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massacreAmerican Dissident Voices broadcast of February 6, 2016

by Kevin Alfred Strom

IT WAS July 3, 1778 — almost two years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence by the racially-conscious founders of the American Republic. The foe was the multiracialist System of their day, the British Empire. The place was the rich and beautiful Wyoming Valley of eastern Pennsylvania, sparsely settled by pioneering farmers and their families. And coming down in force from New York to kill them was a band of British soldiers and a large number of Indians and half-breeds they had recruited with promises of plunder, more than a thousand strong.


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American Dissident Voices: Loyalty, part 2


American Dissident Voices broadcast of January 25, 2014


by Kevin Alfred Strom

ONE OF THE WAYS that the Jews and multiracialists got South Africans to surrender their independence and freedom — and abandon their Apartheid system of racial separation — was through sports. Because so many otherwise sane South Africans were fiercely loyal to their cricket, rugby, soccer, and other teams, and because much of the world was boycotting South African teams so they could not compete on a worldwide basis, the Jews had the sports-minded South Africans in a classic carrot-and-stick situation. The Jews and their Gentile collaborators were saying in essence, “Abolish Apartheid and allow the races to mix freely in your country, and we’ll let your team play in the World Cup competition like it used to do. Keep Apartheid, and fail to vote in the new constitution, and we’ll make the boycott even stronger. You’ll be totally isolated.” (ILLUSTRATION: White living space — there is no substitute)

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American Dissident Voices: Loyalty, part 1


American Dissident Voices broadcast of January 18, 2014


by Kevin Alfred Strom

THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is dead. The money-men, the media moguls, and the crooked politicians they employ, have killed her. Ring no bells, for she died long ago while we were sleeping. But understand this: the foul regime that misrules us from Somalia-on-the-Potomac has no loyalty to you or your family. It does not represent you or your best interests. It regards you as a slave, fit only to work for your betters or die in their endless wars; as a fool, if you believe their sugared lies about “democracy” — and as an enemy if you don’t. Since it has no loyalty to us, it is high time we withdrew our loyalty from it.

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