Big Government

Monument Avenue, Richmond, Virginia, former United States of America, June 2020: scum taking selfies at the base of the desecrated Robert E. Lee statue. A society of such trash will be a degraded and worthless Hell on Earth, just as the crude filth they have scrawled is worthless compared to the work of neoclassical beauty they crawl upon. It is time for us, the responsible fraction of the White population, to remove the vermin who empower and weaponize such beings as these.

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 27 June, 2020 2020-0627 – Big Government.mp3

by Kevin Alfred Strom

IF THERE EVER WAS a national emergency in America, this is it. As the “BLM” and Jewish-leftist revolution of scum burns and seizes our center cities and desecrates our people’s monuments, as White men and women are attacked — now in the street but soon, I predict, in their homes — the media owned and run by the billionaire Jews cheer the scum on and agitate them to further and greater outrages. The Jews’ paid whores in public office sit on their hands and cluck about how the killers and scum are “fighting for social justice” and “deserve our support.”

The scum pull a defenseless young White woman from her car, beat her senseless and leave her for dead, and the police and the courts do nothing. A half dozen of the scum, who like to find defenseless White victims and swarm them, grab a White youth and try to set him on fire, and the police and the courts do nothing. And what do you think happens when the scum control half a square mile of an American city for weeks on end? What do you think happens there to young White women who won’t “give the knee”? What do you think happens to young White women who do “give the knee”? And what do you think happens to White men who dare to defend their women? How do you think the “sensitized” courts and police are going to treat them? Repeat a thousand times — no, ten thousand times — and you’ll start to get a faint impression of what has come and what is coming.

If ever there was a Reichstag fire moment in America, this is it. If ever there was a time for a patriotic government to assume extraordinary powers and put an end to the Jewish media that agitate the scum and mislead our people, to put an end to those scum who burn our cities and desecrate all that is holy including our women and children, to put an end to the Middle Eastern tricksters who promise a “workers’ paradise if only you’ll give us total power,” but who deliver 100 million dead White people — and who then demonize and mass murder the White men who tried to stop the slaughter — if ever there was a time to crush that criminal, inhuman conspiracy, that time is now. The public support for such a termination with extreme prejudice would be overwhelming. The billionaire Jews’ media lie: We, the decent White people of America, may be demoralized and timid and confused, but we are many. The scum are still few. If we do right, the day of the crushing would be celebrated as a holiday by our people for ten thousand years.

Trump is not going to do this. Trump is a captive of the Jewish power structure, and it’s probably pointless to debate whether he is a willing or unwilling captive. He said “when the looting starts, the shooting starts” to great applause among the decent. But the looting started. And continued. And escalated to endless outrages on our heritage and on our innocents, which is where we are now, with the addition of neo-Communist takeovers of parts of our cities. And yet the shooting never started.

And let me tell you: If we still had a government of our own, we could crush these pampered, tax-money and bank-money fueled, media-favored scum in one day. CNN and CBS and ABC and NBC would fall and be nationalized the same day. Facebook? Twitter? They would be ours. And the filthy vermin would be overflowing on every outbound ship and plane they could commandeer, probably even Jeffrey Epstein’s plane, as they scurried like roaches frightened by the light for temporary shelter in Israel.

All that could be ours — if we had a government of our own, which we do not now have. Giving us a government of our own again — giving us a state of our own again — and giving us our manhood again: These are the tasks the National Alliance has set for itself. A government of our own — big government, too, because it’s got some very big jobs to do in the very near future, and some very big jobs it will have to continue to do for as long as we survive. That’s a lesson we’ve learned from the American experiment. Thinking that we can have a minimal government and let private interests and racially alien interests own our mass media, our banks and financial institutions, and our means of social communication, has proven a disaster for us in the face of an intelligent, parasitic, infiltrating enemy — and the traitors among our own people. We won’t make that mistake again.

A government that allows lots of economic liberty — for our own people only: sure. A government that fosters a wide distribution of wealth along with freedom to innovate and prosper from one’s innovation: absolutely. But allowing special privileges to those who do nothing but shuffle papers, make fictitious loans, sell out our people, buy legislators, and then try to genocide our race? — never. Allowing racial aliens to have any of our wealth, any of our power? Never. Instead of special favors, such predators that might still be reckless enough to sneak into our country and attempt such a thing will get capital punishment when we have a government of our own again.

For our people to get to that point, the National Alliance needs a highly ramified infrastructure. We must have the competent people to take over — and rule with an iron will — all the management roles in all the media corporations of this country. The same is true of every government department, every military force and division of that force, and every major point of control of the economy and banking system. We must build a parallel society in which natural leaders among our people assume those roles in our racial community first, after proving their loyalty and competence and responsibility. We must have leaders in every field who regard their positions not as sinecures for private profit or personal power games, but as offices in a holy order whose acts and decisions will affect the destiny of our kind and of all Life in the Universe for all time to come.

Only the National Alliance is doing this.

We are just barely beginning, it is true. But even the greatest sages and leaders begin with a single cell. The Universe began as a single point. The National Socialist German Workers’ Party, which began a hundred years ago with only six men, just twenty years later changed the course of history and Life forever, and almost won the first great battle in the war in which we are still engaged.

I’ll tell you some of the things we need to get from here to there, to where we need to be.

We need a thousand dollars a month donation to fund the setting up and maintenance of a set of alternative servers in other countries, so when the Jewish pressure makes even the staunchest free speech hosting providers cave in, and when First Amendment is finally scrapped in America, our Internet presence won’t go dark.

We need a half million dollars a year donation so that we can really have the media operations we need; so we can take the pressure off of me and my family alone so that I can direct a sizable and competent staff, and so I can publish and write the important books I need to create before I die; so we can have a daily video presence instead of just a weekly radio presence; so that our media can expand to include channels tailored to women, tailored to Second Amendment supporters, tailored to young people, et cetera; so we can issue press releases and demands and statements to public officials on a daily basis; and much much more.

We need a dozen people a year, or more, to give us an annual $2,000 donation to get more books written, typeset, and in print. Nothing — not even new digital media — has the long-term, life-changing, and uncensorable impact of books.

We need hundreds of members who take recruiting for the Alliance so seriously that it becomes an obsession — next to their families, the most important part of their daily lives. With men and women like that, those hundreds can become a thousand in a year, 2,000 in two years, 16,000 in five years, perhaps more. With a mere ten thousand members, paying just the minimum Alliance dues of $20 a month, the National Alliance would have a dues income of $2,400,000 a year. That could easily be doubled if some of those members set their voluntary dues a little higher, bought books from our book store, and donated more to special projects. It could be multiplied by ten if a significant number agreed to tithe. Much good in this world could be done with that! And we can do that. We can do it even if we are denied use of the bankers’ usury cards.

We need another half million dollars a year donation — or several folks giving five thousand or fifty thousand — so that we can expand our growing community in Tennessee, where our Chairman William White Williams is putting in all his life-energy and so much of his personal wealth into buying land, breaking ground and taking all the needed regulatory steps, et cetera, for the William Pierce Memorial Library, fighting legal battles, setting up housing for our small but growing staff, running our Cosmotheist Books operations, and so much more. With that money, we could build decent housing for our staff, build a library building with space for resident scholars and media production, lay in the infrastructure needed to survive and thrive in the dark and dangerous times ahead, provide the necessary security precautions for all these facilities, and so much more.

A racially-conscious, self-sustaining community in the White redoubt of the high Alleghenies, providing employment for its adult members, education for its children, and spiritual guidance for all of these — that is a goal worth working for, worth sacrificing for. It can become the nucleus of something much greater, a planet-wide racial community, not only a racial state, but a super-state, a state in fact that can transcend the bonds of Earth — if we do right, right now.

And with state power, projected over space — our living space — and projected over time, we can rout the enemies of our people and set ourselves and our children and our children’s children once again on the Upward Path ordained for us by the Creator.

* * *

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