Killing History, part 1

Massively obese White traitor to his own people, former Georgia Gov. Roy Barnes (left), shows where his paid-for loyalty lies as he shares the dais with ADL lawyer Dale Schwartz. Both Barnes and Schwartz are figures in the creation of the so-called “Conviction Integrity Unit” designed to reverse legal verdicts when Jews and other favored groups want them reversed.

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 10 August, 2019

by Kevin Alfred Strom 2019-0810 Killing History part 1.mp3

IN ATLANTA, GEORGIA — where the first big Jewish fake news campaign began — and where local B’nai B’rith president Leo M. Frank sexually abused and murdered 13-year-old Mary Pahagan — a dirty deed, born from a dirty seed, is about to begin. The Jewish power structure is unhappy, and has been unhappy for over 100 years, because one of their own leaders was caught using and then killing a little White girl. And they are doubly, triply unhappy that alternative news sources like National Vanguard and a growing number of others have spoiled their fake “Leo Frank was an innocent victim of anti-Semitism” hoax and alerted the people of Georgia and the people of the world what they are up to.

So the Jewish power structure has decided to quite illegally and unconstitutionally create a new, unprecedented branch of the legal system, never known before, to go back to already-decided court cases and reverse the verdicts if Jews don’t approve of them, totally bypassing the normal pardons and appeals processes that have existed for hundreds of years.

This is the story — a story of deceit and crookedness and of lies — of the new so-called “Conviction Integrity Unit” — presented today by Vanessa Neubauer — listen:

* * *

The Story of the “Conviction Integrity Unit”

GEORGIA: The Black Fulton County D.A. Paul L. Howard, Jr., announces the new “Conviction Integrity Unit” specifically designed to exonerate Jewish sex-strangler Leo Frank and reverse his conviction for murdering a 13-year-old White girl. Howard is flanked by former Gov. Roy Barnes and Melissa D. Redmon, director of the University of Georgia Law School.

by Steve Voes

THIS INFORMATION COMES WITH permission directly from an insider source who has given me reliable information in the past, whose name I absolutely must keep confidential and who has been keeping me abreast of developments of this nature.

My government insider associate has informed me that Leo Frank, the Atlanta B’nai B’rith president who strangled little Mary Phagan, a 13-year-old White girl who worked in his factory, to death after sexually assaulting her there, will be “exonerated” in 2019. This has been a goal of organized Jews for over a century.

The fix is in. A “deal” has been made between Jews — and the Black establishment that now nominally rules once-White Atlanta — and a remnant of pathetic, truckling, corrupt White officials.

Previously, the strong evidence against Frank, and the once-proud tradition of honor among Southern Whites, made exoneration impossible and it was repeatedly rejected despite the strongest pressure from Jews.

Blacks, too, had previously been resistant to exonerating Frank, and it was a Black nationalist group, the Nation of Islam, which had published one of the best books on the Frank case, The Lynching of a Guilty Man, in 2016 (which was made into an audio book by the American Mercury). Many Blacks also strongly resented the efforts of the pro-Frank forces, which included the ADL, to successively frame two innocent Black men, Newt Lee and James Conley, for the crime. The effort to frame Conley, who died nearly 60 years ago, continues even today.

Inside information indicates that corrupt Black leaders have been given a deal in which a new “Conviction Integrity Unit” will first exonerate Frank — the real purpose of the unit — and then later may be used to reverse convictions of specially-favored Blacks.

The corrupt White leaders who acquiesced in the deal of course neither asked for nor received anything on behalf of the White community, whom they hate and do not represent. They possibly received some paltry pieces of silver for themselves — though we can’t be sure of that, since for many White trucklers, particularly ones from the South, serving and obeying Jews is enough of a reward in itself.

In late 2018, not long after the re-dedication of the Leo Frank Lynching Historical Marker at Roswell Road in Marietta, Ga., Dale Schwartz and the Anti-Defamation League’s legal team accelerated the push for the creation of a clandestine rubber-stamp committee which would do nothing less than exonerate Leo Frank.

There are other Jewish activists groups and individuals behind this as well, but intel is still being gathered (so that info will have to wait). The effort to get Leo Frank exonerated really took shape in the 1980s and only subsided in 1986 with an embarrassing “posthumous pardon” which did not officially absolve Leo Frank of the ghoulish sex-murder he committed in 1913. The pardon did, however, give Leo Frank his civil rights back, like the right to vote (can dead people vote 70 years later?), own a firearm (God forbid his skeleton should pick up some kind of scary weapon!), and run for office (on the creepy Joe Biden ticket?). It’s unfortunate that the guilty dead can’t enjoy it when they are given their civil rights back, but such is life.

One of the Loudest Living Voices in Metro Atlanta for Leo Frank’s Exoneration

Rabbi Lebow

Rabbi Steven Lebow of Marietta’s Temple Kol Emeth, who moved to the area from Fort Lauderdale, Florida in the mid-1980s, has been one of the loudest voices for reversing Leo Frank’s conviction (Lebow hung two plaques on a building which was near the lynching site, but the building had to be condemned for road expansion), and he is secretly head-over-heels excited about the guaranteed forthcoming exoneration. Before he found out about the newly-pending 2019 exoneration, Rabbi Lebow had been very frustrated, since the 1986 posthumous pardon Leo Frank, because it did not overturn Frank’s conviction and Frank was still officially recognized as the guilty culprit. He never gave up on his mission to convince everyone Leo Frank was innocent, even if the evidence couldn’t back up his claim. To him this was the “emotional truth” where facts don’t matter.

Failed Attempt by Rabbi Lebow to Get a Declaration from Georgia Government of Leo Frank’s Innocence

In 2015, Lebow was able to form a “Leo Frank was innocent” action A-team, made up of prominent members of the greater Atlanta community, activist judges (African-American Former Ga. Supreme Court Justice Leah Ward Sears, Former Georgia Supreme Court Chief Justice Norman Fletcher, and Cobb County Superior Court Chief Judge J. Stephen Schuster), Assistant DA Van Pearlberg, and ADL Lawyer Dale Schwartz. They held rallies and gave speeches at Lebow’s packed synagogue (hundreds showed up) and unilaterally petitioned then-Governor Nathan Deal, but he quietly refused to state Frank was innocent, taking the wind out of the sails of Lebow’s big dog-and-pony show. The Georgia Congressional Assembly did not propose any resolution to announce to the world that the serial pedophile and sex killer Leo Frank was innocent, either. The whole thing turned out to be an expensive circus.

That weird bluish glow you might see at night is from one of Rabbi Lebow’s “Leo Frank is Innocent” billboards. In reality, the evidence is overwhelming that Frank was guilty, and no amount of Jewish money or propaganda or treasonous politicians can change that fact.
Rabbi Lebow, no Albert Lasker he, created this compelling mustard yellow T-shirt.

Rabbi Lebow had funded billboards around town to declare Frank was innocent. Lebow had gaudy mustard-yellow T-shirts made up emblazoned with Leo Frank’s face in gray and the message “DINDU NUFFIN” — or something similar — emblazoned on them. To keep the parched throats of the attendees nice and quenched, he handed out dozens of custom-branded plastic bottles of Coca-Cola which had the words, “Leo Frank was innocent” on them. What a great way to promote such a lofty movement with extra-sugary teeth-rotting soda pop. Because nothing says “Leo Frank was innocent” better than diabetes and an expensive dental bill.

Leo Frank Exoneration Insiders

Many Georgia Jewish leaders who are “in the know” are keeping the preordained outcome hush-hush and are ordering (more like cracking the whip on) the DA Paul Howard to ensure the exoneration is announced on or before August 17, 2019 — this way they can pre-contract with all the major media companies to dovetail the jubilant news together with the major significance of Leo Frank’s 104th lynching anniversary. The members of this cabal are working for maximum media exposure and guerilla marketing, because if they can couple the exoneration directly with the lynching anniversary, or release the news just before the lynching anniversary, the story will “go viral” and have the maximum effect on the dull Whites who still watch TV and vote in the rigged US elections.

There is also some benefit to releasing the predetermined conclusion a little bit early, maybe a week. Now everyone’s on pins and needles, waiting with breathless anticipation for Paul Howard’s DA office to hurry up with producing the official “reasoning” — so the pre-announcement partying can begin all the sooner. Between now and then, it’s going to be raining champagne bottle corks and foamy fountains will be overflowing every kind of glass vessel; I can hear the cheers, Mazel Tov, L’Chaim, to Health! The whole circus is going to be ugly.


They finally found a very willing Atlanta DA (District Attorney) in Paul Howard to spearhead the “Conviction Integrity Unit” (a name Orwell would have loved) which has a predetermined mission to rule that the outcome of the Leo Frank trial in 1913 was “invalid.” The “unit” will also give us a hog-trough full of specious “reasoning” on how they came up with their preconceived decision, which will be repeated by the Jewish-controlled media every April and every August until the Revolution comes. I hear it’s going to play up “mob terrorism” and “anti-Semitism,” omit or twist the evidence against Frank, and attack the court proceedings as “unfair.” By weaving in other criminal cases to “examine impartially,” it blunts the fact that the committee was created specifically because of the Leo Frank case. A dirty, dirty affair, but one most appropriate and expected in the clownish death chamber the Jews have made of America.

Armed with the true lay of the land, you can read the following article by the Atlanta Jewish Times with a clear understanding.

* * *


Leo Frank Gets “Second Look”
(Atlanta Jewish Times, editorial comment added by National Vanguard)

SPEAKING to reporters at the Fulton County Courthouse, former Georgia Gov. Roy Barnes [a long-time servant of Jewish interests in Georgia, who has uncritically and fanatically pushed for the exoneration of Jewish sex-killer Frank — Ed.] credited Rabbi Steve Lebow of Temple Kol Emeth with telling him, “There is no statute of limitations on doing the right thing.”

Throughout his 33 years at the Marietta synagogue, Lebow has been a leading voice in the effort to exonerate Leo Frank for his 1913 murder conviction. And in Barnes, he has an influential ally, who persuaded Fulton County District Attorney Paul L. Howard, Jr., to bring Frank’s case before a newly created “Conviction Integrity Unit.” [That is, “Jewish Money and Deal-making Injustice Unit” — Ed.]

Barnes, who will be an adviser to the unit, stood to Howard’s right on May 7 as the district attorney explained that the Frank case fit the fourth of four criteria for re-examination – cases that are in the “interest of justice.”

Among the other cases to be studied is that of Wayne Williams, who was convicted in 1982 of killing two men and is serving life sentences in the state prison but was suspected by police in nearly two dozen of the 1979-81 “missing and murdered children” cases. [Both the “liberal” and Black establishments were salivating to convict a White man of these murders, and were visibly crestfallen when the killer turned out to be Black. A deal has obviously been cut between corrupt Blacks, corrupt leftist Whites, and Jews, in which each will get something they want in return for acquiescing in framing a long-dead Black man, Jim Conley, for the sex killing of Mary Phagan actually committed by B’nai B’rith officer Leo Frank. — Ed.]

“The CIU will review cases in which there is new factual, physical, or forensic evidence. The unit will also review cases in which there is relevant evidence that went untested at the time of trial or some other new evidence that a person was wrongly convicted,” Howard said.

He also mentioned that his office has record of the 37 people who, according to the Equal Justice Initiative, were lynched in Fulton County between 1877 and 1950. [Part of this outrageous, immoral, and illegal “deal” may be vague promises that Black lynching victims can be “officially exonerated” too. — Ed.]

Frank, an Ivy League-educated Jew from New York, was convicted and sentenced to death for the April 26, 1913, strangling death of 13-year-old Mary Phagan at the downtown Atlanta factory of the National Pencil Company, where he was the director. Frank was found guilty in large measure based on testimony by Jim Conley, an African American janitor at the factory, who, according to a former factory employee who came forward in 1982, was seen carrying Phagan’s body. [Which makes no difference in Frank’s guilt whatsoever — as this article fails to tell you: Conley freely admitted carrying the body at the request of Frank. Leo Frank also told Conley he had killed the girl, pretending it was an accident and hiding the evidence of strangling from Conley with a piece of Mary’s lace undergarments. — Ed.]

Barnes recalled newspaper reports that as jurors walked to the courthouse from the Kimball House, where they were sequestered, a mob chanted “Hang the Jew or we’ll hang you.” [This is a long-discredited hoax, which has been exposed countless times. Nothing like that happened, and if it had, Frank’s top-drawer attorneys would have called, and called successfully, for an immediate mistrial — which they never did. — Ed.]

The Supreme Court of the United States rejected Frank’s appeals, but on June 21, 1915, Gov. John Slaton, who had developed doubts about Frank’s guilt, commuted the sentence to life in prison. On the night of Aug. 16, members of an enraged confederacy of Cobb County men, including the grandfather of Barnes’ wife, kidnapped Frank from the state prison in Milledgeville and drove him to the woods near Frey’s Gin Road in Marietta, where he was hung from a tree in the pre-dawn of Aug. 17.

The Georgia State Board of Pardons and Paroles posthumously pardoned Frank in 1986 but did not exonerate him. A monument to Frank, funded by Jerry Klinger, president of the Jewish American Society for Historic Preservation, now sits on Roswell Road near Interstate 75, the woods having been cleared and built on many years ago.

“There is no doubt in my mind, and we’ll prove it at the appropriate time, that Leo Frank was not guilty,” Barnes said. “We can’t right all wrongs. However, I think it’s a bad thing if we can never admit we’re wrong. This gives us a good view of history to make sure we’ve got it right.”

There is no timetable for the CIU’s re-examination of the Frank case, in large measure because a director for the unit has not yet been hired and funding from the county must be arranged.

Nonetheless, as he left the courthouse after the press conference, Lebow found reason for optimism.

“This is the most confident anybody could be in the last 100 years that the Frank case will be treated fairly. Justice delayed is justice denied and it’s been delayed for over 100 years for this guy,” Lebow said. “If you want to make the future good, you have to make the past right, and this is an opportunity to make the past right and to heal a bad part of Georgia’s history.”

* * *

Source: National Vanguard correspondents, Atlanta Jewish Times

* * *

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