Will Williams: Building a White Future, part 2

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 27 March, 2021

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by Kevin Alfred Strom

ON TODAY’S PROGRAM we present the second part of a new interview with William White Williams, Chairman of the National Alliance. The topics we’ll be discussing include:

  • What happened after the so-called “armed insurrection” at the US Capitol on 6 January?
  • Why is The Turner Diaries no longer available through anti-White oligopoly retailer Amazon?
  • What did Dr. Pierce have to say about Biden’s Agriculture Secretary pick, Thomas Vilsack?
  • Why is every single White US Senator a sorry excuse for a human being?
  • Chairman Williams’ book, Pocahontas Show Trial: The Wrongful Conviction of an “Unpopular Figure” in West Virginia, gives new insight into the abuse of the legal system engaged in by certain parties who were trying to destroy the National Alliance.
  • Is there any hope that we can get compensation for the damages caused by the coup attempts against the Alliance in recent years? — or the tremendous expenses involved in trying to obtain justice in the McCorkill estate case in Canada?
  • What’s happening on the new 50-acre property purchased by the National Alliance?
  • What kind of progress is being made on the William Pierce Memorial Library and Research Center?
  • What kind of help does the National Alliance need right now for these projects?
  • As more and more people flee the cities, Alliance members and supporters should consider moving to Upper East Tennessee and becoming part of the National Alliance/Cosmotheist community already begun here.
  • Based on the foundation bequeathed to us by Dr. Pierce, the Alliance is building for the future.
  • and much more!

Be sure and tune in next week for part 3, the concluding part, of “Will Williams: Building a White Future” — right here on American Dissident Voices.

* * *

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https://audio.nationalvanguard.com/programs/ADV 2021-0327 – Will Williams – Building a White Future – part 2.mp3

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