More Evidence of My Innocence

by Kevin Alfred Strom

THERE IS CURRENTLY an obsessed Internet gossip, famous not only for a fairly literate pro-White science fiction book he wrote a decade ago (which I reviewed positively) but also for the sheer number of his false IDs and conversations with himself in online forums and comment areas, who has been huffing and puffing everywhere he can find a mention of my name and recent work, warning everyone about the extreme danger of “allowing Kevin Strom back into the movement.”

Age, aspartame, alcohol, or acute loneliness may be to blame for his progression from the apparent naïveté of claiming that plea deals in the corrupt federal court system have any resemblance to reality, to bringing up false accusations of which I have been acquitted in open court, to out-and-out making things up. And I am reluctant to gratify the homunculus’s hunger to be noticed or to dignify his ever-shifting claims with a response. But I write because 1) it’s important to set the record straight, and 2) new evidence has come to light.

For the record, not only do I maintain my innocence, I proclaim it. See my Address to the Court for the basic facts and supporting documents:

Further evidence of my innocence has been revealed recently as well. The only witness against me was my disturbed second wife Elisha, and it has now been revealed (by her) that she was having a sexual affair with O’Donnell, the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) “investigator” in my case. (Odd that the investigator was a JTTF agent, is it not?) Here’s a link archived from her Web site (which is devoted, now that she has turned on him, to her following and photographing of O’Donnell and other agents of a task force of which he is a member), in which their sexual involvement is admitted:

(She was arrested and spent some time in jail for her stalking, by the way.)

O’Donnell, who is married, denies the affair. But there are only two possible explanations of the facts:

1) Elisha is telling the truth — and therefore the only witness, and the investigator, in my case were having an illicit affair, which is outrageously improper and grounds for serious doubt about the entire case against me. (In fact, it should be grounds for throwing out my conviction if we lived in a just society.)

Or, 2) Elisha is a liar who lies to destroy the reputations of men she has turned on, which is also grounds for serious doubt about the case against me.

There are no other alternatives.

(Elisha has now exhibited the same behavior pattern yet again since turning on O’Donnell. She became involved in another illicit affair with a man perceived as having status and power, this time with a state policeman named Gattuso, and then turned on him, publishing nude pictures of him along with detailed descriptions of their sexual trysts on a blog,, in an effort to hurt him.)

The lesson that we should draw from what happened to me is not that we should “shy away” from or “shun” our comrades (and there are many others beside me) who are falsely smeared by and have their lives destroyed by the corrupt regime in Washington and its collaborators, for fear that we won’t get popular fast enough with the flag-wavers.

No. The lesson we should draw is that the regime is in the hands of our implacable enemies. We should devote our lives to teaching our people to abandon all loyalty to it, and to give their loyalty to their race — and to a new nation that we must conceptualize and build that will someday be its expression on this continent. When a million White men and women in North America give their heart’s allegiance, and the strength of their bodies and minds, to a new flag and a new nation and a new vision, then we will have a chance to build that world of beauty that lives in our art and in our dreams.