Responsible for the Future

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by Kevin Alfred Strom

IN AMERICA TODAY, public spaces are dominated by commercial come-ons from anti-White corporate giants, propaganda to persuade you to support multiracialism or “Black Lives Matter” and the like — or get yourself injected with cell-hijacking poisons. But one White man — a 29-year-old graduate student — decided that those public spaces needed to be diversified with the message of Dr. William L. Pierce. So he hosted some of Dr. Pierce’s speeches in audio form on a popular file storage platform, created QR codes for them (which allow people with smart phones to instantly scan the codes and hear the associated speech) and put the codes on small stickers along with just a few words of provocative text, and spread them far and wide in places he worked, studied, and passed by in the Chicago, Illinois, Lexington, Kentucky, and north Florida areas.

The stickers are just a few inches across. They say nothing threatening to anyone. They are designed to provoke a moment of thought — and curiousity — in order to get those who see them to scan the code and hear Dr. Pierce. They have messages like “You are being enslaved; scan to listen and learn how and why”; “We must regain the will to live — our ship is sinking”; “There is no political solution for America”; “The feminization of America is the death of America — scan, listen, and become a man”; “Want to know why society is nuts? Scan and listen”; It is your duty to take action.”

The small, inoffensive stickers have generated an outsized response from the police, local government, university officials, and, of course, Jewish groups and Jewish-controlled “mainstream” media. They’ve been left on doorsteps of innumerable business, classrooms, lecture halls, gas pumps, street signs, telephone and light poles, controlled-media newspaper boxes, places where controlled media operatives can’t avoid seeing them, where people renting Hollywood movies can’t avoid seeing them, on top of Covid fear propaganda, on top of racemixing “music” promotions, even on top of or next to Communist and anti-White propaganda posters, and once even on a sign for a branch of the Federal Reserve Bank. I’ll include some photos in the text version of the broadcast that can be read on

Even almost a fifth of a century after his death, Dr. William Pierce’s message is showing up in the most interesting places.

Even Fox News’ local affiliate in Jacksonville got into the act of condemning Dr. Pierce’s message — though not daring to mention him by name. I’ll embed their report in the text version of this broadcast.

Here’s a controlled media — News4 in Florida — version of events at the University of North Florida, just one venue where the stickers were placed:

The University of North Florida said it has identified a student who is accused of placing stickers around campus that had QR codes linking to a website that hosted white supremacist and anti-Semitic materials. [Notice that they refuse to mention anything that could lead the reader or viewer to Dr. Pierce or the National Alliance.]

UNF said the stickers were found March 29 in the midst of Passover, a Jewish holiday that began March 27. [They feel the need to mention this, doubtless under instructions from their Jewish owners, so they can falsely claim that Jews were “targeted.” Actually, nothing could be further from the truth — Dr. William Pierce’s message was and is for his own people.]

The Florida Times-Union, which first reported the story, said the messaging was posted on the doors of Jewish professors’ classrooms. [Again, pure coincidence — the “messaging” was posted where it would gain the maximum audience of Whites; the poster had zero interest or knowledge of what professors might have used the rooms at various times.]

UNF said Tuesday that the person responsible has been identified as a current student and the incident has been referred to the Office of Equal Opportunity and Inclusion and Student Conduct. A university spokesperson said that because of the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, UNF can’t release any more information about the incident.

“The University of North Florida wholeheartedly rejects hate in all its forms. We remain extremely committed to providing a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment on our campus for all students, faculty and staff regardless of race, ethnicity, faith, national origin, range of abilities, sexual orientation or gender identity,” UNF wrote in a statement to News4Jax. “We stand in solidarity with our Jewish community and strongly condemn these actions.”

In a statement posted to Instagram, the school’s Jewish Student Union said it stands with the university against hostility and discrimination

Kelvin Mmary, a UNF student from East Africa, told News4Jax on Tuesday that he found out about the stickers through an email that went out to students.

“I was shocked as anyone else could be, and that’s very unacceptable,” Mmary said. [Good to know that an invader from Africa finds that anything that “shocks” him is “very unacceptable.” It’s not clear that Mmary ever listened to the broadcasts or just is parroting what the media are feeding to him — probably the latter.]

UNF student Michael Khoriakov, who is Jewish, had also just learned about what happened.

“I was kind of shocked. Why would you spread the message of something bad out there?” Khoriakov said. [Yes, brilliant Jewish mind at work here — why would anyone want to “spread messages of something bad out there”? Puzzling indeed! New laws are needed.]

Rabi [sic] Jonathan Lubliner, of the Jacksonville Jewish Center, was not surprised. He said this isn’t the first time someone has attempted to spread messages of hate and it won’t be the last. He also said heated politics have allowed certain segments of society to openly express their views of people they deem different. [Another Jewish genius here. Yes, to “openly express their views” is clearly to commit a serious crime in the rabbi’s book. Can’t get much clearer than that, thanks. And the author of the piece gets a special National Vanguard controlled media intern award for being unable to spell “rabbi.”]

“There is, unfortunately, discrimination and bigotry from both extremes of the political spectrum. Each one is different. But each is also rooted in a very narrow and intolerant view of the other,” Lubliner said.

UNF formed an anti-hate task force after swastikas were found spray-painted in a campus bathroom in 2019.

In 2017, Ken Parker, a UNF student and former member of the Jacksonville Ku Klux Klan, was suspended for a social media post that showed him holding a gun. [This incident from four years ago clearly has nothing to do with what’s happening now, but let’s drag it in since — gasp — the man was holding a gun, for God’s sake!]

Kentucky’s WKYT was unique among the many controlled media outlets which covered the stickering — the only one I could find that actually mentions Dr. Pierce:

Lexington Rabbi Shlomo Litvin [what a name] is calling on the community to speak out after stickers linking to anti-Semitic content were placed throughout downtown Lexington over the weekend.

A viewer sent pictures of several stickers to WKYT. They’re red and white with a QR code printed in the center. WKYT blurred out the code. [Of course they blurred out the code — Dr. Pierce’s message is truthful and powerful and exposes the crimes of the Jewish establishment — and so the media Jews don’t want it promoted.]

The viewer told WKYT the stickers were on Sunrise Bakery, Corto Lima, Pearl’s, and the Pam Miller Downtown Arts Center, to name a few.

“Over the weekend, dozens of stickers were illegally plastered around downtown Lexington, with links to incoherent racist and antisemitic drivel,” said Rabbi Litvin in a statement.

WKYT scanned the code and it links to 290 recorded speeches by William Luther Pierce, the founder of the National Alliance. It was a white supremacist and neo-Nazi political organization. [Though they mention Dr. Pierce and the Alliance by name, they promote the incredible whopper vended by the Jews at Wikipedia and elsewhere that the Alliance — which has a higher readership today than some controlled media outlets — no longer exists.]

“Racism and religious persecution are intolerable and have no place in Lexington,” said Lexington Mayor Linda Gorton.

Mayor Gorton is encouraging anyone who knows anything about the stickers to contact Lexington police at 859-258-3600.

“We must speak out and reject this affront. On behalf of our community, we encourage all people to do so,” said Rabbi Litvin.

The mayor said she would reach out to the Downtown Lexington Management District to see if their ambassadors can help with cleanup.

This all comes after an incident during Hanukkah in December and vandalism at the Chabad at UK Jewish Student Center in November. [Again, totally unrelated events are dragged in to create in the minds of viewers the idea that it is somehow a crime to criticize Jews and that any such criticism is a call to commit vandalism and other crimes.]

Now, the man behind the stickers, who I’ll call Benjamin, a graduate student pursuing an advanced degree in one of the hard sciences, admits that he should have done a few things differently — putting the stickers on private property wasn’t really necessary when there are so many venues where stickers are allowed (or present already and apparently allowed), or places on public property where free speech demands they be permitted. And it would have been better — much better — if, instead of hosting the speeches on a major storage platform where they can easily be censored or otherwise deleted, he had made the QR codes link to the same speeches hosted on our own site — — where they are far less likely to ever be deleted or go down. ( is where hundreds of Dr. Pierce’s speeches — also available in our Power of Truth CD series — have been made into absolutely free-to-view slide show videos as a promotional and educational tool. The big difference between making your QR codes link to a commercial storage server and making them link to is that the storage server gives the listener or viewer nothing further to do after hearing the broadcast. He might “google” Dr. Pierce or the Alliance, if Dr. Pierce mentions his name or the Alliance’s name during the broadcast, something he didn’t always do. And if he does do that “googling,” the listener will be presented with tons of anti-Alliance and anti-White sites in the search results. Whereas when the speech is accessed via, the listener gets direct and prominent links to our membership site, our online magazine, and our Cosmotheist church and book store sites. He gets options for further education. He gets options for further action. He gets suggestions for taking the next step or steps. Much better!

Benjamin tells me that his stickering in Lexington has gotten police attention, but the police haven’t been able to cite any law that he has broken except perhaps some misdemeanor regarding littering or leaving unwanted solicitations or the like on private property. Even after days or weeks of “studying” local laws, they can’t come up with a single real crime that has been committed, though they have “asked him” to “stop posting controversial messages” — with the implication being that they are under pressure to charge him with a crime even if no such crime exists on the statute books. That’s policing in the Jews’ New World Order, I suppose.

Benjamin, after having heard the liberating, sobering, and soul-stirring message of Dr. William Pierce, did the right thing — the responsible thing. He spread that message to hundreds of others. And after an intense period of spreading the truth on his own, he has now gone on to do a further responsible thing — he has joined the National Alliance. He has joined his efforts to ours, and ours to his. That’s what Dr. Pierce would have wanted him to do. That’s what you can do too. You are responsible for the future of our people.

* * *

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