New Pierce Speeches: Dramatically Powerful

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 1 February, 2020

by Kevin Alfred Strom 2020-0201 – New Pierce Speeches – Dramatically Powerful.mp3

I WANT YOU to listen to something — to compare two things — so if you’re reading the text version of this broadcast, you’ll need to click on the audio version to hear it. Here’s a stirring excerpt of an important speech by Dr. William Pierce, his “Tiptoeing Around Our Problems”:

Part of the Jewish mystique is the so-called “Holocaust.” In its most simpleminded form the “Holocaust” story is the claim that the Germans hated the Jews for the reasons I just mentioned — for their gentleness and their success and their morality and their talent and their altruism — and because of this hatred roasted six million of them during the Second World War in “gas ovens,” to use one of the Jews’ favorite “Holocaust” phrases.

Now let’s continue the same speech, but with a different recording of it:

Actually, the “Holocaust” is a very powerful part of the Jewish mystique. The Jews crafted the “Holocaust” story with great care and great effort — well, actually not with as much care as they might have used: it’s as full of holes as a Swiss cheese, but still it is sufficient to make most people, even those who understand what Jews are really like, hesitate to attack them. People don’t want to be seen as bullies. They don’t want to be seen as so insensitive that they would criticize the Jews, who already have suffered so much, poor dears, at the hands of anti-Semites.

In several past broadcasts, we’ve looked at some of the lies, exaggerations, and distortions that make up the “Holocaust” story. There are a number of good books available on the subject from the sponsor of this broadcast, National Vanguard Books, including Norman Finklestein’s excellent book The Holocaust Industry, which I discussed in an earlier broadcast. The point is that despite the lies, despite the fact that many knowledgeable Americans are aware of the lies, the “Holocaust” still serves its purpose for the Jews. People are afraid of the image conjured up by the “Holocaust.”

Perhaps it’s that American life is too soft. Perhaps it is that too many people still are influenced by Christian sentiments. Whatever the reason, many otherwise knowledgeable and hardheaded Americans just can’t entertain the idea of rounding up the Jews and getting rid of them, even when the situation is as urgent as it is in America today. And really, in the long run that is the only way to solve the Jewish problem.

The Germans understood that, back in the 1930s, and they had the courage and the foresight to act on their understanding. Unlike Americans today, they had an honest government concerned above all with the survival, welfare, and progress of the German people, and they began doing what was necessary, forcing the Jews to emigrate wholesale from Germany, beginning in 1933. And because of that the Jewish propaganda machine has attacked the Germans so viciously, has so blackened and demonized their image, that today even knowledgeable people are afraid to be associated with that image. They are afraid to say that the Germans were right, that the Germans were justified, and that we need to do the same if we are to survive. So, as I said, the “Holocaust” story, despite its glaring discrepancies and lies, still serves as a shield for the Jews; it still protects them from criticism.

Well, mostly. In parts of Europe not quite as poisoned by Jewish propaganda as America is, the shield has slipped a bit. A large British department store chain, Selfridges, has yielded to demands from anti-Israel demonstrators and has removed from its shelves products marked “Made in Israel.” Last week, the second largest supermarket chain in Norway, Co-op Norge — which is to say, Norway Co-op, announced its decision to boycott all Israeli imports. That decision was not the result of pressure from anti-Israel demonstrators but was based on the feeling by Co-op Norge management that it would be immoral to continue supporting the Israeli economy by selling Israeli imports under the present circumstances. That is a step forward, though it is a long way from what is needed.

The Jews, of course, immediately began waving their “Holocaust” story around, and now, as the boycott movement catches hold in Scandinavia, they are trying to portray themselves as injured innocents being attacked once more by “anti-Semites.” They are comparing the growing Scandinavian boycott of Israeli products to the German boycott of Jewish merchants in the late 1930s. Certainly, a boycott of Israeli products is a good thing, and the fact that such a boycott is even thinkable by big businessmen today is a sign that the Jewish mystique — and in particular the Jewish “Holocaust” story — is becoming a bit shopworn. It no longer has the hypnotic power that it once had — at least, in some parts of the world.

And I suppose that we should be happy about that. The unfortunate fact remains, however, that in America the Jews still have their money and their media and their entrenched network of bureaucrats, and even if the “Holocaust” story has lost some of its charm in Europe, it still keeps most knowledgeable Americans intimidated.

Knowledge isn’t enough. Courage and boldness also are necessary. Honesty and forthrightness are necessary also. Tiptoeing around the critical issues of our time isn’t enough. Tiny reforms in our disastrous foreign policy and in our disastrous immigration policy and in a dozen other disastrous policies aren’t enough. We need to stop apologizing to the people who are destroying us and go full bore at destroying them instead.

Instead of being hypnotized by the “Holocaust” story we need to look with clear eyes at why there was a need for action against the Jews in Germany in the 1930s and 1940s. The Jews’ claim today that the Germans were suffering from collective insanity and had no reason for trying to get the Jews off their backs is as phony as George Bush’s claim that Osama bin Laden had no reason for attacking America on September 11.

Wherever Jews go, they corrupt and destroy. That is their nature, always and everywhere. Let us be thankful to the Palestinians who now are making such terrible sacrifices to help the world see what the Jews are like. And I suppose that we also should be thankful to Ariel Sharon for demonstrating so forthrightly to the world what Jews are like.

Let us hope that the conflict between Jews and Palestinians intensifies and lasts long enough to wake up many more of our people around the world and fill them with disgust at America’s continuing support for the Jews. Let us hope that it lasts long enough to bring about the overthrow of every collaborationist regime in the Muslim world. Let us hope that it brings about an airtight oil embargo against the United States and shuts off the lights in every shopping mall and every sports stadium in America long enough for the lemmings to become restless and to begin asking questions. Let us hope that it makes the efforts of every fool and every traitor who is striving for a resumption of the so-called “peace process” so obviously futile that these efforts no longer have the power to deceive anyone.

Ultimately, of course, we must not depend on the Palestinian suicide bombers or on Ariel Sharon’s murder squads to do for us what we should be doing for ourselves. Ultimately we must stop tiptoeing and begin marching boldly and forthrightly toward solving our own problems.

Powerful, I think you’ll agree. And I think you’ll also agree that the second, better-sounding recording is definitely more powerful than the somewhat ragged, artificial, lower-quality one that I played first.

That first recording of Dr. Pierce is similar to many others that have been copied, and then copies made of copies. which were then posted in many different venues on the Internet. It started out as a very early “Real Audio” recording — a primitive type of highly compressed digital audio file that used to be posted on 20 or more years ago. The content is great — truly great — but the quality is poor. The one I played is one of the better Real Audio files of Dr. Pierce that have come down to us — many are far worse.

The second recording is dramatically better. It’s not at all based on the old Real Audio files. It’s a new, remastered high fidelity digital recording of the original magnetic tape recording made by Dr. Pierce. It has a few flaws common to most magnetic tape recordings, such as a tiny amount of hiss and a barely-detectable print-through of some of the louder passages, but on the whole this new version based on the analogue original is astonishingly good. Played on a good sound system, it literally sounds like William Pierce is standing next to you and speaking in your room or your vehicle. It’s that good.

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