What’s Worth Fighting For

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 23 May, 2020

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by Kevin Alfred Strom

THIS WEEKEND marks Memorial Day in the United States. Let us observe a moment of silence for the soldiers in the never-ending War of Terror in the Middle East who died, and who will die tomorrow, believing that they were fighting for their people’s freedom — but who in reality were fighting and dying for their most deadly and unworthy enemies, the Jewish power structure — and the Tribe behind that structure. Join with me now in silent thought, as we look upon their graves and reflect on the lives that might have been.


They fought and they died for a Tribe whose goal is their extinction. They fought and they died for a Tribe which has stolen nearly all the wealth that is rightfully theirs. They fought and they died for a Tribe which has erased the borders of their nation. They fought and they died for a Tribe which has twisted their spiritual life into a low-IQ parody of religion, centered primarily on worshipping and serving that Tribe. They fought and they died for a Tribe whose fundamental principle is to lie and deceive. They fought and they died for a Tribe that is replacing them with hate-filled aliens in the land their ancestors built. They fought and they died for a Tribe that has rendered them powerless in their own nation. They fought and they died for a Tribe that has corrupted, captured, degraded, and made sexual slaves of their women. They fought and they died for a tribe who wants them all dead.

The men and women of the National Alliance are dedicated to changing all that. We must have our own country again. We must have our own government again, answerable only to us. And we must make that government incorruptible, dedicated to the continued survival and advancement of our race, our people, forever. No other purpose, no other value can ever rank higher than that. No other purpose, no other value can ever be allowed to take precedence over that.

The current political system of the United States is based on money-fueled popularity contests. It is unsuited to our task.

The much-ballyhooed “alt right,” having no fundamental principles except perhaps a vague nationalism in which a racial tinge or fringe is tolerated, and a less-than-consistent dislike of a variously-defined “modern world,” leaps from “star personality” to “star personality,” from monarchism to White-majority libertarianism to Pinochet nostalgia to 1940s-style (or sometimes 1840s-style) Catholicism, to “national Bolshevism,” to whatever seems exciting this month. It, too, is based on ephemeral “popularity” and is unsuited to our task.

Nothing is more important than remaining true to our core vision of who we are (men and women of the European race), who our Opponent is (the Jewish power structure), and what we are trying to accomplish (building an infrastructure that can grow into a true sustainable White community that will survive hard times and eventually secure White living space under a racially-conscious — and race-based — White government).

If you abandon that core vision in pursuit of some other idea of “success,” like winning elections, you are effectively dead. If you win every election for the next 100 years, but you fail to secure White living space — or even desire it anymore — then success has totally eluded you, and you will have no descendants worthy of the name to congratulate you on your “electoral victories.”

Years ago I gave a speech in which I used the example of the Democratic party to show how a once pro-White institution, of notable power and success, could be corrupted and taken over by our enemies if it made winning popularity its primary goal. I said, in part:

Just over 100 years ago the Democratic party in the United States was the party of states’ rights. The Democratic party was the party of the White working man. The Democratic party was the party of racial segregation, racial separation, and racial integrity. But neither the members nor the leaders of the Democratic party were sufficiently aware of the forces the Opponent had arrayed against them. Sadly, only a few even knew who the Opponent was. And most of them were not men of principle — they were men of expediency. ‘Whatever works’ was their watchword. And, when Franklin Roosevelt swept into power on a wave of Jewish money, Jewish advisors, and a tsunami of vile lies and deceptions, the party of racial separation and the White working man quickly became the party of killing Germans for the Jews and was eventually transformed into the party of Affirmative Action, unlimited immigration, Jewish supremacism, and diseased sodomites. But they did win a lot of elections. A great success, that.

And I am sure that if you had warned the leaders of the Democratic party in the late 19th century that in a few short decades, their party would come to embody nearly the exact opposite of the principles it then upheld, they would have laughed in your face. They would have told you that the party leadership was in good hands and that you could depend on the men who held the reins of power to do what was right. How wrong they were.

The Republican party is no different in its essence. What began as a party of cynical money-men and hysterical abolitionist agitators eventually morphed into the implicitly White “conservative” party of opposition to Democratic and Leftist “excesses,” though almost always adopting those very “excesses” as its own in a decade or two — and has now morphed again into the party of cuckservative chicken hawks who worship Jews, war, corporations, Jews, multiracialism, Jews, Israel, Jews, money, Jews, and Jesus in more or less that order. They are pragmatic men who do whatever they need to do to stay in power. Republicans should rename their party and call it simply The Party of No Principles. Their symbol should be the greasy extended palm.

We see a similar phenomenon in the various forms of Christianity. What began as a nonsensical, primitive, raceless, equalitarian religion for slaves rooted in Judaism, that transformed and then destroyed the Classical civilization created by our race, evolved into the de facto vehicle for White European unity, resistance to Islamic invasion, and containment of the Jewish threat for centuries, though built on a quicksand of false Jewish doctrine. In the last 150 years or so, it has transformed itself again, in most of its varieties, closer to its equalitarian Jewish roots and has become one of the driving forces behind mass immigration and miscegenation in the West.

Surely a better and truer basis for our future can be found.

Now there is a place, until the day when all political parties are abolished, in each of our nations for a political party which appeals to White people on a mass scale — reaching out for support and votes to a large number of Whites who have only the most basic and even in some cases marginal understanding of White identity and the crisis which threatens our race’s very existence. Such a party should not lie to our people, but it may at times be forced by political realities and repressive laws to refrain from spelling out the whole truth. Where such parties exist and are led by men and women with a full understanding of our racial plight, I wish them all success and hope they win every election they contest. Such parties may constitute one tool in our arsenal as we defend our biological existence. But they should not be ends in themselves. They should be the tail, not the dog. If they become ends in themselves, without firm control by fully-enlightened and absolutely dedicated racialists, they will end up no better than the Democratic and Republican parties, each of which in its day was seen by many as a vehicle for White interests.

The power behind pro-White political parties must consist of a dedicated cadre of leaders thoroughly committed to not just a new party in power, but to a new racially-progressive society and a new race-based civilization, with the continuity of our ideas from generation to generation, as leadership passes from the old to the young over the decades, being one of their very highest priorities.

The leadership of our parties must come from a growing and viable racially-conscious White community, which intentionally grooms its leaders from those who have fully understood and fully assimilated our biological worldview. And our parties — implicitly — and the White community itself — explicitly — must be governed by the principles inherent in that biological worldview.

Just being governed — for now, for a single generation — by those who accept the biological worldview is not enough. Steps must be taken to ensure that less principled leaders can never gain power over the institutions we have created.

Look at what happened to America. Our founding fathers and prominent leaders for more than a century — even up to Lincoln himself, whatever his flaws — were racial separatists, who created a nation in which only Whites could be citizens, and certainly they intended that principle to remain unchallenged as long as the United States should exist. Even the strong advocates of an end to Black slavery, like Jefferson and Monroe, favored a racial separation so thoroughgoing that it placed the different races on different continents!

But where did it all lead? To the present, my friends, the terrible present… where White children are a dwindling, hated, and endangered minority in what was once the land of the White pioneers.

The Founding Fathers showed us in a thousand ways that they wanted a White future. Jefferson said miscegenation should be a felony and that the different races should not live under the same government. The first Congress passed the Naturalization Act of 1790, which stood until 1952 and declared that only White people could become citizens of our nation. James Monroe and Francis Scott Key lent their names and their reputations to a plan to repatriate freed slaves back to Africa, a plan which Lincoln also supported. But they also failed us. They failed to see what was needed to make sure that White future became a reality. They failed to make the basis of the new republic explicitly racial. They failed to enshrine its racial basis in the constitution in language so unmistakable that it could never be misconstrued. Had they done so, we would be immeasurably better off. It is true that even the best constitution is an imperfect defense against genocide and evil, but if the White race had been protected by the Founders with as much armor as they gave freedom of speech and freedom of religion, the Jewish supremacists would, I think, have made far less progress in their drive to obliterate us.

So what am I saying? I am saying that we need a racial movement and a racial community which is as explicit in its principles as the Founding Fathers should have been in our Constitution, with its members and leaders sharing a deep and scientific understanding of the issues we face as a people. This racial community will be the vanguard which leads our people to freedom and self-determination. This racial community, of which the National Alliance represents the bare beginning, could operate political parties, or alternatively provide the seedbed from which the leaders of those parties are selected, but neither the political parties — nor any mass outreach program — should be ends in themselves.

This racial community must one day become the State. The leaders of this racial community must, one day, possess military power. They must possess the power to make all government policy. They must also possess the power to determine in large measure what is popular.

We should not forget that we live for a day which we may never see in our lifetimes. We should not forget that we live for a day when White children can walk untrammeled and free from fear, aspiring to higher and more beautiful things than we can even dream of. That’s worth fighting for.

* * *

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https://audio.nationalvanguard.com/programs/ADV 2020-0523 – What’s Worth Fighting For.mp3

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