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Quit Pretending

Breeding ground of the “New York race”

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 24 July, 2021

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by Kevin Alfred Strom

I apologize for the fact that this program, and several other pieces I’m working on, are late this week. I’m a guy who hardly ever gets sick, but a few days ago I contracted an eye infection of some kind, making it impossible for me to see the screen well enough to write. Everything’s back to normal now.

MANY YEARS AGO I coined the term “the New York race” for the unclassifiable Brown horde of part-White, part-Black, part-Puerto Rican, part-Amerindian, part Mestizo, part-Middle Eastern humanoids that was burgeoning in New York City.

When the former White ruling class made a deal with the rat-faced Hebrews more than half a century ago, the price of keeping the dividend checks rolling in so Sissy and Mum could still afford servants was the opening of our borders and the peonage, slavery, and ultimately extirpation and extermination of the White working and middle classes. And the result has been the rise of the “New York race” — and its equivalent — all over what was once America.

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