Athens, Washington, and Pierce City


American Dissident Voices broadcast of 17 April, 2021 2021-0417 Athens Washington and Pierce City.mp3

by Kevin Alfred Strom

ASHLI BABBIT’S murderer will go scot-free, according to the latest pronouncement from the misnamed “Department of Justice.” And not only will he go scot-free, but we slaves will not even be allowed to learn his name. The victim of this murder, Ashli Babbit, was an unarmed White woman who came to the Capitol on January 6 to demand an investigation of the very questionable election the previous November, and who was shot and killed by an armed guard, though she harmed no one and threatened no one. The video I’ll embed in the text version of this broadcast clearly indicates that the shooter was Black.

This video is valuable because the poster slows it down in some crucial places so you can see not only the obviously dark-skinned hand on the trigger, but also the notably prognathous and slope-headed., kinky-haired killer. The voiceover says the killer is wearing gloves, but that’s a mistake — a clearer version of the same video from NBC shows that isn’t true: You can easily see the Black shooter’s lighter fingernails contrasting with his dark skin. The second video I’ll embed is the same one put up by NBC, where the hands of the murderer are shown sharply and clearly. Interestingly, when NBC posted the same video, they blurred out Ashli’s face — perhaps to prevent the emotional reactions — empathy and sympathy and then righteous anger — that naturally ensue on seeing her in her moment of death. Independent investigators say they’ve identified the killer as Michael Leroy Byrd, but we aren’t supposed to know that. I wonder what will happen to those investigators.

That NBC story — and NBC is run mainly by Jews and was from its beginning — tries to justify the murder of Ashli Babbit, but their material for justification is pretty thin: The group Ashli was with “entered the Capitol building” — well, I’ve done that myself, several times.

And then Ashli’s group “gained access to a hallway… which leads to the Chamber of the U.S. House of Representatives” — well, heck, I’ve also done that myself. I’ve done even more — I was actually in the House Chamber, and in the Senate Chamber, too, just like many thousands of Americans have done over the years — and none of those thousands were shot dead, as Ashli was.

Ashli and her group then came through a door, using “their hands, flagpoles, helmets, and other objects” — whoa, their hands! — and “other objects.” That really sounds like a good justification for murdering her. No cause for indictment, no, not at all. They were using their hands! And other objects! They all should have been killed. Funny how no one but Ashli was killed. Couldn’t be demonization of politically-involved Whites combined with typical Negro low impulse control, could it? Oh, no. Fully justified killing, “our” DOJ assures us. Nothing to see here. Funny how all the other people coming through the door weren’t shot. Why unarmed Ashli? And what about the people who actually made it into the House and Senate Chambers — and Nancy Pelosi’s office? Why weren’t any of them shot? I’ve even seen footage of Capitol Police interacting and talking respectfully with some of those folks.

What the murderer did was surely murder, captured on camera for all to see, with zero justification. The National Alliance demands a new investigation to include inquiries into the political literature and other media viewed and possessed by the killer, a speedy and vigorous prosecution of him, and exemplary punishment — in addition to policy changes to insure that White dissidents are never subject to this kind of injustice again.

All White people who publicly protest the tyranny now being imposed on us, no matter how naïve their understanding or how understandable their anger or how peacefully expressed, no matter how harmless their acts, no matter how many years they have served the System or the nation in the past, no matter even if they are unarmed women, are no longer under the protection of the law. Anything, up to and including torture and death, will happen to you if so ordered by our alien masters. No matter how many witnesses say otherwise, “what happened” is what the DOJ attorneys and Jewish journalists say happened. What actually happened is not relevant and you’d better quit talking about it if you don’t want the same treatment.

Nearly 75 years ago there was another rigged American election — and a group of veterans decided to do something about it. The result was very different from what happened in Washington this year.

At the intersection of North College Street and East White Street in Athens, Tennessee, on a small grassy hill, stands an historical marker which reads:

BATTLE OF ATHENS: August 1-2, 1946 — The Battle of Athens was an armed revolt that gained national attention. Attempting to end the control of an entrenched political machine, World War II veterans used force to ensure that on the day of local elections in 1946 every vote “was counted as cast.” After local authorities locked themselves and the ballot boxes in the jail, veterans suspicious of foul play gathered weapons and ammunition and exchanged fire from this hill upon the jail, which once stood across the street. The besieged authorities surrendered. At a meeting in the courthouse, an interim government was set up, followed by the election of the veterans’ slate.

According to one of the veterans who took part, William White, the marker tells only a small part of the story, as related by Logan Nye and National Vanguard correspondents:

While Sheriff Cantrell and his lackeys from his political machine “counted the votes” while barricaded in the jail, White and the other veterans were getting angry. Finally, sometime after 6 p.m., White led a raid on the National Guard armory to get guns. White said in a 1969 interview that they “broke down the armory doors and took all the rifles, two Thompson sub-machine guns, and all the ammunition we could carry, loaded it up in the two-ton truck and went back to GI headquarters and passed out seventy high-powered rifles and two bandoliers of ammunition with each one.”

The veterans set siege to the jail, firing on deputies that were outside the jail when they arrived. One deputy fell wounded into the building while another crawled under a car after he was hit in his leg. But, Sheriff Cantrell and others were safely locked behind the brick walls of the jail. The veterans needed to get through before other police or the National Guard arrived. Molotov cocktails proved ineffective but at 2:30 in the morning, someone arrived with dynamite. At about the same time, an ambulance arrived and the veterans let it through, assuming it was there for the wounded. Instead, Cantrell and one of his men escaped in it. A few minutes later, the vets started throwing dynamite. The first bundle was used to blow up a deputy’s cruiser, flipping it over. Then, three more bundles were thrown. One landed on the porch roof, one under another car, and one against the jail wall. The nearly simultaneous explosions destroyed the wall and car and threw the jail porch off of its foundation. The deputies in the jail, as well as some hiding out in the courthouse, surrendered immediately. The veterans were then forced to protect the deputies as local townspeople attempted to kill them. At least one deputy had his throat slit and another of Cantrell’s men was shot in the jaw. The veterans established a patrol to keep the peace. To prevent a counterattack by Cantrell, the vets placed machine guns at all the approaches to Athens. The rest of the incident played out without violence. Henry Knox took over as sheriff Aug. 4, 1946 and future elections dismantled what was left of Cantrell’s machine.


History is written by the victors. The winners of the Battle of Athens, had they lost, would have been called “insurrectionists” and “terrorists” and “desecrators of our temple of democracy” too — just like the January 6 protesters are portrayed today in the controlled media.

I have no idea if the victors at the Battle of Athens were right about the political corruption they were fighting, though I suspect they were, since, in a democracy, it’s about an 80 per cent. bet, I think, that there is political corruption no matter what jurisdiction or administration or party you’re talking about — almost a sure thing.

But what I do know for sure is that the focused, purposeful, united, and organized veterans at the Battle of Athens had a decent chance of success when they began their battle. And I also know that the January 6 protesters had no chance of success, assuming their goals were to effect an honest investigation of, and an honest recount of, the 2020 election. The January 6 protesters had no plan — no real understanding of the forces arrayed against them — no ideological or political or spiritual or any other kind of unity that I could discern — no shared identity and precious few shared values — and, even though I credited them with two goals, I’m not even sure that a majority of them shared those goals.

And this chaotic, inchoate, floundering protest, with zero discipline or real leadership, was totally open to infiltration, redirection, and being set up by America’s enemies to take a hard fall — which is exactly what happened.

Now the more advanced sort of patriot, the kind I’m addressing here, knows that risking one’s life — and that’s what any real protest against the System amounts to these days — to preserve the supposed “integrity” of the “democratic process” is a waste of time. It never had any integrity to begin with. My audience knows that the real issue is not that the System got away with stealing another election in a long line of stolen elections. Elections themselves, even when not a single vote is faked, are almost always a kind of theft anyway — a theft, from the people, of the people’s real leaders. The real issue is not vote-counting. The real issue is that the Jewish power structure owns the media and controls the politicians and is determined to steal all our wealth, take away what little power over our lives that still remains to us, and exterminate us as a people — committing genocide not only on White Americans, but on people of European descent worldwide. We know that the leaders and functionaries of this power structure, whether they be the Jewish heads of the hydra or the largely non-Jewish paid traitors who work for them, are our people’s real enemies. And we know we need to take the media — and political power — and the power of money — away from them, if we are to survive.

But even we who know these things are woefully divided and disorganized, and largely still mired in belief systems long corrupted by our enemies. The National Alliance aims to change that. We aim to build a core, an elite, of White men and women, aware of their identity and their mission, and build with them a living community that can span the generations and lead our people to higher ground, far above the rising tide of blood and violence, far away from the decaying, deadly insane asylum that most of America is becoming. From that living community will arise natural, incorruptible, focused leadership from which a new nation can arise. There simply isn’t any other way to do it.

America’s future is bound tightly to her past. We Americans — and the term “Americans” refers only to White people — are a unique blend of European genes, forged in hardship, in conquest, in exploration, and in our endless struggle for freedom and independence for our people. We are restless, unhappy, and exploited as worker-drones living in a Third World province of the Jewish elite’s New World Order. In recent years, it’s becoming increasingly clear that, in addition to being exploited, we are also passionately hated — and slated for genocide.

In the historic task of building a New America, it will fall to us to be examples for our media-befuddled brothers. We who are awakened to our great destiny must spread that awakening, that consciousness of the future, to others. That is the task of the National Alliance, of this Web magazine, and of this radio program, American Dissident Voices.

Don’t be discouraged if your efforts only bring a few into our ranks at first. Spreading our message to our people initiates a self-selection process. Even if only one in 200 that you reach decides to support our efforts, that is potentially a million of our folk in the United States alone. Those who are ready for the truth — those in whom the Divine Spark burns brightest — are the most likely to respond, and the most able to help us build for the future.

Be a part of that future. Join with us. Together we can make our White community so strong that no one can stop us. Join us and together we will build a New America and a New Order. Not the ‘New World Order’ of the deluded ‘liberal’ witch doctors now vending a new mixture of Communism and superstition to an ignorant delusionariat; but a New Order of steel and diamonds — the steel of the White Man’s will and the diamonds of his genius. An Order in which the productive and the great will be rewarded and not penalized for their gifts and in which the great will work together for the good of the race instead of for selfish personal interests; an Order in which all that was good in the Old America will be restored and all that was corrupt and evil will be obliterated; an Order in which a new, true spirituality will live in our hearts, leading us to greatness beyond imagining — and an Order in which the seeds of alien subversion will never be allowed to take root again.

Live that future now, as you work for its triumph. Surround yourself with the sounds of Chopin and Liszt and Wagner and Verdi and Schumann. Fill your home with the sounds of Mozart and Haydn. Be imbued with the European race-soul. Cover your walls with the greatest artworks of the West, with Waterhouse and Bierstadt, with Breker and Cole and Powers and Rossetti, with images of the Classical world where our people’s culture was born, with images of that culture’s greatest renaissance in 20th century Europe. Fill your bookshelves with the greatest works of all time, by all those so-called “dead White European males.” Immerse yourself in the grandeur and greatness of the world that once was ours, the world that men and women of our kind built from nothing and will build again on the ruins.

Revel in Nature, and in the too-few old-growth forests that remain. Recapture the race-memories of the titan European woods where our race evolved. Immerse yourself in mathematics and the hard sciences, and in biological evolution, to understand the divine Nature that brought us into being. When you visit our once-great cities, ignore the brutal concrete and glass blocks, and gaze with pride upon the last two centuries’ still-standing magnificent creations of the European spirit — and cast your eyes upward so that you do not see the filthy undermen swarming on the street. Instead, imagine the streets filled with the gentlemen and ladies of a new millennium. And, every day, study the works of William Pierce and Cosmotheism.

Coming soon

The first step to our rebirth begins with you. Remake your lives. Remake yourselves into what you were meant to be. And together we will make history.

When Dr. William Pierce was on his deathbed, he told me that the National Alliance was more than just a group with a political philosophy, more than just an educational organization. He said that his goal for the Alliance was to make it, above all, a group of men and women with a sacred mission, a group with a spiritual basis which would be passed on to each generation in turn so that its vision could never die. He told me that his goal was to make the Alliance have the essence and the staying power of a holy order.

When I first met Dr. Pierce in 1982, he was running the Alliance from a cubbyhole office in a run-down section of Arlington, Virginia. One of his outreach efforts at the time was a small sticker with the Alliance’s address and telephone number on it, with a single imperative sentence printed above: Dream of a White America. We can and will get more and more thousands, and then millions, of our people dreaming the same dream. After dreaming the dream comes living the life. Let’s work together.

And as for Pierce City — it will be built.

* * *

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