Multiracialists Are Crazy, part 1

by Kevin Alfred Strom

CRAZY PEOPLE say some really funny things, if you like absurd humor. A crazy person may believe that locomotives are actually made out of marshmallows. Or he may think that the only reason we can’t drink bleach without harmful effects is because we haven’t prayed to the right deity in precisely the right manner. And some lunatics are quite intelligent in their way, and may be able to produce creative and internally consistent arguments at some length to justify their positions, even if their premises are quite nutty. And all that’s good for a laugh.

For example, one Flat Earth believer insisted that the Earth was two-dimensional and shaped like a plate. And he could even explain how, on this plate-shaped Earth, people could apparently travel in a straight line and eventually end up back at their starting point. “They simply fall off the edge,” he said, “and since the Earth is two-dimensional with no thickness whatsoever, they ‘fall’ into an area comprising no space at all and reappear instantly on the opposite side of the plate to resume their straight-line journey back to their starting point.”

“But,” someone objected, “wouldn’t people notice all this ‘falling off’ and being transported across thousands of miles?”

But the Flat Earther had an answer for that. “No, they wouldn’t,” he continued. “Since the area ‘off the edge’ of the Earth comprises no space, it therefore takes no time to traverse it, and the traveller is not even aware of his movement.”

All very logical, of course, if you accept the man’s premises. Even ingenious. But still completely insane.

We can laugh at our Flat Earther. And we should laugh at the multiracialist who believes that all human races are “equal,” or that “races do not exist,” for his ideas are equally kooky — and are even more at variance with observed reality than the Flat Earther’s. But crazy people are funny only at a distance. When they’re in the same room with you, you start getting nervous — and for good reason. If they ever get the upper hand over the sane people, then it’s really time to worry.

It’s all well and good for kooks to spout their theories behind padded walls or in isolated basements. But when they have the power to hold your wife and children on the railroad track so they can sample the delights of the rapidly-approaching marshmallow locomotive, then they become deadly. When they require us all to drink bleach because the right gods have been propitiated, then they are homicidal. And when they decide that “races don’t exist” or that “we’re all the same” and then start opening our borders and making social policy and propaganda to encourage racial mixing, then they are genocidal — and they must be stopped.

Eventually, we’ll have to remove all such people from positions of power. For now, I think that one of the best weapons against them is laughter — the demonstration that multiracialist ideas are indeed quite insane. This will help build the consciousness and confidence of Whites who have remained rational — and it will jar some of the good but miseducated folks who accepted multiracialism back into sanity. Let’s take a look at some of the multiracialists’ lunacy.

Groupthink: Suppressing Real Thinkers

Much of what passes for writing and education today contains an implicit assumption that is totally erroneous: the assumption that it is somehow “immoral” to recognize the reality of the inequality of the human races.

First of all, I see no validity whatsoever in any moral system which condemns free inquiry, rational thought, or recognition of ascertained facts. And I am going to question such pernicious nonsense wherever it appears.

To our shame, there was once a religio-legal system in place in the West which imprisoned or killed persons who questioned the existence of transubstantiation or demons (and many other fantastic delusions, too numerous to list). I have publicly condemned that system, and continue to do so, and obviously do not want it to return.

But we are returning to it, in a way.

We of the West are now veering toward the establishment of the doctrine of “equality” — racial, and other varieties as well — as a kind of secular religion. The “hate crime” laws which are now being imposed by the elites’ hired legislators (with the acquiescence of the boobs) are part and parcel of the new faith: Like most priesthoods, the prime movers of the “equality” hoax have a yen to punish, imprison, or kill those who question their profitable racket. In some countries, like Canada and Germany, they already have that power. (The same thing applies to belief in “the Holocaust,” another faltering styrofoam prop of the current establishment.)


A precursor to the legal persecution of those perceptive enough to realize that neither individuals nor races are, or should be, “equal” is the promotion (only begun in the last few decades, by the way) of the idea that such “evil” thoughts constitute “racism” and that “racism” is an awful awful bad thing — mustn’t do or Daddy spank. Slowly the idea is being added that not only is “racism” veddy veddy bad, but it is also somehow illegal.

Preposterous? Well, demons, witches, and transubstantiation are preposterous, too, but hundreds of thousands have been killed by “well-meaning” folks fired up for blood by an utterly false and insane belief system. I don’t want it to happen again.

There is no evidence whatsoever that the human races are equal in intelligence (or in many other characteristics), and in fact it would be a bizarre anomaly of Nature if they were. After many thousands of years of divergent evolution in vastly different environments, it would be astounding if we found the human races to be “equal” in physical structure or mental conformation. The whole concept of the evolution of life by branching and speciation depends on the ever-flowering inequality of races or subspecies. This applies to every form of life and, frankly, it’s not quite sane to believe it doesn’t apply to human beings.

There should be no moral opprobrium attached to the stating of this obvious fact.

I once had a multiracialist “explain” to me the consistent failure of Blacks and Mestizos to achieve at a level comparable to Whites. He said: “The only reason they could possibly fail is if they are discriminated against.” So, in his mind, “equality” of the races is a given, an almost divine law of the universe. The only reason we don’t have racial equality in the real world — the only reason — is “discrimination” by Whites. He then went on to demonize “discrimination,” as if it were a Satanic thing practiced by Whites for the sole purpose of preventing his perfect heaven of “equality” from coming into being.

But racial “discrimination” merely means choosing between races for some purpose. For example, when the founding fathers of this country instituted the Naturalization Act of 1790 (in effect until treasonously abrogated in 1952), which explicitly stated that only members of the European race could become citizens of the United States, they were certainly choosing in that sense. They were trying to ensure the practical fulfillment of what had been stated in the Constitution: that this new nation was for their “sacred posterity” — that is, the actual lineal descendants and kin of the European men and women making up this nation. They chose not to give their new nation, purchased at the cost of so much blood and toil, to others.

If you are an American basketball coach engaged in a bidding war to award “scholarships” to some of the lengthier African tribesmen, you too are engaged in racial “discrimination,” though of the crassest commercial sort.

Discrimination merely means choosing between alternatives. The expression “discriminating shoppers,” meaning “intelligent shoppers who care about quality,” survives in American English as a reminder of the original meaning of the word in the days before the insanity really got started.

Racial “segregation” — which multiracialists condemn as even more terrible than discrimination — is, of course, the state of affairs which obtained between the races, wherever they intersected, for millennia before the advent of multiracialism and the equality cult. Absent laws forcing their association, the vast majority of the members of all human races segregate themselves quite naturally. An examination of high school lunchrooms — or metro area neighborhoods — in “racially diverse” areas will easily confirm this.

Before the racial “equality” nuttiness came on the scene, people organized their societies that way naturally without even thinking about it. Even today, Whites who are as “liberal” as you can get without actually being off your rocker still make housing purchase decisions in a manner absolutely indistinguishable from contributors to National Vanguard.

It’s unconscious. It’s biological. And it really has nothing to do with “hate” — and everything to do with divergent evolution.

If you are not free to discriminate, you are not free to choose.

If you may only discriminate when an authority says your choice is based on what the authority says is “relevant” (as in “best qualified for the job” or “able to pay,” or whatever), then you are a slave to that authority.

I prefer the principles of the founders of my nation, the United States of America, which give me the freedom to choose and to decide for myself what is relevant and what is not.

Persecution, Hate, and Conflict: Caused by Multiracialism

Multiracialists often claim that racial realists like us want to persecute and dominate other races. As far as persecution and domination are concerned, I’m absolutely against them. They implicitly assume a multiracial society. Wherever two or more races are required to live under the same government, there is always racial conflict and claims of domination or “unfairness.”

Once every race has its independence and freedom, and its own territory, such things will be as rare as racial conflict is in Iceland or Japan today. The Maxim of Self-Determination eliminates and makes impossible persecution and domination of one people by another to the same extent that it facilitates racial separation. It’s in the forced multiracialist states — which sadly includes most of the White world these days — where racial conflicts erupt. The multiracialist belief is the precise opposite of the truth.

The Law

Multiracialists condemn the former American laws which, until quite recently, prevented marriage between members of different races. Laws forbidding racial intermarriage were, as Jefferson stated, an unfortunate necessity because of the proximity of the races — unless one was willing, as the Founding Fathers and most Americans throughout history were not, to accept the genocide, by mixing, of one’s own race.

Jefferson, along with many other founders and also Abraham Lincoln, thought that the best answer was racial separation on a continental scale: that is, repatriation of Africans to the land of their ancestors, or, in the interest of economy, their transportation to the island of Santo Domingo in the Caribbean.

Multiracialists reject the rational and humane vision of the Founders. They dream of racial mixing as an ideal — they dream of racial mixing like some people dream of the Second Coming or winning the Publisher’s Clearinghouse sweepstakes. They dream of racial mixing as if it will usher in a new, ideal world of good and virtue. They are dangerous, crazy people. One actually told me once: “When we have mixed our gene pools enough, probably 10 or 20 generations from now, we will all be pretty close to the same color. End of the race issue. Interbreeding between races improves genetic vigor and dilutes race-specific defects… I am doing my part, as often as is practical.”

I am glad that such multiracialists forthrightly admit that they want the genocide and extinction of our race — most of their ilk are not so honest.

Fantasy Future

But I am afraid that their dream of the one happy mixed race of the future is a hopeless fantasy.

Wherever racial mixing has occurred on a large scale, the result has not been one harmonious mixed race, but exactly the opposite. New racial combinations come into being, with multiple layers of stratification, and there is a tremendous increase in racial conflict. (Spike Lee’s School Daze dealt with this process of race-formation and stratification among Mulattos and Blacks.)

India, which has now spun off into four separate nations, with at least another two about to be born in blood, is a good example; as is Brazil, where they are now shooting unwanted Mulatto children like mad dogs in the streets, with the apparent approval of many in all social classes, who are now so degraded that they only wish to see life go on with a minimum of trouble.

Those are not futures I would wish on my children. The only way to prevent them is to preserve the European racial character of our nation.

‘Race Does Not Exist’

Multiracialists like to claim that since many racial traits have no hard-edged geographic boundaries, that therefore “race does not exist.”

I am sure that few would assert, because the Earth’s atmosphere possesses no hard-edged boundary with the emptiness of interplanetary space, that the atmosphere does not exist or that it is identical to a vacuum.

The boundaries between pre-man and man were also not hard-edged when we were diverging from our pre-human ancestors. That racial division led to a very significant speciation indeed.

There is also an infinite series of gradations and no hard-edged boundaries between Lake Itasca, the Mississippi River, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Atlantic Ocean. I think we shall have to agree, though, that it is not wicked to regard the Atlantic Ocean as different in many most significant ways from Lake Itasca. And there are special rooms for people who seriously believe that these gradations somehow prove that the Mississippi River doesn’t exist.

And, further, there is a very long series of gradations of life forms between pond scum and the Queen of England, and the precise divisions we make between all of these life forms are to some degree “social” and arbitrary. But they are also useful; they describe real hereditary distinctions of structure and behavior; and they have greatly increased our understanding of the Life processes which allowed something not too dissimilar from pond scum to eventually become the Queen of England.

It is also true that chemical waste dumps blend to some extent with ground water, and that without extensive tests you cannot be sure that your well water is absolutely pure. But that is no excuse for pouring in a quart of dioxin, or for claiming that dioxin is “the same” as water. That’s essentially what the multiracialists are doing to our gene pool.

Everyone who acknowledges the evolutionary process acknowledges that races exist. (It’s only when we come to the ever-so-sensitive topic of human races that religious and political delusions make some avert their eyes from reality.)

The Engine of Evolution

Race-formation is the very engine of evolution itself. Without it, Life as we know it would be impossible.

Due to mutations and the actions of natural selection on existing variations, new types develop. When these varieties become significantly distinct, we call them races or subspecies. When they become even more distinct, diverging to the point where interbreeding is the exception rather than the rule, or even becomes impossible, then we call them a new species.

All mammals had a common ancestor (now extinct), and there are now many species of mammal. Therefore all existing mammal species must have gone through a race-divergence process, evolving into many different subspecies and eventually new species.

Note that we are applying hard-edged concepts (species, subspecies) upon what is really a continuous process, the branching process of divergence and speciation.

This divergence has certainly happened to the human races, and indeed it would be a biological wonder approaching the fantastic if it hadn’t. In fact, it is still happening.

The Most Significant Question

The really interesting question isn’t where we hang the precise labels of race and species, though.

The question of greatest significance is this:

Will we, through our social policies and our popular mythologies, allow this branching process to continue; or will we attempt to terminate it?

Speciation is a gradual process which could not happen without race-formation. It’s absurd to deny this.

Race-formation occurs even in beings not possessing a consciousness, such as plants, and in fact took place for many millennia before the development of consciousness in any form. Astoundingly, all of this happened despite the fact that the big-brained multiracialists weren’t provided with a definition of race that suited them.

To claim that we must precisely or genetically define races before we acknowledge their existence is equivalent to claiming that Amazonian tribesmen may not distinguish between food and offal because they haven’t studied the chemical structures thereof.

Actually, it’s even more ridiculous than that: it is equivalent to claiming, because the tribesmen can’t make the requisite molecular diagrams, that there actually is no difference between the waste products of a chicken and its eggs.

So multiracialism is an absurd and dangerous body of ideas, bound to be ultimately fatal to any people that embraces it for long.

Cui bono?

The Jewish supremacists who dominate our media have promoted multiracialism 24 hours a day for two generations at least. Yet, clearly, from their opposition to Jewish intermarriage and their support of the racial-nationalist-supremacist state of Israel, we can see that they clearly do not believe in such insanity themselves.

So why do they promote it to us? Their culture is one of infiltrating and altering the other cultures within which they live. What they promote for us is based on what they want us to do. And what they want us to do is not what is best for us, but whatever they believe is best for them. That — like their talent for haggling over the price of a carpet in a Levantine market, or for getting the rubes to think the pea is definitely under the third shell — may ultimately be genetic.

To be continued