Telling the Truth


American Dissident Voices broadcast of May 17, 2014

by Kevin Alfred Strom

TODAY I’ll speak to you about two very different reports which, despite the intentions of their creators, tell us some very revealing things about the Jewish power structure that currently dominates the West. The first is the worldwide survey called the “ADL Global 100” issued a few days ago by the Jewish Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the purpose of which is to alarm wealthy Jewish donors (and “right thinking” Gentiles) about the massive amount of “anti-Semitism” that pervades virtually the entire world. (ILLUSTRATION: This map published by the ADL purports to show the percentage of “anti-Semites” among the populations polled in various regions of the world — on the left is the number of people in the nations surveyed, a little over four billion; on the right is the number of “those harboring anti-Semitic attitudes,” over one billion, more than a quarter of the total; click for higher resolution. [source: NBC News])

The second report I’ll be talking about today is the statistical compilation of “extremist terror attacks” put out by the United States National Counterterrorism Center (NCC), the creators of which doubtless would like us all to give more power to the regime in Washington to protect us from all this “extremist terror.” But the NCC statistics show us something that their creators didn’t intend and which the ADL and other organized Jewish groups would prefer remain hidden.

* * *

The ADL commissioned a polling firm to ask residents of 102 countries around the world — interestingly, excluding Israel — if they agreed with a series of 11 statements based, they say, on “negative stereotypes about Jews.” (For the moment I’ll leave aside the astounding fact that no other people on Earth except the Jews polls the world to find out how much people hate them.)

If a person said he agreed with six or more of the statements, he was classed as an “anti-Semite.” If he agreed with five or four or none, he was not considered “anti-Semitic.”

That this is a deeply flawed methodology is obvious.

A particular country might in theory, for example, have 100 per cent. of its citizens, millions of people, absolutely agreeing with the five arguably most crucial statements on the list — that “Jews are more loyal to Israel than to the countries they live in” — that Jews “have too much control over global affairs” — that “Jews have too much control over the global media” — that “Jews have too much power in the business world” — and that “Jews have too much control over the United States government” — but if none of those millions of people, even if they act in accord with their beliefs and oppose Jewish power at every turn, believe in the other six statements, they would still not be classified by the ADL as anti-Jewish. In fact, that country would be classed by this poll as the least “anti-Semitic” country on Earth. The ADL’s evaluation of “anti-Jewish, or not” is absolutely binary with a hard-edged threshold — and that just doesn’t give a very realistic reflection of a complex and nuanced reality.

(The remaining six statements are as follows: “Jews have too much power in international financial markets” — “Jews think they are better than other people” — “Jews are responsible for most of the world’s wars” — “Jews have too much power in the business world” — “Jews don’t care what happens to anyone but their own kind” — “People hate Jews because of the way Jews behave” — and “Jews still talk too much about what happened to them in the Holocaust.” I’ll leave others to demonstrate that these statements are mostly — and obviously — true from every perspective except the Jewish one.)

Their flawed methodology is, I think, reflective of the psychological nature of organized Jews, in three very different ways. For one thing, there is no grey area, as they see it. You are either for them or against them. And that binary choice is all-important. When they are looking at people, second only to the question “is he or she a Jew” is whether or not a given person is “for us or against us” — and there is no middle ground. All of us have to be sorted into one bin or the other.

Secondly, why was Israel excluded from the poll? Surely the ADL’s access to facilities and institutions in Israel would be almost unlimited. The cooperation of the government there would be assured. Certainly, polling Israeli citizens would be an opportunity to show the unity of Jews in dispelling “anti-Semitic” stereotypes and to showcase the fact that non-Jewish residents of Israel, who have the closest and most frequent contact with Jews anywhere this side of Wall Street and Hollywood, were also among the least anti-Jewish people in the world. The bosses at the ADL must have had a sneaking suspicion that there were enough maverick Jews (not unlike Benjamin Freedman or Brother Nathaneal) who would agree with the 11 statements to embarrass them. And I suspect they know with near certainty that non-Jewish residents of Israel would agree — probably more enthusiastically than anyone anywhere — with the “evil eleven” statements. And all of that would be most embarrassing.

The third and most revealing fact is that the poll is clearly designed to underestimate the hatred of Jews they purport to highlight. And this is most strange, coming from an organization whose cash flow is dependent on Jewish fears. I know my example above of the country whose citizens agreed with all five — but only five — of the most crucial statements about Jews in the poll is clearly only hypothetical. No such country exists. But, equally clearly, it would be more realistic if the pollsters categorized anyone who agreed with even three of these statements — or perhaps even just one, the one that states “Jews are more loyal to Israel than to the countries they live in” — as one who is wise to the difference between Jews and the other citizens of his nation, and the dangers that entails. That awareness is what the Jewish power structure is really worried about. That awareness is what they call “hate” and “anti-Semitism.” It is that awareness which this poll really measures.

If you measure awareness of the Jewish question by that standard, the numbers change dramatically. In the Americas, 38 per cent. of the people polled know that Jews give their primary loyalty to the Jewish state, versus the 19 per cent. “anti-Semitic” rating given to that region in the poll. In Western Europe, that awareness is an amazing 45 per cent. In Asia, that awareness is 37 per cent. Worldwide it is 41 per cent.

Another interesting fact brought out by this poll is that, worldwide, fully one third of those who are aware of the alleged Jewish “Holocaust” during World War 2 believe that it is either a myth or has been greatly exaggerated. This affirmation, which implies that the Jewish power structure is engaged in lying on a massive scale, is also an indicator of awareness of the nature of Jewish power.

So I think that there are two very different interpretations of the “ADL Global 100” abroad in the land this week.

The interpretation in the press releases and the puff pieces in the Jewish-controlled media is that of “great danger” and the need to help the ADL fight “global anti-Semitism” so that the 26 per cent. who “believe in Jewish stereotypes” can be “educated” by ADL-sponsored “tolerance” and “Holocaust” seminars and the like. We, the “good” 74 per cent. of the world’s people, must “join together” to educate the benighted, ignorant 26 per cent.

The interpretation behind closed doors at the organized Jewish groups, I believe, is much more grim. In almost every region of the Earth, between a third and a half of the people are aware of Jewish ethnocentrism, Jewish power, and Jewish lies. At some level, they see behind the mask.

Most interesting is the case of Greece. No modern nation, with the possible exceptions of Russia and Germany, has been more viciously raped by the mostly-Jewish vultures of international finance than Greece. Its economy is in a shambles, its people out of work, its assets stripped, its bought politicians totally subservient to Israel and the bankers, its heritage imperiled by the massive non-White immigration promoted by Jewish organizations, its entire future mortgaged to the financiers by the crippling “debt” they created with the stroke of a pen. Through real hardship the Greek people are learning what “democracy” and multiculturalism and debt money and “aid” really mean. And, even by the hard-to-attain six out of eleven ADL standard, 69 per cent. of Greeks — more than two thirds! — are aware of the Jewish connection, see the Jews as the self-interested and predatory group they really are, and, as evidenced by the continued success of the Golden Dawn in that country, are starting to do something about it. And that, I believe, is a real sign of hope — as are many of the implications of the “ADL Global 100.”

Take heart. Awareness is growing. The blows we are bearing as a people, as a race, will awaken us long before they kill us. We can take back our countries.

* * *

OVER THE YEARS, the ADL and SPLC and other Jewish race-hustler groups garnered many hundreds of millions of dollars by claiming that “violent White racists” and “neo-Nazis” are a large, looming, and imminent threat to the safety and well-being of ordinary citizens. Endless articles, “studies,” novels, television programs, and films have been devoted to the subject. Millions of those donated dollars were spent by the Jewish groups “educating” secret police and other law enforcement officers about this massive “White racist extremist” threat. Innumerable lives were ruined by politically-motivated false prosecutions of advocates of White self-determination.  But a government agency created largely by Jewish neocons proves that this threat never existed.

The U.S. National Counterterrorism Center (NCC) was created in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, at the same time as the Patriot Act ushered in innumerable extensions of Washington’s power over our lives in the name of “national security.” Until April 2012, the NCC operated a publicly-available database of terror incidents and perpetrators around the world, called the Worldwide Incidents Tracking System, or WITS.

In November 2010, journalists accessed the database and published some of the results. For those of you reading the text version of this broadcast on National Vanguard, I’ll upload an image taken directly from the NCC database, which shows the perpetrators of every violent terrorist incident known to the NCC from January 1, 2001 to October 31, 2010. You can click on the image to see a larger, easier to read version.

Results from the Worldwide Incidents Tracking System
Results from the Worldwide Incidents Tracking System

The perpetrators of these acts of violence are grouped under the following categories: Christian extremist; environmental/anti-globalization; Hindu extremist; three different categories of Islamic extremist; Jewish extremist; neo-Nazi/fascist/White supremacist; other religious extremist; secular/political/anarchist; tribal/clan/ethnic; and unknown.

According to the NCC database, only four people were killed in terrorist attacks categorized as “neo-Nazi/fascist/White supremacist” since 2001. One of these murders was committed by a group called the Turkish “Grey Wolves” which were classified as “fascist” despite the fact that the Muslim and largely non-White Turks really belong in another category.

The total deaths attributed to terrorism by the NCC during that period:104,000. 40,000 of these murders were committed by Islamic extremists. 15,000 by anarchists and the like. And by White racists — three.

(By the way, a little more than a year after these figures were released, public access to the NCC database was terminated.)

Looking at the total number of terror attacks, fatal and non-fatal, by “neo-Nazi/fascist/White supremacists” (who could, I suppose, be called “White extremists”), the number is six. (And that includes the “Grey Wolves” attack.) The total number of such attacks by Jewish extremists is 52. And there are a lot more Whites than there are Jews in the world.

If there are, say, one billion White people in the world, that is a terror attack rate of 6 per billion. “Jewish extremists,” on the other hand, committed 52 attacks in the same period of time. If there are 15 million Jews worldwide (.015 billion), then the Jewish rate of extremist attacks is 52 times the inverse of .015, or 52 times 67, which comes to 3,467 per billion. Thus the Jewish rate of extremist attacks is 578 times the White rate.

578 times. This figure speaks for itself.

Yes, this figure — and the inversion of reality presented in the Jewish-controlled media on the same subject — speaks for itself on the subject of Jewish attitudes and psychology, even more profoundly than the ADL’s poll does. Yes, the Greeks and others who comprise that billion-strong army of awareness are right. Jews are different. Their interests are not our interests. And that’s the most important thing you need to know right now.

* * *

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