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The White Race and the Arrow of Time, part 1

Charlotte Riots video

Riots, mayhem, insanity, and degeneration — and a surprising explanation for it all.

American Dissident Voices broadcast of October 1, 2016


by Kevin Alfred Strom

IN CHARLOTTE, North Carolina, shining city of the “non-racist” “New South,” an elderly White man was kicked, beaten, and dragged by a rioting Black mob just a week ago. Another White man, trying to enter his car in a parking garage, was savagely attacked by another mob of rioting Blacks, kicked within an inch of his life, stripped naked, robbed of his possessions, and left, stunned, in the path of oncoming cars. A White photographer was struck down and pushed into a fire by the rioters, and just barely missed being burned to death. Britain’s Daily Mail reports that White bystanders, stranded after the riots began, were being attacked by roving groups of Blacks. You can see some of these incidents in the video I’ve posted at the top of the text version of this broadcast on http://nationalvanguard.org. In some of the footage, evidently filmed by rioters themselves, you can hear the Blacks laughing with real glee as these innocent Whites are set upon and mercilessly savaged.

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