we cannot retreat backwards. The way is blocked; we can never retreat, for that is to attempt to live in the past. The ocean of Time rises relentlessly beneath us. To retreat, or stand still, also brings death. We mount unto ever more giddying heights, or we die.

We have ascended far, so far that we can see only dimly the beginnings of our journey. For three billion years, and more, we have ascended the upward path of evolving Life. The sacrifices and struggles of our forebears in ages past, known and unknown, counted and uncounted, human and pre-human, have led us here. We are the survivors, the descendants of those who trod this path up to this point, before we were born, and who did not fail to advance.

And on this dangerously narrow bridge to the Divine, to that which is beyond Man — on this slender, dangerous upward path — we have lost our balance. Our feet are slipping, and we are one moment away from falling from the heights to the depths — from boundless Life, unimaginable power, and an infinite future, to degradation, death, and disappearance forever from this Universe. We have one second. One second to right ourselves and stop the fall which has already begun. One second before we plunge into the maw of the Eternal Unknown, and die utterly forgotten, non-existent, as if we and all our loved ones and all our ancestors had never lived at all.

If we fall, the abyss will claim us and we will die. But as we die, we will suffer. I give you the abyss:

* * *

Aaron Byers and Hannah Bickley
Aaron Byers and Hannah Bickley

Hannah Bickley was a Shelby, North Carolina high school senior about to graduate and who’d just gotten a job at Waffle House. A pretty White girl with an engaging smile who wanted to be a nurse so she could “help people,” Hannah was like many White girls these days who listen to the Black-oriented “pop music” produced by the Jewish music companies, who watch the Hollywood movies glorifying “masculine” Black men and demonizing “racist” White men, and who listen with innocent ears to the preachers and the teachers telling her over and over again that “racism” — that is, believing that the races are not equal, believing that our race deserves to survive, or believing that racial mixing is wrong — is one of the most “evil” things on this planet. Hannah Bickley listened — and she succumbed.

When she was sixteen she began “dating” an adult Black male — and member of the criminal Black gang called the “Bloods” — by the name of Aaron Byers. I have enough knowledge of the sick, seamy side of this world to know that a White girl “dating” such a creature has little in common with what dating means to most of my listeners. It’s usually not holding hands and getting to know each other; and not romance. White women recruited into the nether-world of Black gangbangers are not treated well. They are abused, they are purposely hooked on drugs, they are sexually used in the most sickening ways imaginable, they are “passed around” at crack houses while half conscious, beaten if they refuse, and treated like pieces of rotten meat — and, if they live long enough, they end up hating themselves so much that they often commit suicide.

At the age of 19, Aaron Byers had felony convictions on his record for a string of 14 gang-related break-ins and robberies. Hannah’s family tried to keep the two apart. Bickley’s uncle said “We did everything we could to try to get some separation between those two.” But it did no good. Byers was seen with Hannah again and again, even at her home. Then teenaged Hannah was caught in a drug bust along with Aaron Byers and she was only able to escape felony prosecution by agreeing to a court order forbidding her to associate with him. But that made no difference. Hannah Bickley had herself tattooed with Aaron Byers’ name. A neighbor of Bickley’s said Byers and Hannah Bickley were seen publicly “kissing and hugging on each other every time I saw them.” Then, almost one year into their “relationship” — just two weeks ago today — Aaron Byers shot and killed Hannah Bickley during a botched robbery attempt in which she was probably participating.

As we die, as we slip into the abyss, we will suffer.

Alex Maple, right, and her heroic roommate [photo: NBC]
Alex Maple, right, and her heroic roommate [photo: NBC]
Earlier this month, in what was formerly a near-idyllic city of beautiful, intelligent people and low crime — Minneapolis, Minnesota — two young White women, University of Minnesota roommates, were crossing the Hennepin Avenue bridge. I’ve been there myself. Alex Maple and her roommate passed by a heavy-set Black male dressed in dark-colored “sweats” going in the opposite direction. His image was caught on a surveillance video passing Alex and her friend, stopping for a moment, then turning around and following them. One minute later, the Black had grabbed Alex’s friend, wrapping his arm around her chest and putting a knife to her throat, demanding all their cash. They handed over their money. But the cash wasn’t enough; the Black wanted more. He stabbed Maple’s friend in the back, puncturing her lung.

The Black then turned on Alex Maple, stabbing her in the arm and severing her brachial artery. She bled profusely. A passerby frightened the Black and, apparently fearing discovery or capture, he fled. Alex’s roommate saved her life, despite the fact that she had been stabbed and had a punctured lung herself, by ripping off her shirt and using it as a tourniquet to stop the bleeding. Unlike some victims of Black crime, both women survived the attack and are recovering in the hospital. Alex Maple suffered nerve damage in addition to her severed artery and, according to her family, is now “having trouble moving her fingers.”

The Black attacker has not been caught. A full description, widely disseminated to the public, might help find him and stop him from attacking again. But, with one single exception that I have found, the largely Jewish-controlled media in Minneapolis have not even uttered the word “Black” in connection with this crime. And, needless to say, the national news media, dominated by the same Tribe, have not seen fit to publicize this crime at all.

The media corporations, in their local stories, had no problem describing the area where the attack took place in great detail. Despite a string of robberies of smart phones in the area — despite an alleyway attack and a sandwich shop robbery in just the last few weeks very close to the spot where Alex Maple almost died, the media had no trouble describing the neighborhood as “good” and “safe.” I guess the standards for “safe” have changed a lot in Minneapolis since I was there.

When the races are reversed — when a White man or woman attacks a Black — the media’s reaction is quite different. If a White man or woman even dares to say an insulting synonym for “Negro” in a public place, it is grounds for a shrieking media frenzy centered on race, sometimes of national proportions, lasting for weeks, and culminating in a public call that he or she be dismissed and stripped of property, honors, and reputation. But the near-death ordeal of Alex Maple and her roommate at the hands of a Black attacker? Barely a breath of a mention of the race of the attacker. Because he is Black. Because his victims are White. Mentioning his race might give White people the wrong idea.

But the good news is that a growing number of White people already have the “wrong ideas.” By “wrong ideas” I mean the right ideas. The idea that the media lie about race. The idea that the races are very different. The idea that multiracialism is killing us.

In the comments areas of the Web sites of these media outlets — at least the ones who haven’t recently closed or censored their comments sections — we sometimes get to see what the people really think. And awareness is growing. It’s heartening to see remarks on the Hennepin Avenue attack such as these:

On a site where, like most, no description of the race of attacker was given, a commenter remarked: “Description of the perp? Or can we make an educated guess?”

Another, even more ironic: “Huh… I wonder what ethnicity the perpetrator was? I guess we may never know.”

Another: “[The police] said a ‘heavy-set black male.’ I suppose now someone will complain because police said the man’s color. Wasn’t there a complaint about that a while back because it is racial profiling when police say the color.”

Another commenter: “Enjoying that diversity yet?”

And another: “…New York City Bloods …gang members cut random people with razor blade and call it a ‘Buck Fifty’ meaning a cut that requires 150 stitches. All the more reason to get a conceal carry license. Or at least carry a knife. …Black people should be given a choice, prison or live in an enclosed area, like in the movie Escape from New York. This would ease the overcrowded prisons and let them be responsible for their murderous behavior.”

Another: “Please understand, please be tolerant. He was just trying to turn his life around… LOL!”

More comments:

“Shocking, they don’t even state the truth that the thing that did this is a fat black male. How dare they not give all the information that they know? Blacks are getting sicker and prey on non-blacks. They will kill for no reason.”

“It’s called an ethnic conflict model, the elite want racial conflict at the bottom in order to make the top more secure. All immigration to Minnesota should have been halted years ago. Why Are Minnesota and Sweden targeted for ethnic genocide by importing thousands of Somalis? Anti-racist is just a codeword for anti-white.”

Followed by: “It would certainly seem that way. I agree with you.”

“How long will humans sit back passively while wild jungle beasts wage a one-sided genocide on whites? War on Terror? The terrorists are the savages infesting every U.S. city. The War is here and now.”

“I’ve been in Minneapolis, and truth be told… it’s nationally known as “Murderapolis” for a reason. Although no one was murdered, it certainly was intended. Avoid this city, unless you’re carrying, at all costs. My friend since childhood, for instance, lived in a ‘safe’ part of the city, and on the sidewalk in front of his home, a person was shot in plain view ‘execution style.’ Not. Even. Joking.”

Even: “Avoid The Groid…”

“Move on folks, nothing new here. Black male involved in a stabbing.”

On the killing of Hannah Bickley by her Black “boyfriend,” the commenters were almost as frank: “Yes, what can you say? The Velcro hair people.” And “What have these thugs contributed to society that makes them so elite that other races have to watch their every word so as to not offend them?”

There is an awakening. Growing numbers of our people are aware of the racial problem, and more and more of them refuse to censor themselves any longer. Many controlled media sites have closed their comments sections for that very reason.

Our duty is to show them the solution, and the solution is not to fantasize about “restoring the Constitution” or returning to the past and a “business as usual” White America circa 1965. Neither of those things is ever going to happen. The solution is recognizing the enemy, he whose money and power forced multiracialism on America and the West. The solution is knowing who we are. The solution is organizing ourselves in a racially conscious biological and spiritual community. More than anything else, the solution is taking the upward path of evolution once again.

* * *

At about the same time that Alex Maple was bleeding on the streets of Minneapolis and Hannah Bickley was being outraged and then killed, White scientists at Galactic Suite Design in Europe were designing what may become the first private robotic vehicle to explore the surface of another world. Other White scientists were, almost at that same moment, discovering, detecting, and decoding primordial gravitational waves, actual signals from the very beginning of time. It’s a very different world in the places where selection for intelligence and ability rule. In Europe, America, and throughout the formerly White world, such selective environments are still very, very White indeed. And full of amazing accomplishment. Thoughtful minds on the bloody streets are starting to wonder why our whole society can’t be selective too, as it once was.

And, as our feet stumble and some of us fall bloodied into the abyss, other White minds are unlocking the secrets of the genetic code that makes us what we are, and ultimately gives us more power to ascend that upward path than any generation that has come before.

Because now the narrow bridge — the narrow upward path — we have been climbing turns sharply upward. Now we have the power to direct our own evolution. Now we have the power not only to stop our fall into the abyss, but to achieve, in a few centuries, what took blind Nature a million years or more to do. Now stand before us high lands we have never seen before, and achievements so startling and knowledge so extensive that all of our advancement so far — since the dawn of humankind — is in comparison just a first baby step.

That is what the White people who are just beginning their awakening, just beginning to glimpse the abyss need to know. They need not only to see the abyss below. They need to see the light above. And teaching that truth — and refusing to compromise it — is the mission and the duty of the National Alliance.

The real word of God is not ancient Hebrew scriptures. Pythagoras was right. William Pierce was right. The real word of God is mathematics, physics, and genetics. And the greatest of these is genetics. The double spiral of our DNA is the stairway to the stars.

* * *

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