It’s the Genes, Stupid

by Kevin Alfred Strom

FROM A DISTANCE, it was a scene of almost inexpressible beauty. Ellen and Roger were driving through the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains near the Skyline Drive. The rolling rural Virginia landscape glowed with the warm pollen haze of early spring. A few thousand feet ahead on the narrow two-lane road lay a sleepy village.

“Look at the Civil War memorial and those proud old houses… and at that lovely church steeple,” said Ellen. “I’ll bet this town looks almost the same now as it did in 1905.”

“I think you’re right,” replied her husband Roger. “Not a Wal-Mart in sight, though they did add telephone poles… I like it out here in the country.” Roger and Ellen worked in northern Virginia, near Washington, where endless asphaltscapes have covered practically every green thing, where corporate commercialism and Leviathan government agencies blend jarringly with a chaotic Third World bioculture, where hopelessly outgunned policemen deal with gangs that outnumber them 100 to 1, and where valiant teachers find that a public school system in which 72 separate languages are spoken makes a mockery of the word education.

“In many ways, they’re 30 years behind the times here, Roger,” Ellen mused as they slowed to 25 and entered the town. “In some ways that’s bad… no DSL lines, very limited libraries, almost everybody smokes, some superstition and distrust of science and education… But in other ways it’s good. It’s good to be 30 years behind the times when it comes to crime — and personal honesty. There’s hardly any crime out here. Folks in the country aren’t always trying to sell you something, either. And people out here raise their kids themselves, instead of letting the TV raise them.”

Roger added “You might be romanticizing a little — though basically I agree. One sad thing is that a lot of these towns are practically empty compared to what they used to be. Old-line Americans just haven’t had many kids in the last couple generations. And the smart kids from towns like this one end up going to the cities to find their fortunes. Maybe that’s good in a way. Places like this are a reservoir of decent people with decent values — and, even with the poorly-funded schools out here, they’re a reservoir of smart people too. The good standardized test scores for old fashioned ‘real Americans’ from places like rural Wisconsin and places like this are legendary. Places like this produce real Americans with ingenuity and smarts, who end up rising to the top in places like Washington agencies and Silicon Valley corporations. Geez, without these backwaters constantly producing a flow of real Americans into the cities, we’d have to run this nation mostly with the product of the DC or New York City public schools. Can you imagine….”

But Roger’s question was cut short by the need to step on the brakes. In front of them stood a procession leading from the old church to a waiting limousine on the other side of the street. It was a wedding procession.

Ordinarily such a sight — particularly when preceded by the kind of reminiscences and thoughts of the Good Old America and Good Old Values that Roger and Ellen had been sharing — would have been cause for a smile. But the reaction this time was one of shock and disbelief. Sure, Roger and Ellen saw what you’d see in any wedding procession: tuxedos, gowns, flowers, bride, bridegroom, and flower girls. It was what they had expected to see and didn’t see at this small-town wedding that surprised them. They didn’t see any White people.

The bride and groom carried no ceremonial knives, but they did resemble something from an Aztec wall painting. No fair and sweet angel-faced flower girls here — the faces of the young people present were more redolent of fly-infested huts in the tropics and gang crossfires in the barrio than of anything even remotely American or Western. The men looked like they just stepped off a film set where their only line was “We don’t need no steenking badges.” And they stared. How they stared. They stared at Ellen and Roger as if to say “Just what the Hell are you doing here?”

We ought to ask them that question.

It’s not just a southwest borderland phenomenon anymore. All over the Southeast and Midwest, even in the heart of the old Confederacy and in the snowbelt states, Mestizo invaders — with the complicity of the Jewish power structure and robber baron “businessmen” — are setting up cheap labor pools and breeding colonies on a colossal scale to displace our people and take our land. While visiting a small community in north Georgia, I counted fully three out of four automobile drivers that we met as being Mestizo invaders, with the 25 per cent. remainder being divided up among Whites, Blacks, and others.

On my way home to Virginia I passed through the countryside south of Charlotte, North Carolina. There, too, the Mestizo invasion is in full swing. Even calling it the Mestizo invasion seems a little anachronistic. We’ve passed from the Mestizo invasion to the Mestizo occupation. In the local supermarkets and department stores, Spanish-language signs predominate. Of the new small businesses popping up, a majority appear to be operated by or cater exclusively to the Mestizo community. There are still quite a few grey-haired Whites around, but a visit to any place where youths and children can be found shows a clear and overwhelming non-White majority.

What Ellen and Roger experienced is just one tiny part of the reality of the new America that our enemies engineered while we slept. The new America is the America brought about by the Playboy Generation, the generation (or two) that had all the sex it wanted, as long as it wasn’t the kind of sex that led to more White babies. More White babies were not wanted. And all those emptying spaces that the self-indulgent “now generation” and “me generation” Whites left behind them are being filled up now. They’re being filled up by the tens of millions — by immigrants legal and illegal from all over the Third World but especially by the non-Whites coming from south of the Rio Grande.

And these invaders are organized — many in criminal gangs: criminal gangs that establish “territories” with their own twisted kind of government and “legal system” — with their own kind of “justice” for any who step out of line. One of the most infamous of these gangs is the “Mara Salvatrucha” or MS-13 gang which traces its roots to El Salvador but one of whose main bases of operations is now the state where I live — Virginia.

Last year in Fairfax, Virginia, near Washington, MS-13 members cut off the hands of a 16-year-old with a machete. The victim was believed to be a member of a rival “Hispanic” gang, one of many that have grown to frightening proportions in Northern Virginia as a result of the “pro-business” and “free trade” open-borders policies of Ronald Reagan, both George Bush senior and junior, and Bill Clinton. As investigative journalist Ted O’Keefe wrote recently “MS-13, founded by ex-Marxist guerrillas and professional criminals from El Salvador, is known for its ruthlessness — its international activities have included throwing persons from the roofs of moving trains — and relentlessness. Last month a gang affray that included members of MS-13 resulted in a fatal shooting in Alexandria. The explosion of criminal Third World gangs in the area of the nation’s capital has followed amnesties to hundreds of thousands of immigrants from Central America during the Reagan and Clinton presidencies.”

And last week the Fairfax County police department has been caught actually concealing another savage machete attack by MS-13, this time on an 18-year-old.

Again, Ted O’Keefe reports: “The assault, which resulted in extensive head and hand injuries to the unnamed victim, took place on a suburban street in Springfield, Virginia that has recently begun to see an influx of immigrant transients, and longtime residents complained about being kept in the dark about the facts of the crime until yesterday. One of them, a woman who refused to be identified for fear of retribution by MS-13, told the press, ‘I think that they owe it to us to tell it to us.’ District Supervisor T. Dana Kauffman, whom police also failed to inform, was so angered that he has braved risking charges of nativism: the Democratic official is now calling for a local ban on the sale of machetes.”

My comment is that machetes by themselves can do nothing to harm us. And the absolute legality of machete ownership harmed virtually no one for over two hundred years when men of the West ruled this land. It is the genes of these killers, the nature of their minds and souls and nervous systems — not machetes or any other inanimate object — that is dangerous to us.

The report continues: “The MS-13 gang, which was enabled to take root and fester in this country thanks to an amnesty under the torpid watch of conservative idol President Ronald Reagan, is now thought to have two thousand members in the northern Virginia area alone, and has conducted a reign of terror there that has included at least nine murders and numerous mutilations of its targets since 2000.”

MS-13 operates its murderous “justice system” in open defiance of the established justice system, and its members are very jealous of their “jurisdiction,” even to the point of killing anyone who reports them to the authorities: Two gang members were recently convicted of murdering a pregnant 17-year-old girl by stabbing her and cutting her throat — all because she had cooperated with officials investigating the gang’s criminal activities.

Ladies and gentlemen, those are just the crimes which have come to light. That is just the top tenth of the iceberg of doom that will sink us all and kill us all if we do not regain our sanity, stand together, and remake our society. Did you hear those numbers? Authorities estimate that there are 2,000 members of MS-13 alone — just one gang from a very small country with a relatively unimportant share of the Mestizo tidal wave that is engulfing us — in northern Virginia alone! Mestizos are rapidly approaching 15 per cent. of the United States population. Extrapolate those numbers from just northern Virginia to all of Virginia. Extrapolate those numbers from Virginia to all 50 states. Extrapolate them from just one gang to all the non-White gangs and confederations of gangs that exist among all of the other tribes and peoples now marching with impunity across our southern border.

The answer to this threat is simple. We must obey the law. The border must be closed. Our people and our communities must be protected. National Vanguard joins and supports the growing number of Americans who are demanding that we stop this immigration tidal wave. But National Vanguard members see the whole picture. This invasion is not wrong just because it is illegal. This invasion is not wrong just because these invaders don’t have the right kind of papers in their wallets or because they speak another language (which, after all, is just the language of the White European explorers and pioneers that was imposed upon them hundreds of years ago). This invasion is wrong because these people are profoundly different from us in every way — they are profoundly different from us genetically, in a way that British or Frenchmen or Russians are not very different from us, being as we are descended from the adventurous among all the strains of European man. These Mestizo invaders are so different from us that by mixing with them or being dispossessed by them we will cease to live, we will cease to be ourselves or have a place to exist to support the lives of our future generations. And that is the crucial reason why this invasion must be stopped.

originally published June 5, 2005