What is Wealth?

inaugural noteWhat is money, really? What is wealth? And what do ‘economic stimulus’ and war and foreign aid do to our wealth?

by Kevin Alfred Strom

based on the American Dissident Voices broadcast of July 10, 2004

IN 1957, Julian Huxley wrote about the dangers the world might face in 2007. He told of a world wracked by environmental destruction, falling standards of living, the despair and desperation of the hopeless, and a decline in the creative spirit that makes all culture and science possible.

He glimpsed the future in racially-mixed India, where he saw the streets teeming with the homeless in such numbers that one had to pick one’s way carefully along the sidewalks at night to step over the sleeping bodies, wrapped in a few filthy rags and nothing else — hundreds of thousands living their lives, voiding their wastes, and making their hopeless, pathetic yet fecund love right in the open on the pockmarked pavement, and sharing that “home” with dirty, starving, roaming cattle.

One evening he saw a policeman directing traffic at a busy intersection as twilight fell. As the darkness deepened, he saw a man and a cow approach the policeman from opposite directions, curl up at his feet and begin to compose themselves for the night, right there, almost touching him — with the officer taking no notice whatever and continuing with his duties. It was what was ‘normal.’ It was what was expected. It is where we’re headed unless something is done.

“The poor are always with us”

The poor have always been with us, of course — even in pre-1965, 90-plus per cent. White, America. The poor and homeless were mostly White back then, mainly because practically everyone in this country was White back then. We saw poor Whites in the army of the hungry that multiplied in the Depression of the 1930s. We saw them in the abused White men, women, and children of the early Industrial Revolution.

Third World Masses — and Elites

But the grinding, hopeless poverty of the Third World masses is something different — many of them are unemployable in any meaningful sense, many more are willing to live at a marginal subsistence level because the only other choice is nonexistence, and probably the plurality of them are willing to accept a slightly-above marginal subsistence level existence because their imaginations soar no higher, because they are born peons to whom a garbage-culture Burger King/TV/ratty apartment existence is living like royalty compared to what they are used to.

And the elite of the Third World — the ones with the brain power who bid fair to take our high-tech jobs — know they are too good for the garbage consumerist existence. And they also have little desire to assimilate and become like the stupid Americans who opened their borders and gave away their jobs, their food, their land, and their daughters. The elite of the non-White invasion force taking over America has no desire to be transformed by America — they desire an America transformed, an America in which they will constitute a part of the economic elite, all the while remaining, like the Jews, loyal primarily to their own kind and their own overseas and increasingly international nations. These elite Third Worlders are, like Jews, happy to see poor Whites left behind in education and in funding for needed public works. They don’t care about elderly Whites. They don’t care about our heritage, our symbols, and our monuments. They don’t care if our children survive and prosper and inherit an America they can be proud of, the America our forefathers built and fought for. They don’t love our art and our literature and our music they way we do — no one could. Some might want our young people for a little sexual amusement, and many probably welcome White poverty as a way to get cheap workers for the businesses they are building and keeping for themselves and their progeny. These elite Third Worlders are mostly Muslim and Asian and, with the help of the Jewish elite, they are transforming America and the West. Unless something is done, vectors are in place that will make our country and our civilization into a polyracial, polyglot, polycultural nightmare not unlike India — with cynical and corrupt elites in their counting houses and poor, hopeless racially-mixed slaves-in-all-but name swarming and befouling the streets where Poe and Jefferson and Lee once walked.

Too Proud to Beg

"Will work for food" signAnd the poor and homeless are White again, in greater and greater numbers. But this time they’re not White by default, because practically everyone is White. No, they’re White because huge numbers of Whites have been abandoned by a System that hates them, that hates their very existence. You see them — Vietnam vets and Korea vets and others — entering their older years with nothing, standing on streetcorners with brown cardboard signs.

You see the ones who are too proud to beg working next to young Mexicans at menial jobs, some deserted by a wife and family they can’t support anymore since their jobs were shipped overseas or given to imported cheap labor right here at home, some ravaged by a so-called ‘family court’ system that tries to destroy White males. The hobos and homeless are White again mainly because of a huge transfer of wealth from working-class Whites to non-Whites, a transfer that will eventually impoverish us and ‘equalize’ most of us to the economic level of the Third World.

Dollars and ‘Paper Dollars’

To understand this transfer of wealth, it is important to understand what wealth is. What is a “dollar”? At one time, it represented a certain guaranteed quantity of silver or gold. There was really no such thing as ‘paper money’ until quite recently. Paper currency until recent decades bore the inscription that it could be ‘redeemed in lawful money,’ which clearly shows it was not considered money itself. What we now call paper money was then properly called banknotes or just notes for short. It was a convenient way of carrying promises to pay money. And making it redeemable in precious metal was supposed to be a way of limiting its issuance, to keep bankers and bureaucrats honest — or at least to put some physical limit on their ability to create money and credit. Of course, there were plenty of ways for bankers and bureaucrats to be dishonest with our currency — to issue too much of it and distribute it to their friends and special interest groups — even with precious metal backing. And tying money to precious metal allowed owners of precious metals, including some Jewish banking families like the Rothschilds, to manipulate the people’s wealth much like George Soros does today. But it did put some brakes on dishonesty and placed some physical limits on fraud schemes, though very imperfect ones.

Eventually, these limits chafed those in government and banking who wished to control and create currency at their whim for whatever purpose and at whatever time they wished, and the ties to precious metals were removed. This gave a much wider scope for theft of the people’s wealth through inflation and periodic deflation or depressions. But note well that I am not saying, like some conservatives do, that gold and silver are wealth and that our currency should be linked to them.

Given proper controls and honorable men — the latter being an insuperable obstacle under the present System, I’m afraid — one could have a totally unbacked paper currency that would retain its value and be a store of wealth for generations that would never diminish in value. But even such a perfectly-functioning honest currency would not be wealth. So what is wealth itself? And what do I mean by a transfer of wealth that is leaving White Americans impoverished?

Minutes and Hours and Years of Our Lives

silver certificate from 1957, one dollar
As the obverse of this 1957 silver certificate clearly shows (click for full size image), until recent years U.S. paper currency clearly indicated on its face that it didn't constitute dollars -- but instead were notes that could be exchanged for dollars.

Wealth is a verbal and often numeric expression for the valuable acts and creations of creative, productive people. The crops that the farmer brings in from the field are wealth. The buildings that the architect designs and the stonemason fashions are wealth. The books that the author writes and the publisher and bookbinder get into the hands of readers and libraries are wealth. The libraries themselves are wealth. A brilliantly-conceived computer program is wealth. The silent machinery that keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter is wealth. The mass of technology that connects you to the Internet and allows you to exchange any information with anyone you choose is wealth. The paintings in the National Gallery that move and inspire us are wealth. But currency itself is not wealth, any more than a ruler is height. Currency is just an imperfect means of measuring wealth and of exchanging our creations and efforts with others, allowing each of us to specialize in something –  to our mutual benefit and the promotion of excellence through a division of labor.

There has been a tremendous transfer of wealth from the uniquely creative and productive White peoples of the Earth to the relatively less creative and productive and sometimes parasitic others. This transfer has partly been the result of greedy men, many of them White, who cared only about short-term profits. But it has even more been a result of the purposeful inculcation of a morality in the White West that made us feel guilty for our superiority and caused us to ‘atone’ for it by giving away our marvelous, never-before-seen creations like modern science and medicine, and a thousand other things, to those who could never create them for themselves. And this transfer of wealth, if it is not halted, is going to bring about a tragic crisis for the West, a killing not merely of a goose which lays golden economic eggs, but of an entire race which alone has the potential to reach the stars and take Man on the next step toward his conscious evolution.

When our government gives away 20 billion of our dollars to Israel, that really means that Israel can now demand 20 billion dollars’ worth of work and creativity from us, from the productive White workers and business owners. We must work for them or repudiate the dollars. And, since laws prevent us from repudiating the dollars, we must work for them. Part of our wealth goes to them instead of to our own people. It is lost to our families, to our elderly, to investment in American infrastructure, to our future generations.

The same goes for the endless billions of dollars that have gone to build roads and hospitals and dams and factories in Africa. Never mind that many of those roads are buckled with jungle growth after only a few years, and that the Africans let the factory gears grind to a halt, and the roof has caved in on the hospitals, and the abandoned buildings are now occupied by the occasional baboon. Those dollars were used to demand work and effort and part of the lives of our people. That work and that effort could have stayed at home, could have been used to benefit our own people.

The Good Things

That’s what wealth is. It’s the good things — and the sometimes great things — that we can do with our lives. If our government or the banking system can give away or switch around the trading stamps called dollars so that you are working for Israel or Egypt or China or Zambia or Mexico, then that is how you spend your life. That is what you devote your life to. That is who your creativity and talents benefit. Them. Not your own people. And if we spend our lives working for others, we cannot spend those precious, irreplaceable minutes and hours and years working to benefit our own families, our own nation, our own people. That is what wealth transfer really means.

And it’s not just direct aid to foreign countries that steals our wealth — and therefore our lives — from us. Since the Second World War, huge loans have been made by both private and quasi-public banking institutions to the so-called underdeveloped nations. Many of these loans are ‘guaranteed’ by the government, which means that if the Third World debtors cannot pay back the loan plus interest, guess who does pay? The bank? Of course not. The government? Not really. You pay; the government just handles the involuntary transaction and takes a cut in the process. Naturally, the banking establishment just loves such essentially risk-free ‘investments,’ with you guaranteeing to make good their losses in the Hialeah-like world of Third World debt instruments.

"Patriotic" Pin, made in ChinaAnd the cutthroat world of finance capitalism has discovered a way to unearned billions by marking up the products of Chinese and other Third World slave laborers by several hundred per cent. and vending them in K-mart and Wal-mart and the like to those of you who still have jobs. Despite the fact that the corporate giants who throw White people out of work to employ sweatshop Chinese take a huge rake-off from these transactions, the fact is that our trade deficit with the non-White world is staggering and growing more out of control every day. A trade deficit means that, just as in the case with ‘foreign aid’ and giveaway loan programs, huge numbers of dollars are building up in Asian and other coffers, and they will naturally use those dollars to employ Americans to provide them with goods and services — and land. The trade deficit just keeps hitting record after record, and in April it reached another one — $48 billion. Forty-eight billion dollars accumulated by foreigners in that month alone. And the System that misrules America has been letting this go on for decades. How much wealth has been transferred away from our people in this manner? — it approaches the incalculable.

Paper Shuffling

Some will argue that the only use for dollars is to buy American goods and services so therefore all this trade does is help Americans sell goods that American workers are paid to produce. But that’s a facile and deceptive explanation. All those dollars were in America to begin with. Transferring them to Israel or China or wherever doesn’t make them buy any more than they would have otherwise. That’s just paper shuffling that produces nothing. And no matter how you shuffle the paper, services and real physical goods are transferred over there, the lives of our people are being spent in service to the Third World, and they can never get those minutes and years back again.

What’s really happening here is that, in exchange for cheap, ephemeral consumer items — or pretty good tools and autos — all of which we are perfectly capable of making right here in America and the West, Americans now have to honor these dollar claims and work an ever-increasing percentage of their lives providing what these foreign creditors want. And as our workforce darkens and its creativity and productivity drop apace, these foreign creditors will find their dollars are better spent on buying up American land and businesses instead of just buying our products. And do you think a Republican or Democrat regime will do anything to protect Americans as that starts to happen more and more? No, America is for sale and on sale cheap, and almost inconceivable amounts of American wealth are being used to meet the demands of the Third World instead of building up America, repairing our infrastructure, helping our old folks, ensuring an excellent future for our children.

Abuse of the Honest and Trusting

And if you think that all of the transfer of wealth can be measured by trade deficits and loan guarantees and foreign aid or even taxes to support non-Whites here at home, you’re still missing one of the most important parts of what’s happening. One of the ways that the national and international “equalization” schemes of our masters have been funded is by manipulation of the currency — by inflation, by creating more notes in circulation, making each of them worth a little less. Through this means they have transferred wealth in untold quantities from the productive workers and business owners of America — mostly White men and women — to whatever favored nation or minority group was likely to boost the politicians’ careers or gain them favor with the Jewish-controlled media. A dollar that your grandmother saved in 1945 is now worth about nine cents. A dollar your mother saved in 1969 is now worth about 18 cents.

U.S. dollar, from 1913
As this chart dramatically shows, those who have held dollar-denominated assets, like cash, or retirement funds, or annuities, have been the victims of tremendous legalized theft.

Those who saved those funds for their families, for their children, for their declining years have had uncounted billions taken from them, largely to fund the pet projects and protected groups and “equality” schemes of the crooked politicians. Multiply that subtle theft by the hundreds of millions of Americans who saved or bought Savings Bonds or believed in the promises of Social Security or otherwise trusted in the value of the dollar and you can see that the magnitude of this theft dwarfs even our mammoth trade deficit or our foreign aid or welfare giveaway programs. What your grandfather thought would be a decent retirement fund — providing, say, $360 a month in 1945 dollars, would require the equivalent of $4000 a month in today’s dollars. But he gets no adjustment for that inflation. The fund still pays that same $360, which means it buys the same amount $33 a month would have bought in 1945. Where’d the other $3640 per month go? Or, if grandpa receives his retirement pay for 20 years, we could put it this way — where did the extra $873,000 go? The answer is simple. It went to fund the projects of the criminals who have run the financial and political system since 1945, and many of their projects are directly aimed at taking wealth and power away from White people. Of course, one can argue that the “smart money” — the “boys” who knew what the inflation game was all about and adjusted their investments accordingly didn’t get hurt so bad, and some even made a dandy profit. But accepting that kind of morality is accepting turning our nation into a giant con game where the “trusting old White duffers” get taken to the cleaners because they believed in America. That’s unacceptable to me, and it should be unacceptable to you.

I’m Not All Right, Jack

“But,” you may say, “our living standards are still pretty high. White people still have it good in this country.” And there’s some truth in what you say. The creativity and productivity of our people is immense — particularly since we largely cast off the shackles of superstition and entered the scientific age, which wouldn’t have existed without us and our unique mentality. And that creativity and productivity have been so great that we have been able — by having two jobs, working harder than ever, and accepting a lower quality of life than we could have had — to keep up appearances while feeding and nurturing a huge slice of the Third World and the parasitic Zionist state to boot. But that situation can’t last forever. As Americans are thrown out of work by the “equalizing” forces of open borders and “free trade,” that bubble will begin to burst. The hobos are White again. As inflation accelerates and prices spike, and Americans find out that those trust funds and bonds have a decimal point one or two places off, and as a darkening America can no longer even compete, much less support other nations, big changes are coming. We need to be organized and ready when those changes come.

A Better Way

Let me leave you with a picture. Imagine that the transfer of wealth away from us and to them had never occurred. Imagine that for every nine cents you have now, you had a dollar. Imagine that all the money wasted on teaching Mohammed and Leroy to play ball and feeding them enough Big Macs to fill Yankee Stadium 1000 times over had never been spent. Imagine that there had been no foreign aid to Israel and no Gulf War 1 or 2. Imagine that all that wealth had been kept instead by the smart, creative, law-abiding, and truly beautiful people who made Western art and science possible. Imagine if it had been invested instead of given away and wasted. Imagine how those investments could have resulted in new scientific knowledge to cure diseases, colonize new worlds, make our defenses impregnable, and make our elders secure in their old age and our children secure in their future. Imagine how rich we’d be — not only in terms of money, but in terms of real wealth, in terms of a better life and a wide-open future for our people. That’s the future we should be trying to build.