Enemy Media

American Dissident Voices broadcast of July 7, 2018

by Kevin Alfred Strom

THE JEWS and their collaborators are getting more and more blatant in their censorship of those who would expose their crimes and their anti-White agenda. And they’re also becoming more desperate and stupid. I was recently “suspended” from the social media platform Twitter, allegedly because of this tweet I made many weeks ago, which Twitter in true Orwellian fashion serves up to me every time I try to access the site, with a single choice given to me — a big red button that says “delete” tweet. No “retain tweet” button, oh no. Retaining the tweet, no matter who didn’t like it, would also be retaining one’s integrity, and we can’t have that! We can’t even offer it as a choice. Just “delete.” It reminds me of being five years old and someone trying to suggest to me that “heads I win, tails you lose” was an honest wager.

The initial “notice”
All I can see on Twitter now

Here’s what they claimed about my tweet: “You may not engage in the targeted harassment of someone, or incite other people to do so. We consider abusive behavior an attempt to harass, intimidate, or silence someone else’s voice. . . . if you think we’ve made a mistake, contact our support team.” That next-to-last section — “silence someone’s voice” — is really rich coming from censor-happy Twitter. (Did I “contact [their] support team”? Indeed I did, with a detailed explanation of how absurd their “abuse” claim was. That was weeks ago now. Not a peep or a tweet has been heard from them since, and I am still being given the red button treatment.)

Now what did I say in my tweet that so enraged the censors?

I was talking about the artist John William Godward, the pre-Raphaelite painter of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He was an artist who created many images of beauty, often using Classical settings. Godward committed suicide in 1922, literally putting his head into a gas oven, and leaving a note behind which read “the world is not big enough for myself and a Picasso.” You see, by 1922, the “art critic” establishment, already heavily dominated by Jews, and unfortunately very influential over the empty-headed wealthy who could afford to purchase original art, had rejected beauty and was promoting the ugliness of so-called “modern art.” So I said in my tweet no more and no less than this: “Godward, who gave us so much beauty, put his head in a gas oven after the newly Jewish art critic establishment had, by 1920 or so, made real art unsaleable.” That’s it. I’m banned.

Now do you really think that someone at Twitter truly finds that factual observation of mine “abusive”? Do you honestly believe that I, who advocate openly for racial-nationalism and racial separation, and the removal of the Jewish power structure from any power over us, and have advocated for all of those things on Twitter (in a totally non-abusive and gentlemanly way, of course), really “stepped over the line” when discussing Godward, a painter in oils who lived and worked a century ago, and the art critics of his era? Hardly.

What happened, obviously, is something close to this: I was placed on a “watch list” at Twitter, probably back in December when the platform told Jews it was cracking down on “hate.” Perhaps the Jewish ADL or SPLC even provided the list of “problematic” people. This is similar to what the Jews train our police to do: People with views that Jews don’t like are given special scrutiny that other people don’t get, so that they will be more likely to be prosecuted for every technical — or imagined — infraction of the ever-morphing rules, laws, and regulations that grace this land.

But, even then — even when provided with “watch lists” of the evil White people who are so depraved they actually want their race to survive — they still apparently don’t have a large enough staff of actual human beings to censor the growing number of White racial advocates on their platform. They rely on algorithms. And rather stupid ones at that. Once I thought about it, the answer was obvious: I was banned because I published a tweet that had the words “Jewish” and “gas ovens” in it — though I was not at all talking about Jews being in said ovens, nor even faintly implying or thinking of such a thing. Their algorithm just assumes the worst if you’re on their “watch list” and you use those words, and you are instantly placed — well, maybe not instantly, it took them weeks — but you are eventually placed in Twitter purgatory.

Another Jewish-dominated Internet firm is Google, which provides the most popular search engine in the world, and which also owns YouTube, by far the most popular video site on the ’Net. Google also famously tracks, and keeps records of, almost all of your activities online to which they manage to gain access.

Google has enthusiastically embraced censorship of sites which are critical of the Jewish power structure’s agenda. An example of this can be seen in those Web sites which discuss the Leo Frank case, which I’ve talked about quite a bit on this program. National Vanguard, in the course of our own research and publishing, made contact with a group of people who created several well-researched Web sites on the Leo Frank case, working hard on these sites over the course of about ten years. They include but aren’t limited to The American Mercury and the Leo Frank Case Research Library. As of 16 months ago, all of these truth-telling sites, including ours, consistently got first or second-page Google rankings for searches for “Leo Frank” or “Leo Frank case” or other simple, obvious search queries relating to the case. Those were the rankings they deserved, according to Google’s then-objective standards of what constitutes a relevant, reliable, and highly-cited Web page. But then the controlled media, like the Washington Post, and Jewish groups like the ADL, became very upset about our success. Suddenly, shortly after that, Google de-ranked all these pages of ours and those of other truth-tellers, and a mere two of them can now be found there, buried deep in the Google results, many pages in — and many of the others have simply disappeared from Google! This coincided with Google’s promises to censor speech which the Jewish groups didn’t like. This is blatant censorship, and really a kind of fraud on the public. How can you put yourself forward as a “search engine,” the purpose of which is to help people find the facts about subjects in which they’re interested in the most transparent and unbiased way possible, while suppressing points of view that the wealthiest ethnic group on planet Earth doesn’t like?

And it’s not just the Leo Frank case truth-tellers who have been de-ranked on Google. National Vanguard has lost its top or near-top ranking for many search terms where we used to dominate. It happened suddenly, and without any major pieces on the same subjects being published by controlled media sites. Just one day, we were on the first page of Google results on a given subject — and the next day we were nowhere to be found, or buried pages and pages deep in the results, behind Indonesian scraper sites.

The first page of Yandex.com’s results for a search about the Leo Frank case: Not all search engines are censoring truth-tellers.

Interestingly, our readership has been going up here at National Vanguard. We’ve reached 200,000 readers per month now, and for several months we’ve served up over a million pages per month to those readers. So there’s no technical reason for Google to de-rank us. And these statistics also show that the de-ranking hasn’t been able to stop our growth. Another thing to note is that not all search engines are censoring us. A check of the search engines Yandex.com and several others show National Vanguard and other truth-telling sites still ranking as high as ever.

This comparison was made a little over a month ago — our readership has gone up a bit since then.


This censorship isn’t all bad news, by the way. It’s a sign of the growing popularity of our ideas. Their overuse of flawed algorithms is a sign that we’re too big now for their staff to cherry-pick our posts and delete them. There are too many goyim who know for that to work anymore. And forcing them to admit openly that they “need” to suppress pro-White speech is a good thing. It adds clarity. They can’t pretend the main issue isn’t race any more. They can’t pretend to be supporters of free speech any more. They can’t pretend to be supporters of self-determination any more.

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