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Racial Distancing

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 9 May, 2020

https://audio.nationalvanguard.com/programs/ADV 2020-0509 – Racial Distancing.mp3

by Kevin Alfred Strom

A FEW MONTHS AGO my broadcast was titled “Don’t Get Sick,” and it featured our National Alliance Health Warning #1 and Health Warning #2. This week we introduce National Alliance Health Warning #3 — “Racial Distancing.”

The text on our flier reads:… Read the rest of this article

Corona, Treason, and Hope

Two ICU professionals comfort one another in a hospital in Cremona, Italy last week. One nurse in Bergamo stated, “I have never seen so many people die together before my eyes.”

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 21 March, 2020

https://audio.nationalvanguard.com/programs/ADV 2020-0321 – Corona Treason and Hope.mp3

by Kevin Alfred Strom

CORONAVIRUS, CORONAVIRUS, everyone’s talking about Coronavirus. The state where I live, Pennsylvania, is increasingly on lockdown because of COVID19, and it seems like the news is full of almost nothing … Read the rest of this article