Edgar Steele Tapes are a Fraud

by Cyndi Steele
via Chris Rossetti at National Vanguard

IN AN EFFORT to find justice and because we eschew oppression, we now have the absolute proof that the US government, for whatever reason, has fabricated its case against Edgar J. Steele, a First Amendment Idaho Lawyer. Steele (pictured) has been defending the falsely accused; many for free. If we do not turn this around now, this trend will impact our children and grandchildren.

In spite of the efforts of Edgar Steele’s new defense attorney, Robert T. McAllister, of Colorado, to get some time to prepare a defense, Judge B. Lynn Winmill of the Idaho Federal District Court is insisting that the Steele Case, based on false charges of murder-for-hire of his wife, Cyndi Steele, go to a jury trial in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho next Monday, March 7, 2011. Cyndi Steele was the victim of a real attempted murder-by-pipe-bomb last June. She has looked at the government’s evidence and proclaimed that her husband is innocent and sees that the entire government case is fabricated. New evidence, just discovered, reveals that the government recordings of Mr. Steele’s voice supposedly hiring a hitman, were fabricated. Even though this is fraud, there is a question whether the judge will permit a defense expert to testify in order to prove it!

The reason for this message is because Edgar J. Steele is facing the trial of his life. At age 65, any sentence is a death sentence. He and his wife Cyndi have three adult children and one grandchild who love him very much and he loves them. Most important, though, is that Edgar J. Steele in innocent.

Former Chief Criminal Prosecuting Attorney (in both N. District of Illinois and Colorado) turned defense attorney McAllister began his representation of Edgar Steele on February 7, 2011, so he has been involved as the attorney for Edgar for less than a month. The government, as is their regular practice, is withholding critical evidence which, by law, should have been shown to the defendant months ago; this is a law violation by the government. There is no one to prosecute when the government breaks the law (see the 201 cases of innocent people falsely charged in USA Today article of September 23, 2010 by Brad Heath).  We saw the US government withholding evidence in the David Hinkson case in 2005, resulting in a 43-year prison sentence, an LDS person who is meek and mild, a scientist and inventor who literally never harmed anyone in his life and never had so much as a parking ticket before he was attacked by the US government.

Well, they’re at it again; the US government fraud on the innocent is in full swing, like a shark feeding frenzy. The FBI and US Attorney’s Office in Idaho are seeking to bring down another innocent person, Edgar Steele, and send him to prison, because he is an advocate for the US Constitution and individual rights.

What is interesting is that, in the Edgar Steele case, the government is following the same pattern it used in the David Hinkson case (which pattern reads like the KGB play book of dirty tricks against anyone who does not buy into the politically correct agenda). As it turns out, in thousands of other cases, the government has manufactured evidence by using the FBI to create a crime.

Though we have absolute proof that the audio tapes presented by the government as evidence in the Edgar Steele case are frauds, specific things need to happen in order for Edgar J. Steele to receive the justice: 1) the judge must allow the defense to present to the jury evidence that the tapes were fabricated; and 2) the jury must have the opportunity to see the US government has fabricated this case against Edgar J. Steele.

Our own freedom is at stake, for if they can fabricate a case out of whole cloth against the Edgar Steeles of this world, they can do it to you and me and our loved ones; it will only be a matter of time.