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Jennifer Rubin: One cannot help but wonder if, perhaps, there are both slaves and slave-traders in her woodpile. In any case, she hates Whites, and that makes her superplusdoublegood in the unreality of the mediasphere.

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 28 August, 2021

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by Kevin Alfred Strom

THE ENEMY is increasingly out in the open. For a hundred years, he tried to keep in the shadows. But as his plans for open rule begin to converge with the political and racial awakening of White Americans, the enemy reveals himself — or herself, as the case may be — more and more. What sometimes we’re tempted to see as relentless “bad news” — anti-White pronouncements, increased censorship of White voices, criminalization of White resistance to our ongoing genocide — is really good news in that our enemies are forced to show their hand to the whole nation, pushing millions of White people out onto the path from which there is no turning back.

And the issues themselves which are behind this showing of the enemy’s hand, the issues that are driving our people’s awakening, are also peaking, culminating, boiling over — and that is good news, too.

Both of these trends mean that Whites are increasingly aware they have been targeted and marked for replacement, genocide, and death. Both of these trends mean that more and more Whites now know that it is the Jewish power structure that is the driving force behind the genocide.

Let’s meet the enemy. Self-described “conservative” Jennifer Rubin is a perfect example. Rubin is a Jew, a Jew with a fairly obvious Mulatta look about her. She’s one of those Jews that practically no one, even the most clueless, would mistake for White. The biological mimicry gene is just a tad weak in her line, I suppose. Rubin’s New-York-Jewish family relocated to LA back at the height of the counterculture revolution in 1968. She became a high-powered labor lawyer. Hardly a typical CV for a conservative pundit, you’d think, but that’s exactly what she became despite a distinct lack of writing and speaking talent. Must have had some solid inside connections, though, since in just a few years after starting from nothing she became a Washington Post heavyweight columnist and pet “conservative.” After 15 years she finally dropped the “conservative” label, because, she said, there were too many racists and nationalists on that side.

Now she’s come right out with it, and that’s a good thing. She’s celebrating the death of the White race, specifically the decline of White Americans as described in a recent release from the 2020 US Census. The Census reports that the White population in the US declined for the first time since 1790, receding from 63 to 57 per cent. of the total, with the White percentage of under-18s dropping even more precipitously to 47.3 per cent. Rubin sees this as something to celebrate, Tweeting (quite ungrammatically for an alleged writer) “a more diverse, more inclusive society. this is fabulous news. now we need to prevent minority White rule.” Perhaps she was so overcome with happiness that she could barely type through tears of joy.

It doesn’t get much more obvious and direct than this.

How much more obvious does it have to be? A talentless Jewess ensconced at a high level in the media through the near-universal nepotism of our ruling class, ecstatic with joy at the also almost-universal White despair, death, and decline. A Jewess who presumes to dictate what our morality should be, and what our future should be. A Jewess who looks like Maxine Waters’ second cousin once removed. A Jewess who pied-pipered stupid conservatives for over a decade into supporting Israel, Israel’s wars, and Jewish capital’s rape of the world through “free trade” — and who then drops the mask and essentially says die, just god damned die, you racist nationalist Whites. Conservatives who still don’t get it after that — well, there’s no hope for them and they deserve everything they get.

The Post article linked by Rubin has a promo at the bottom for another Post piece on the consequences of the Browning of America, with the title “Prepare for a long period of political rage. The new census data shows why” — to which I say, you got that right, Charlie.

When one considers what kind of person you have to be to be one of Jennifer Rubin’s Twitter followers, and when one considers how many purges upon purges of independent thinkers Twitter has had lately, it’s amazing and hilarious to see how much pushback Rubin is getting for her gloating. I’d say half of the responses are from racially conscious Whites castigating her and laughing at the Jews’ over-the-top hypocrisy when it comes to open borders for all White countries and closed borders for sacred Israel.

One commenter says “Open borders for Israel.” Another rewrites Rubin’s tweet so that it closely follows the sentence structure of Barbara Lerner Spectre’s famous admission of the Jewish leadership of the anti-White campaign in Europe. Yet another says to Rubin “Maybe you should give up your job in favour of a person of colour, so as to make the press more diverse as well?” Another comments, “Jewish journalists, don’t you just love ’em? I mean, they really don’t seem to like we White folks much, do they? The contempt is age-old….” Another asks “Why don’t you just kill the White people like they did in South Africa?” to which yet another answers “Oh, that’s in the plan but we’re not at the stage where she can openly say it yet.”

I’d add that we’re just two steps away from that stage now. Things escalated pretty quickly in 1920s Russia, too. It just took a few months, really, to go from, “all power to the Soviets” to knocks on the door at 1 AM, bloody clubs, and rooms you don’t leave alive. That’s how Jews roll when they hold all the cards. The thought of such things makes a certain kind of person ecstatic. It makes a certain other kind of person join and support the National Alliance.

On the bright side, all this increasing awareness means Jews like Rubin may have a really good fight on their hands before they get hold of the requisite cards. They may never get hold of them, if, as National Vanguard star writer Douglas Mercer puts it, the first wave of arrests goes well. Rubin may well have signed her own arrest warrant.

This increasing awareness of Jewish power is a very real thing. Our educational efforts — and the Jewish power structure’s unintentional support of our educational efforts — are bearing beautiful, wonderful, fertile fruit.

Just the other day, the premier Jewish anti-White hate group, the ADL, posted what would, a few years ago, have just been another lying and yawn-inducing article on the case that was instrumental in their founding, the 1913 Leo Frank case. Frank was an Atlanta B’nai B’rith official and Jewish sweatshop owner who was convicted of the sex murder of a 13-year-old White girl, Mary Phagan. When the Jews used their muscle and money and media control to vacate his death sentence, vigilantes composed of prominent Atlanta citizens carried out the death sentence themselves. The ADL said, as an introduction:

106 years ago today, Leo Frank was lynched in Georgia by an antisemitic mob. His murder was driven by the pervasive #antisemitism of the time and his story reminds us why [sic] must continue our fight against that hate today.

The ADL’s boilerplate, repeated for at least the hundredth time, was brought to my attention by a truth-telling site run by the great-niece of Mary Phagan, Leo Frank’s victim, Mrs. Mary Phagan-Kean. She writes:

Making an Impact; ADL Narrative Highly Questioned on Twitter: We have literally never seen this level of questioning of the official narrative on the Leo Frank case before. This is truly extraordinary. After the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) published one of their typical pieces on Twitter promoting the endlessly repeated idea that Leo Frank was innocent and a victim of “anti-Semitism,” the response of people on Twitter was overwhelmingly against what the ADL was saying.

Out of hundreds of replies, over 95% by our count, were critical of, even mocking, the “received narrative.” Truth-telling websites such as this one, as well as https://theamericanmercury.org/https://leofrank.info/ and https://www.leofrank.org/ are truly making a major difference!

And the responses are indeed 95 per cent. — at least counter — to the ADL.

This is the reality the Jews are facing. Even with a supine White majority, an ever-growing segment — the best and brightest and most free-thinking segment — of the White population is wise to their schemes and their lies. An increasing number of non-Whites is aware of them, too. Jews, and the Washington regime they control, are no one’s friends seems to be the overarching lesson that millions are learning.

Mary Phagan-Kean’s Web site, and the American Mercury, and the Leo Frank archive and Leo Frank Case Research Library, have all made a difference in the public perception of the Leo Frank case, even after the Jews had the only megaphone in sight for nearly 100 years. Things have changed now, thanks to a lot of hard work by a lot of dedicated people. The National Alliance’s educational efforts over the last half century have made a difference in the public’s perception of the Frank case and much, much, more than the Frank case. The cat is out of the bag: The White race is in danger. The Jews are the culprits. The Jews lie to you and steal your wealth. And if you let them, they will take your entire country away from you and leave you dead.

That’s the message that millions are getting now. An ominous message perhaps. But not a hopeless one. We can build a nation for our people, free of Jewish hate and Jewish exploitation and genocide.

For every one who hears that message — for every one who helps spread it — for every one who joins with the National Alliance in doing something about it — it is a ray of light and hope. Join your hope, your light, your efforts to ours today.

* * *

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