Jews and the USS Liberty: Violent, Hateful, Deceptive

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 5 June, 2021 2021-0605 Jews and the USS Liberty – Violent Hateful Deceptive.mp3

by Kevin Alfred Strom

THIS WEEK marks the 54th anniversary of the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty, something we’ve covered extensively on this program. 171 Americans were wounded or maimed. 34 were killed. The Jews believed that the American intelligence ship had intercepted some of their war plans during the height of the Six-Day War. The Jews intended that every single American sailor and officer be killed, sent to the bottom of the ocean, and then the attack blamed on the Egyptians, tricking Americans into supporting Israel in that war. But an heroic radio man aboard the Liberty, Richard Sturman, got the message out before the Jews’ murderous false-flag plan could be completed. As I said in an earlier program:

A British reporter, Anthony Pearson, in his book Conspiracy of Silence, reports that the Jew in command of the three Mirage jets that attacked the Liberty was born in Baltimore and served as a fighter pilot in Vietnam. The pilot of the second Israeli plane was also a Vietnam veteran and had served in the US Navy Air Corps. The third pilot was a native Israeli. It is rather disheartening to think that the American armed services had trained two fighter pilots who thought so little of their country of birth that they joined the air force of another country and carried out a murderous air assault on an American ship. But such are the loyalties and nature of Jews.

On this anniversary of the attack on the Liberty, I want to emphasize the attitudes and inner nature of the murderers. The writer David Sims, who we often feature on National Vanguard, writes:

After their attack on Deir Yassin in 1948, Israel lied. After their attack on the USS Liberty in 1967, Israel lied. After their massacre of the UN refugee camp in Qana in 1996, Israel lied. After the murder of the little boy Muhammad al-Durra in 2000, Israel lied. After their murder of Rachel Corrie in 2003, Israel lied. After the 2009 bombing of a school in Gaza, killing 40 children, Israel lied. After the murderous piracy of the Mavi Marmara in 2010, Israel lied. Remember! Israel always lies.

You won’t see this kind of news on television. To get an accurate picture of history, you must do research on the Internet because most of the mainstream media are owned by Jews and are under the executive supervision of Jews.

Israel targeted several ambulances during its invasion of Lebanon. The one making the rounds on social media recently was the least serious of those attacks because nobody died (though someone lost his legs as the result of the missile).

I had a video showing a missile attack on another ambulance, this one filled with children and evacuating a village in southern Lebanon which the Israelis had begun attacking. The missile was fired from an Israeli helicopter gunship, and the video contains a voiceover from someone with a British accent. At the end of that video, we see a distraught Lebanese driver running back toward the village carrying a wounded child. The cameraman walks over to the ambulance, where we see another child, a girl, dead inside the vehicle. I have been unable to locate this video on the Internet recently, and it is possible that copies are no longer available.

Israel attempted to build a hoax about Arabs creating a hoax about Israel’s attacks on International Red Cross/Red Crescent ambulances. Israel created a videotaped propaganda presentation, in which the Israelis alleged that an ambulance was altered by Arabs in an attempt to make Israel look bad. This is the sort of thing Israel does frequently. They have the money and the technical competence to manufacture hoaxes, and even hoaxes about alleged hoaxes, and you just have to remember from history that Israel always lies. It has always been that way, and the way to bet, when there is any doubt, is that Israel is lying again.

Making hoaxes of this kind seems to be a Jewish thing.

Have you noticed that a lot of those swastikas painted on the sides of Jewish synagogues in supposed “hate crimes” that are used as an excuse for censorship and outlawing certain opinions are mirror-image reversed or otherwise malformed? Yep. While that is not always the case, the reversed and malformed swastikas are common enough that you have to wonder which supposed “Nazis” are so stupid that they can’t even draw a swastika correctly. The more likely explanation is that Jews are drawing these symbols themselves and then giving publicity to them, so they can reap sympathy as “victims of hate crimes” and cite them when calling for more laws to “protect them” as a “persecuted minority group,” weaken legal protections for free speech, and censor the Internet.

True, true, so true, Mr. Sims.

The world’s wealthiest ethnic group, the Jews, who steal millions from impoverished Appalachian grandmothers through their Kosher certification scam alone, and who rake in trillions from their Wall Street manipulations, crooked bailouts, and “fractional reserve” scams, any one of which makes Bernie Madoff’s take times a million look like shell game profits in Upper Podunk, consistently pose as a “poor, persecuted minority” in need of special protection and even further favors.

The world’s most powerful ethnic group, the Jews, who have the ability to terminate your employment, to choose exactly what your children will be taught or not taught in public schools and which politicians will be allowed to run on any major party ticket in every single election in the United States, and who own and operate almost all media of mass communication in this country, consistently pose as “oppressed” and powerless “victims” deserving of special favors and sympathy and extra consideration from everyone, and more deserving than anyone of protections from governments at every level.

And this super-wealthy, super-powerful ethnic group, which owns virtually every politician in the West, and possesses a vastly outsize portion of economic power, and with the ability to censor and control virtually everything that they do not own outright, consistently uses its power to attack, denigrate, persecute, personally destroy, and racially eliminate European-descended people wherever we live on planet Earth. A greater hate has never been seen. And a major focus of the Jewish power structure’s efforts has been since 1945 to contracept us out of existence — abort us out of existence — to corrupt us sexually and make us view sex as something in which family-formation and the birth of White children is not its primary purpose — to make us view sexual perversion and even mutilation which renders us permanently sterile as “desirable” or “noble” — to flood our nations with others to replace us and outvote us — to steal our wealth, not only through their multiform hoaxes to get sympathy and “aid,” not only through their con games on a colossal scale such as the fractional reserve banking system and their endless hedge fund and Wall Street ripoffs, any one of which deserves its own book or perhaps series of books to expose, but also through direct wealth transfers from Whites to non-Whites, which are always presented in the Jewish media as “fairness,” “equity,” and “morally good,” when in reality their purpose is to impoverish and demoralize White families, making it harder and harder for us to bring children into the world, and make it easier and easier for others to do so — and thereby build the biomass of those slated to replace us in the nations our forefathers built. A greater hate, I say again, there has never been! A hate which leads to our death. The hate of those who are literally killing us. A hate so cold, so calculated, so evil, and so intense that, even as they effectively slit the throats of innocent White women and children and babies from ear to ear ten thousand times a day, even as they use all their power to make it impossible for us to survive as a people, even as their arms are red with our blood up to their shoulders, they scream “hater!” at anyone who would try to stop their murder spree.

If you want to stop the killing, you are a hater — if you want to stop the killing, you are a bigot — if you want to expose the murderers, it is you who are genocidal. That is what their media lie machine and bought politicians and deluded, owned academics scream in our faces 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

That is the mentality of those who murdered and maimed the American sailors on board the USS Liberty 54 years ago this week. There are twenty to thirty times more of us in this nation than there are of them. If even one-twentieth of our people can become awakened to what is being done to us, we will win. That is why the Opponent is constantly polling, probing, censoring, vilifying, and persecuting. He is deathly afraid that he will be found out. He is deathly afraid that his vicious, snarling hatred for us will be exposed. He is deathly afraid that he will be held accountable for his crimes. He is deathly afraid that his easy living at our expense will come to an end. He is deathly afraid that his attempted genocide of White people as a whole will become as well (or better) known as his attempted genocide of Palestinians. He is deathly afraid that, soon, the game will be up, and that, this time, there will be no new happy hunting ground full of fresh victims to flee to.

This, then, is the mentality of those who murdered the American men aboard the USS Liberty.

We need the truth about the Liberty — and the truth about the attempted genocide of our people — to get out. You can have a part in that. Download our “Day of Infamy” flier at — which includes the entire updated text of Dr. William Pierce’s broadcast about the Liberty, along with new material — and print out hundreds or thousands of copies for distribution in your city, school, and neighborhood. If you’re low on ink or want large quantities at the highest quality, have them reproduced in bulk at your local print shop or at an online printing company. Get them into the hands of every household in your area, send them to opinion leaders and public officials, write letters to the editor and call in to radio talk shows and tell people the truth they need to hear. Decent Americans will be outraged at how the media have lied to them — and how our alleged “ally” cynically murdered our men to achieve their inhuman goals. The time is now, today — act.

The truth about the USS Liberty, if put in the hands of our good-hearted neighbors and friends, is an opportunity to begin the awakening process for millions of Americans. It is clear-cut. It is obvious. The malice and the lies and the corruption of our leaders are there for all to see. Use this opportunity. Put out mass numbers of our “Day of Infamy” flier in your community. Download the file. Give it to your local print shop (or do it yourself), and make as many copies as you can handle. Put them on porches, under windshield wipers, or in newspaper boxes. Put them under the doors of college dormitories. Hand them out on the streets, Post them on community bulletin boards. Go to Get the word out, and then drop us a line to tell us how good it feels to do your duty.

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