Video: The Narrow Bridge

Thanks to videographer Russian Dissident for this new video version of one of our most important broadcasts.

by Kevin Alfred Strom

WHICH WAY will it be, Western Man? Will it be upward to a future of light, of undreamed-of advances, toward a pinnacle of civilization beyond anything we can imagine, toward a destiny in the stars?

Or downward toward a Black abyss, an Afro-world of degradation, of drugged unconsciousness, of weak, undeveloped men on the road to extinction, of outrages upon our women and children?

I show you the path we are on now.

I also show you another way, a better way: a way of upward evolution and advancement so revolutionary that it will make all human progress to date appear to be but the first note in the most marvelous symphony you have ever heard or imagined. I give you hope.

I show you the upward path.

We of European race stand on a narrow bridge. Ahead of us, a slender, precarious path leads upward, ever more steeply, into brilliant light. It is no wider than a footstep. The slightest slip and we will fall into the infinitely deep abyss that lies on either side. One misstep means death.

And we cannot retreat backwards. The way is blocked; we can never retreat, for that is to attempt to live in the past. The Ocean of Time rises relentlessly beneath us. To retreat, or stand still, also brings death. We mount unto ever more giddying heights, or we die.

We have ascended far, so far that we can see only dimly the beginnings of our journey. For three billion years, and more, we have ascended the upward path of evolving Life. The sacrifices and struggles of our forebears in ages past, known and unknown, counted and uncounted, human and pre-human, have led us here. We are the survivors, the descendants of those who trod this path up to this point, before we were born, and who did not fail to advance.

And on this dangerously narrow bridge to the Divine, to that which is beyond Man — on this slender, dangerous upward path — we have lost our balance. Our feet are slipping, and we are one moment away from falling from the heights to the depths — from boundless Life, unimaginable power, and an infinite future, to degradation, death, and disappearance forever from this Universe.

We have one second. One second to right ourselves and stop the fall which has already begun. One second before we plunge into the maw of the Eternal Unknown, and die utterly forgotten, non-existent, as if we and all our loved ones and all our ancestors had never lived at all.

If we fall, the abyss will claim us and we will die. But as we die, we will suffer. I give you the abyss.

Now the narrow bridge — the narrow upward path — we have been climbing turns sharply upward. Now we have the power to direct our own evolution.

The real word of God is not ancient Hebrew scriptures. Pythagoras was right. William Pierce was right. The real word of God is mathematics, physics, and genetics. And the greatest of these is genetics. The double spiral of our DNA is the stairway to the stars.

* * *

Source: Russian Dissident; based on the American Dissident Voices broadcast of May 24, 2014