A Thunderclap One Inch in Front of Your Face

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 31 July, 2021

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by Kevin Alfred Strom

TODAY I want to tell you that our new book — Cosmotheism: Religion of the Future — is almost done at the printers and will be arriving at our Cosmotheist Books warehouse very soon. This “little red book” of truth, and inspiration, spirituality, and perhaps most of all, of hope for our people, the White people of this Earth, will soon be in the hands of all of you who have pre-ordered it. If you haven’t ordered it yet, now is your chance to get the first copies of the first printing of the first edition of this vitally important work.

Copies due from the printer in a week, we expect.

Our people are spiritually sick today. So many have lost hope to such an extent that they drown themselves in alcohol, in empty, loveless, destructive sex acts, in illegal drugs or legal painkillers, in suicide. Told by a hostile elite that White people are evil and guilty from birth, that it is “morally wrong” to want their bloodlines to continue, they languish. They are filled with uncertainty and fear. With their children — if they even have any — taught by the schools to hate their own ancestors, they abase themselves in orgies of self-hatred, hoping for a few crumbs from their masters’ table — or they cleave ever more strongly to Christianity, not realizing that it was invented and imposed by the same enemies that are killing them today, not realizing that it preaches the same racial destruction as Communism or liberalism. Some clutch at the straws cynically offered to them by Fox News and other “conservative” operations, largely run by those same enemies and designed to appear to be in opposition to them while secretly serving them — operations that by design never truthfully even identify who it is that is killing us. (Here’s a hint: If you read or watch or subscribe to or support any group that asserts that “the Dems” or “identity politics” is the source of our nation’s woes, then you are supporting your own executioners.)

No wonder so many have lost hope. But we should not lose hope. We White people, we Europeans, are the most creatively intelligent people on this Earth. There are close to a billion of us, while those who have declared war on us, the Jews, constitute a tiny fraction of that number. True, they have amassed trillions of our dollars by foul means, but dollars now are only pieces of paper, issued by filthy Jew banks, with a rapidly-declining value, and no value at all once we replace them with a new standard, once we decide that we won’t work for them any more, won’t work for anything held in their filthy paws, and when we decide that any property titles or contracts of any kind held in their blood-soaked mitts are null and void and worthless by definition. Their paper will avail them naught.

We can get to that happy day, when we will be free to be ourselves again — free to serve our people again — free to build the best possible future for our children again — we can get to that happy day once we become spiritually healthy again. And that’s the purpose of our new Cosmotheism book — to bring us back to spiritual health.

It not only tells us that working for the survival and progress of our own race is permissible — it teaches us, and shows us so powerfully that it cannot be denied and cannot be forgotten, that working for the survival and progress of our race is necessary; is mandatory; is morally required; and is in fact the purpose of Life — of all Life in the Universe. It doesn’t whisper meekly that maybe, just maybe, it’s “okay to be White.”

It hits your mind and spirit like a thunderclap one inch in front of your face.

It shows you the White race is the highest development of the Life Force yet seen and is also the key and the bridge to all future development of Life. It teaches us and shows us that the advancement of our race toward a godlike state is the very meaning of the Universe and the source of all morality. That is Cosmotheism. That is our newest book — Cosmotheism: Religion of the Future.

You can order your copy right now at cosmotheistchurch.org/crf.

After this broadcast goes live, I want to get a call from our book store telling me that the first printing has sold out.

In this new book, Dr. William Pierce, the founder of both Cosmotheism and of the National Alliance, the sponsor of this radio program. tells us:

Deep inside all of us, in our race-soul, there is a source of divine wisdom, of ages-old wisdom, of wisdom as old as the Universe. That is the wisdom, the truth, of Cosmotheism. It is a truth of which most of us have been largely unconscious all our lives, but which now we have the opportunity to understand clearly and precisely.

Thus Dr. Pierce bids all men and women of European race who are capable of doing so to understand ourselves and our purpose.

Dr. William Luther Pierce’s Cosmotheism is not a revealed religion, but is instead what he called a natural religion: It rejects all of the claimed supernatural “revelations” which find their way onto shining golden plates or ancient scrolls, instead having its basis in the realities of Nature that our eyes — and the investigations of science — have confirmed. In the drama of the evolution of life from non-living matter, and of higher and more conscious beings from lower forms of life, William Pierce sees a path of purpose and destiny for us.

This new, definitive book provides the reader with the only guide to Cosmotheism published by the Cosmotheist Church itself. In effect, it is the Cosmotheist bible. It contains all of William Pierce’s important Cosmotheist works, including the Cosmotheist Trilogy, his essays from internal National Alliance and Cosmotheist Community publications, and his lectures at the Community’s first gatherings in Arlington, Virginia in the 1970s. It also contains important works on the new religion by Fred Streed and by myself.

As of this past week, it is 19 years since Dr. Pierce left us. I hope that by next year, the 20th year after his death, this book will be well on its way to a great success and a great awakening of our people.

Let me tell you also of two other new items at our book store.

Newly reprinted!

First published in 1993, The Saga of White Will by New World Order Comix was the National Alliance’s first and so far only comic book for young Whites. It’s the story of White high school students who fight back against non-White violence and against an anti-White administration. A large supply of a new, updated edition of this long out-of-print full color, 38-page classic has recently been delivered to the Alliance’s National Office for distribution. It’s witty, fun, and powerful. You can get it at Cosmotheist Books.

We also recently added the eleventh CD in our Power of Truth series of speeches and broadcasts by Dr. William Pierce. It features twenty more of Dr. Pierce’s American Dissident Voices shows and speeches, bringing the total of “All Pierce, All the Time” talks to 220, with more to come as the series continues to expand. (You can sample these speeches at natall.com/bitchute or at video.natall.com too.) These high quality mp3-CDs sell for $20 each or $160 for the entire 11-CD set at https://cosmotheistchurch.org/product-category/cds/. (Purchasing these CDs funds our operations, and that’s especially important since our books have been mostly banned by Amazon and other major outlets.)

Now there are 11 CDs in the Power of Truth series, with 20 of Dr. Pierce’s speeches on each CD.

It was Dr. Pierce who created the logotype that you see on the top of every page here at nationalvanguard.org. It was also on the cover of every issue of National Vanguard print magazine, and an earlier, almost identical, iteration of it was on the tabloid newspaper version of National Vanguard. I was there when Dr. Pierce created the latest version, using an early 1970s-era typesetting machine that filled half a room and adding a lovingly crafted hand-drawn Life Rune. The logotype we use today is directly from a scan of what Dr. Pierce created. It is not a re-creation. The main thing I want to draw your attention to is the motto on the logotype: “Toward a New Consciousness; a New Order; a New People.” The New Consciousness — a consciousness not only of White people’s plight, but of our true place in the Universe — is what we are building with our work here on National Vanguard and with this new book. The New Order will be the cultural and governmental and religious structures we will build to organize our people in an impregnable state and advance them through a structure designed to facilitate eternal improvement and progress. The New People will be what we will become as we purify ourselves and advance ourselves by taking charge of our own evolution.

I am proud to have contributed to this new book. I am proud to have worked with Dr. Pierce. I am proud to have worked with Chairman Williams, and other National Alliance members and staffers who helped make this book possible. The product of our labors will be in your hands very soon. It is the culmination of decades of work, and of quite a few “all-nighters” in recent months here at the Strom household.

As we launch this book out into the wide world, I see new generations of positive, smiling, determined, confident, and beautiful White faces, mothers, fathers, children, grandfathers, grandmothers, who would never have been born had this book never been written. I see lives redeemed. I see the hopeless given new hope, new purpose, real purpose. I see honest work honestly rewarded. I see eternal racial separation and evolutionary divergence that makes us better and purer than we have ever been before; the deadly danger of miscegenation made impossible. I see higher things. I see science that takes us not only to the stars, not only to the advanced future that we now stand in danger of losing, but also to new understandings that make our current understanding look like the emerging consciousness of a newborn child — understandings that will allow us to separate ourselves forever from lower man. I hear greater symphonies than have ever yet been written. I see more powerful and deeper drama than has ever been on stage or screen in all of our race’s great history. I see magnificent architecture that exalts our European spirit 10,000 times more than ugly modernism degrades and depresses it. I see sculptures and paintings that make Phidias and Breker and Waterhouse and Bierstadt, great as they are, look like the first faltering steps on a stairway to Alpha Centauri.

Is my vision grandiose? I do not think it is. Read our new book and I believe that the best of you will be convinced. When you have read and understood it, you will want — you will be impelled, I believe — to share it with others.

Once again, you can order your copy of Cosmotheism: Religion of the Future at cosmotheistchurch.org/crf.

* * *

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