Cosmotheism Just Makes Sense

American Dissident Voices broadcast of April 6, 2019

by Kevin Alfred Strom

COSMOTHEISM just makes sense. Here’s one reason why. Every honest man or woman has to admit that his or her religion or philosophy, no matter how much comfort it gives, no matter how good its ethical principles are for society and for your conscience, does not have all the answers about everything in life — does not explain everything about this Universe — and does not infallibly predict what dangers and possibilities the future will bring or what we should do about them. Every honest priest or minister, every honest philosopher, and every single honest person will admit this. Of course, we Cosmotheists admit it too. We don’t have all the answers.

But Cosmotheism is the only religion which squarely faces this — and gives the only possible reasonable response: To answer the important questions that must be answered, but for which none of us has an answer now, the questions for which honest men admit even our best minds are so far inadequate, we need one thing: We need better minds. We need better men, better women. We need our species to advance to a higher state of being, to a higher state of intelligence, to a higher state of wisdom, to a higher state of character, and to a higher state of strength and power. We need to become something beyond Man, above Man. We need to get closer to God, to the Creator.

Better human beings; upward evolution; eugenics: That is the way, the only way, to find the answers to the questions that even our greatest philosophers and theologians have been unable to answer so far.

And we desperately need answers to certain questions as we face an existential crisis and as we face an enemy who tells European-descended men and women, White men and women, that we should stop caring about whether we exist at all — that we should quietly acquiesce in our own genocide, or even help that enemy kill us: Who are we? Why are we here? Why should we survive? How can we survive? What should we do in the face of rampant perversion, liberalism gone mad to the point of suicidal pathology, societal decay, accelerating Third World overpopulation and invasion of our living space, hostile and genocidal elites who have stolen our government from us? What indeed.

Many of these questions have answers — answers that have been deliberately hidden from you, and Cosmotheism can answer them. And even in the case where we do not yet have definitive or final or any answers, Cosmotheism admits this — and yet still can show the direction that we should go in order to find them.

As I said many years ago:

What is our basis for saying that some acts are right and good and others are wrong? In other words, what is the basis of morality? Our answer to this question must not be at variance with our inborn moral sense nor must it be based on any absolutist dogma which cannot be carried out in the real world. For morality to have any meaning at all it must be a realistic guide to action. If you believe, as we do, that our purpose on this Earth is to continue on the upward path — to advance insofar as it is in our abilities to do so, the struggle for a higher, nobler consciousness — then the answer to that moral question becomes obvious.

First, we must realize that — despite all our imperfections and shortcomings — the gene-patterns of our race represent the highest development that Nature has yet achieved. They are our most precious possession. Our present stage of development was reached through countless generations of struggle and natural selection — but it can be destroyed beyond any hope of repair or restoration by a single thoughtless and selfish generation. We must never allow that to happen. Nature’s gift to our people must be jealously guarded.

These gifts of mind and spirit and beauty which mark us as a race apart from the rest of mankind were obtained only as a result of a relentless winnowing of our people over hundreds of thousands of years in accord with Nature’s inflexible and unalterable law of survival of the fittest.

But our civilization and our technology have, over the last few millennia, largely shielded us from a continuation of this winnowing process, thus slowing or even reversing our upward development at the genetic level.

Armed with a love for our people, with the will to fulfill our destiny, and with our scientific knowledge, we can return our people to the upward path and become conscious agents of our own evolution.

In short, the answer to our moral question is this: Whatever is good for our people, for our race, in the long term, is good. Whatever will advance our race toward ever higher levels of physical and spiritual development, whatever brings us closer to that destiny which our Creator intends for us, is good. And whatever threatens the survival of our people, or which puts us on the downward path, is evil.

This moral standard must be relentlessly applied to every individual, to every institution, to every organization, to every religion, to every proposed program or course of action, and to every expenditure of time or money or blood in our entire society.

When seen through the lens of a true morality, the hypocrisy and treason and criminal waste of our time and our inheritance become painfully, almost unbearably obvious.

That is Cosmotheism. It, not conservatism, not libertarianism, not Christianity, is the way forward.

And Cosmotheism is a religion uniquely suited for European man. It was founded by one of the greatest advocates for White freedom and self-determination ever to walk this Earth: Dr. William Luther Pierce, who is also the founder of the National Alliance and of this publication, National Vanguard. The first issue of what was to become National Vanguard was published in 1969, a year which also saw the birth of the National Youth Alliance, which became the National Alliance in 1974, the year I turned 18 years old.

Why is Cosmotheism just for European man? Couldn’t other races join or convert to Cosmotheism? Isn’t it really based on universal principles that any race could adopt?

I admit that anyone of any race could adopt the idea of eugenics, of taking control of our future evolution. In fact, that is a great danger to us as we of the White West are mired in “liberal” insanity, forever wars for Israel, and the non-White invasion, non-White population explosion, and a growing non-White dependent underclass that absorbs an ever-greater proportion of our wealth and energy. The Chinese are already taking steps to improve the mental and biological quality of their people, both of which are already quite high. It would be foolish to think that the Jews are not doing something similar. So the more advanced non-Whites certainly could do that. They could even make that practice and that idea into a religion and call that religion “Cosmotheism.” But I don’t think it would be Cosmotheism as we understand it. I do not think that the creative spirit of their best minds are the same as our creative spirit. But their adoption of certain facets of Cosmotheism is a very real thing — and a very terrible danger.

As Charles Murray proved in his supremely important book, Human Accomplishment, fully 99 per cent. of scientific discoveries were made by modern or ancient White Europeans. This despite the much-vaunted high intelligence of Jews. This despite the acknowledged scholarship of medieval Arabs when Europe was in the Dark Ages. This despite the higher average IQ of East Asians. This despite tens of thousands of years of dysgenic breeding due to our civilization protecting the weak, and 2,000 years of dysgenically enforcing celibacy on some of our most intelligent men. This despite a religion which exalts all that is weak, makes us welcome and worship Jews as especially holy, and which deliberately stunted our spiritual and intellectual growth by enforcing primitive Semitic fairy tales as dogma — sometimes by outright murdering the men who were trying to free us.

Ninety-nine per cent.! That is supremely significant. There is something special about us. Something which isn’t quite captured by IQ tests. Something allied with creativity and beauty and intelligence but which is more than the sum of those things. Something that Dr. William Pierce called the divine spark in European man. Something that uniquely fits us to be the agents of the Creator in the Universe. Something that places us at the vanguard of advancing evolution, of emerging consciousness.

When you’re choosing who shall be the bearers of human life as we seed the stars — a momentous decision indeed, a decision on which the future of Life in this Universe (and even, perhaps, the next Universe) depends — who should be the chosen ones? — those who brought us the 99 per cent. of advances in human knowledge, those who in fact made the conquest of the stars, and the asking of this very question, possible? — or the others, the best of whom have us the remaining 1 per cent. and most of whom gave us nothing, or by burdening us or fighting us gave us less than nothing? The answer is obvious.

Cosmotheism, and the abilities it gives us to ascend the spiral staircase of our DNA to the stars, to the next step in human evolution, is ours. It is ours alone.

* * *

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