Iran 2009, Iran 1953

Tehran skyline at night

IRAN 2009, IRAN 1953: It’s now widely accepted that the coup that installed the hated Shah in power in Iran in 1953 was engineered by Western intelligence agencies, mainly the CIA. The same thing appears to be happening there now, with the exception that the Zionists who now dominate the U.S. actually prefer Ahmadinejad to be in power for a while, as long as that power is tenuous and “we” have the ability to inflame the radicalism and violence of both sides. Their goal: either an engineered “color revolution” or war, either of which — they hope — will result in a puppet government that will be subservient to Israel and welcome “foreign investors” (read: the multibillionaire media elite). Note well the not-too-widely reported fact that independent pre-election polls showed Ahmadinejad a two-to-one victor, a far greater margin than even Obama’s victory in November.