Sermons and Dreams

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 12 October, 2019

by Kevin Alfred Strom 2019-1012 – Sermons and Dreams.mp3

MOST American Dissident Voices broadcasts don’t sound like sermons. But that’s what they really are: Cosmotheist sermons, every single one of them. Cosmotheist sermons are very different, however, from the sermons that most of us are used to.

Conventional sermons are usually boring, droning, interminable pap delivered either by time-servers who don’t believe in much of anything except their own positions and careers, or by fools. In neither case are they persuasive, interesting, or long-tolerable to intelligent White people.

Cosmotheist sermons, on the other hand, are compelling, because they deal with reality, not fantasy. They deal frankly with the life-or-death situation in which we find ourselves.

Cosmotheist sermons hold our interest because the more awake you are to reality, the more you can see that the existence of our people would not be so threatened, we would not be in that life-or-death peril, if we lived in a society based on Cosmotheist principles. Our children’s future would be as secure as it could possibly be in a Cosmotheist society.

How do you think border security would be handled in a nation run on Cosmotheist principles? The stock from which the awakened ones arise must not, under any circumstances, be mixed or diluted. Not a single non-White invader would be in our nation; and the other races of the world would have their own nations independent of Wall Street — and the Jewish power structure would not be allowed in them either to combine and conspire against us; and no treasonous Whites would be in their nations, exploiting their labor or anything else to the detriment of our own workers or our self-sufficiency or our racial integrity — or theirs. That would never be allowed.

How do you think corrupt politicians or corporate leaders who betray their people would be handled in a nation run on Cosmotheist principles? Betrayal of your own people is treason, and treason must be punished to the full extent of the law. The current degenerate, corrupt society calls such treason a great good, and rewards it. A nation run on Cosmotheist principles would reverse that, and put such despicable monsters as Joe Biden and George W. Bush and the Clintons in prison, at the very least. And creatures such as Alan Dershowitz, Barack Obama, Jeffrey Epstein, Haim Saban, and Sheldon Adelson would not be here in the first place.

How do you think media ownership would be handled in a nation run on Cosmotheist principles? The media in a Cosmotheist society would never be allowed to be owned by aliens, particularly not by an alien group well-known for its hostility toward all its host peoples throughout history and its propensity for deception and illusion for malicious purposes. The media would not be at war with us. They would be on our side, supporting us, helping make us better people and better members of society.

A society based on Cosmotheist principles would have what Americans haven’t seen for a very, very long time: a State, a government that is truly ours, fighting for us, supporting us, uniting us to achieve greater purposes than we have ever seen before.

Once you understand that key idea, then Cosmotheist sermons become electrifying and new and vitalalive in a sense that Christian sermons haven’t been for 800 years. They have the potential to give our people two things that we need: something worth living for, and something worth dying for. Both are absolutely necessary. And both scare the Hell out of the people who are enslaving and killing us. They know that once Cosmotheist ideas take hold of our imaginations and our souls, the game will soon be up for the enslavers and the killers. And, no fools they, they also know that the entire trend of advanced European science and thought for millennia has been in a Cosmotheist direction. They work against the culmination of that trend, just as we work for it. And even they suspect that they work in vain.

Cosmotheist sermons actually violate a part of one definition of “sermon” that I’ve seen in some dictionaries: the part that says that sermons are often based on a passage or passages from the Jewish Bible. So perhaps we need a new and better word than “sermon” — for I wouldn’t, even by oblique definitional implication, want to be attached to that millstone that’s been dragging us down for centuries — that book that ties us mentally and spiritually to the Jewish power structure that’s trying to kill us, ties us to primitive superstitions unworthy of the European soul, and ties us to the endless blood feuds of the Middle Eastern peoples. We can do better than that; we are better than that; Cosmotheism is better than that. Cosmotheism is exactly what we need. So a new word might be needed.

Dr. William Pierce, the founder of Cosmotheism — and of the National Alliance and of National Vanguard and of this radio program, often opened his meetings in Arlington, Virginia with the nine-part Cosmotheist Affirmation, which I quote:

There is but one reality.
That reality is the Whole.
It is the Creator, the self-created.
I am of the Whole.
I am of the Creator, of the self-created.
My purpose is the Creator’s purpose.
My path is the path of the Creator’s self-realization.
My path is the path of divine consciousness.
My destiny is godhood.

Now, even among folks who have become racially aware, even among men and women who are so racially conscious that they grasp the implications of their awareness, and who therefore accept that they are part of the Whole, which is reality, and who accept the Creator’s Purpose as their own — even among these folks who have begun to take the path of what Dr. Pierce called divine consciousness — there are those who choke on the last line of the Affirmation: “My destiny is godhood.” Many decades ago, I was one of those people.

“What hubris!” these people might think. “To say that my own destiny is to ‘be god’ — thinking we’re going to be gods on Earth! Weren’t we warned against this sort of thing? — isn’t that one of the few warnings from preachers that rings true? — ‘Beware of those men who try to play god.’ Isn’t the liberals’ and the Marxists’ blind faith in the ability of science and economics and education to ‘remake man’ the same kind of hubris — the same kind of smug belief that we know enough to play god and ‘remake’ our own natures? — and isn’t doing that dangerous and impossible? And isn’t that same hubris the source of so much of the disastrous, unnatural ‘do-gooding’ and interference with Nature and natural hierarchy that’s harming our race? Godhood? Never gonna happen. I want nothing to do with it and people who think we can do that, or be that, are nuts.”

The philosopher Alan Watts once made a brilliant analogy, and I’m going to share that with you — but I’m also going to take it a lot farther than Watts took it. I think the analogy can help those of us who feel uncomfortable with the “Godhood” part of the Cosmotheist Affirmation get over that discomfort. I think, in fact, that this analogy can put your head in an entirely new place, and explain what can’t be explained in any other way.

Imagine that you can control your dreams — absolutely, utterly control them. You can make them seem to be as long or as short as you want; as seemingly real as you want. You can make anything happen in them, without limits. And they can seem even more real than reality itself, your perceptions sharpened and perfected, everything that happens in them exactly and totally experienced.

You create these dreams. You are like God as far as these dreams are concerned. You are their Creator.

Well, the first night you might choose to make your initial dream as long as a human life, say 75 years or more. And in that “life” you would experience every pleasure that gives you delight, again and again. You would always attain the love or success or experience you desire. And you would always and instantly attain any knowledge that you craved. You would never fail, and no one and nothing could defeat you.

Perhaps 75 years would not be enough for you — I know it would not be enough for me. So you would re-live this “perfect” life — well, it would really be many perfect lives — night after night, which to you would be century after century, for many nights; until the well of power, pleasure, knowledge, and experience ran dry and started to repeat themselves.

I don’t know how many 75-year nights it would take, perhaps not too many, but eventually even such fantastic dreams of total power would lose their luster. You would want — I daresay you would need — to add variety to the experience. You would start to realize that endlessly iterated pleasures are boring and empty and lead nowhere. You would start to realize that the “total knowledge” you could instantly attain was also empty, because the unknown parts of the Whole had no input into it — it was really something you made up, and was therefore circumscribed by the limitations of your mind and your prior experiences. It was nothing new.

So you would change your dreams. You would add variety. You would posit important knowledge that was difficult to obtain, and you would experience great struggles to come up with new ways to wring it from reality. Only such real attainment and improvement would satisfy you now. You would introduce lovers whose love was not easily won, nor easily kept. They, and the other people in your new dream-life, would become independent beings not under your command, who would judge you, cooperate with you, compete with you, deceive you, inspire you, reject you, exalt your soul, and break your heart — and you theirs. You would even introduce evils — yes, evils — and enemies who were hard to defeat and whose craft and power was endlessly mutating and evolving to challenge yours, which itself had to get better and better, or you and all you loved would perish. Only under such circumstances would such love be real, anyway. And I think you would even give up a little bit of your control at times. Purposely give it up. Because surprise is an essential element of being truly alive. You wouldn’t want to give up surprise. And, from generation to generation, incarnation to incarnation, which to you would be dream to dream, you would gradually attain higher and higher levels of understanding and of power. That would be a dream worth dreaming.

So in the end, you would create substantially what we have right now. You — the great and wise Creator of many lives, many worlds, who can create any life he wants to create — would create more or less what our lives are now.

And that is, in fact not in dreams, what has been created. It is reality. What has been created is what we would create, if we became the Creator as in this analogy. So what does that say about the Creator of reality? What does that say about the Creator of such dreams? Maybe, just maybe, we are the Creator — or, at least, each of us is a part of the Creator who is willing himself into being right now. And that is what Cosmotheism teaches.

* * *

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