Resolution Radio Interviews Kevin Alfred Strom, part 1

Kevin Alfred Strom

American Dissident Voices broadcast of December 16, 2017

by Kevin Alfred Strom

YOU’VE HEARD me interview people; this time you’re going to hear someone interview me — and pick my brain a little bit. Sonny Thomas of Resolution Radio — we are mutual followers on Twitter — reached out to me this week and I appeared on his radio program just the other day. Mr. Thomas is part of the growing alternative race-aware “right” today, and describes himself as a Jeffersonian Republican. He describes the “resolution” in Resolution Radio as meaning resolve and determination. As he is a free thinker who has evolved from Ron Paul libertarianism to racial consciousness, I thought it would be interesting to share our thoughts — and I also believe that such sharing can facilitate the philosophical evolution of others. So let’s join Mr. Sonny Thomas now:

ST:  So Kevin, welcome to the Sonny Thomas show.

KAS: It’s a pleasure to be here, Sonny.

ST: Let’s start with a little bit of your background. You’re an educated man with a lot of interesting accomplishments in your background. If you could, enlighten us a little bit on that, and then tell us — when did you become awakened? Or have you always been awake, and just figured out a different avenue to awaken others as well?

KAS: Thank you for all the kind words. I have been doing American Dissident Voices for 26 years — or, it will be 26 years at the end of December.

ST: Wow.

KAS: And I can remember very well the day, 26 years ago approximately, that Dr. William Pierce and I and Robert Pate, who’s a writer and researcher, were sitting in Dr. Pierce’s office, and I had been trying to persuade Dr. Pierce that we should get on the radio — that this was a medium that we could really use, and that we already had enough talent and material to utilize it. And he basically had agreed with me and we were trying to come up with a name for the show. And since the word “dissident” was very much in the news in those days — because of the dissidents in the Soviet Union who were bringing a lot of the assumptions of Soviet Communism into question — we decided that we were the quintessential American dissidents, so the name of the show should be “American Dissident Voices.” And so it has been for a little over a quarter of a century now.

As for my own background, I was born in the Territory of Alaska to parents who both were of Norwegian descent — they were Americans of several generations’ standing, but they were of Norwegian descent. They were both Minnesota farm kids.

And I certainly can’t say that I was always awake. I’m old enough, I suppose, to remember what the Old America was like. And maybe I’m just barely smart enough to have realized, when I was in middle school, which was around 1968, that things were happening that didn’t make sense, that were going against everything that America was supposed to stand for. And I decided early on that I was going to try to figure out exactly what was going on: What were the forces that were working to destroy the country I was living in, the country I loved?

Eventually, a few years later, I came across the works of Dr. William Pierce and the works of Revilo Oliver. I would say that they were my mentors. There were other people who helped awaken me, but probably my biggest influences were those two men when I was in my twenties. So I started to become awakened as a teenager, but it really took the wisdom and knowledge and experience of Dr. Oliver and Dr. Pierce to fully awaken me. I have to give them most of the credit.

ST: It’s really hard to try to get Christians to wake up to the facts. Christians have been so bamboozled to believe everything in the Bible is true and accurate; they are stuck in that conditioned mindset.

When I first started to become awake, the film that really woke me up was Aaron Russo’s America: Freedom or Fascism, and that’s where I first encountered Ron Paul. He woke up an entire generation of kids. It’s amazing how many kids now understand that the Federal Reserve is not federal and that there are no reserves — that it’s a private banking consortium that basically has totally destroyed our monetary policy. And in this process — once you get them to start to see that, how it connects to everything else, it’s amazing. They literally cannot put the toothpaste back in the tube at that point.

In your experience, would you say understanding the Federal Reserve is a good way, a key perspective, or was there something else that really made you scratch your head and start to figure out what was going on and who was pulling the strings behind the shadow government?

KAS: I think that awareness of the fraudulent nature of the banking system — not just the Federal Reserve, but the entire banking system — is an eye-opening thing. Once you understand how fractional reserve banking works, once you understand how the Federal Reserve System works, it certainly opens the eyes of people in several ways. It opens their eyes in the obvious way, because they now understand how their resources and their wealth are being stolen. But it also opens their eyes and minds to this: “I’ve been lied to about something that is so important, so vital. This is a huge story, and yet none of the major newspapers or Web sites or any of the major media networks are talking about this.” And if they do happen to talk about it, it’s to make fun of someone who questions the validity of the Federal Reserve or who questions the soundness of the banking system. So it is a “red pill” moment, as people say these days.

It’s a “gateway drug,” you might say, to the whole truth. It’s just a tiny, tiny part of the whole truth —

ST: Yes.

KAS: — but it can open your eyes. It can start you thinking in a whole new direction.

So also can libertarianism and Ron Paul. I don’t think that libertarianism is the solution. I think it has a lot of serious flaws that prevent it from being the solution. But, as I said, it’s a gateway drug to opening your mind and seeing a lot of the lies you’ve been told, and a lot of the inconsistencies in the Establishment’s many narratives that they tell us.

I went through a period when I was somewhat of a libertarian myself. But I got over it. And I began seeing the world in biological terms — as a competition between different human biological groups, and seeing human beings as, basically, biological creatures — extraordinary biological creatures to be sure, and that doesn’t rule out the possibility that there may be a higher power behind what we see in front of our faces. To see ourselves as biological entities, I think, is to see ourselves as we really are. That’s the ultimate red pill, in my view.

That’s why I titled one of my series on American Dissident Voices “It’s All Biological.” The idea I put forth in that series is that the Jewish race is essentially occupying the same biological niche as a parasite — a biological parasite. They feed on our wealth and they control our minds. And they apparently have made a decision that they are going to terminate us as an independent, distinct race.

Seeing things in those terms, I think, clears away all of the delusions. It clears away all the cobwebs, all the false thinking, all the false values — if you can finally see yourself, your race, your culture, your civilization — and your competitors and enemies — as biological entities.

So that’s what I consider to be the ultimate truth. It’s hard for a lot of people to accept — but that doesn’t make it any less true.

ST: Yes. The problem is they’ve been told that they’re not supposed to look at people as a different “race, creed, or color” — in our workplaces, in our decision-making processes, and everything else, that we’re not supposed to look at people that way.

KAS: People in this country, from the time they’re little kids, and they go to school or preschool for the first time, are made to see any issue that touches on race, anything racial, inside of a frame — and that frame is a fairness frame. And it’s very hard for people to think outside of that frame.

So they may see that, yes, there are racial differences — but if the frame is “fairness,” then they automatically think, “Well, the reason there are differences is because there’s some unfairness in the system.” If the races don’t get along they think, “There must be some unfairness that’s making them resentful.” Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Everything is seen in terms of fairness.

But that’s really not realistic. Nature — the world — reality itself — don’t contain “fairness.” Fairness is just an idea in people’s minds. It has no actual existence in the real world. It’s just zooming electrons inside our brains.

What’s real is survival. And biology.

ST: Yes.

KAS: We need to change our frame of reference from a fairness frame to the much more realistic survival frame. We are a group. We are a unique people. We European people, we White people, are a unique people with certain characteristics, and we — like any other group — if we are healthy, our highest value, higher than any other value, should be our people’s survival. Because, if we don’t survive, then none of our values, none of our ideas, nothing we do will make any difference. Survival has to be the highest of all values.

So if you see things in a survival frame, then you can see that many of the policies pursued by the United States government and by the governments of other Western nations, are leading to the death of our people. Having open borders, allowing other races to come into our country, particularly other races who hate us — who consider us enemies or at least competitors, and who have higher birthrates than us — has to lead ultimately, mathematically, inevitably to our destruction. Having open borders ensures that we’re going to be wiped out. Once you see all this in a survival frame, you’re finally seeing it the way it really is.

And there’s another way we have to look at it: There is something different, something special, about White people. Even if we weren’t special, we should still want to survive — but if you read the book Human Accomplishment by Charles Murray, you’re in for a revelation. I urge everyone within the sound of my voice to read this book. Murray is not a racialist. He is essentially a moderate conservative, or classical liberal. He does not come to the same conclusions or policy choices that I would make. But what Murray has done in this book is so excellent: He has done a masterful job of amassing all the data on human accomplishment in the arts, and in the sciences, and in philosophy throughout the last 3,000 years, approximately.

One thing that is so important that he has shown us is — and I am not exaggerating, this is not hyperbole, this is scientifically verifiable — that 97 per cent. of all scientific accomplishment, whether you measure it as significant figures in the sciences or significant discoveries in the sciences, comes from Europe or from people of European descent in North America. And that 97 per cent. is even considering the fact that Murray separates out the Classical civilization of our race — ancient Rome and ancient Greece — and puts them in a separate category. And guess what? — another two and a half per cent. or so came from Classical White civilization — Rome and Greece. And so if you add those onto the 97 per cent., you have 99 and a half per cent. of all these discoveries, that make our world what it is today, that lift us above the mud of savagery, came from White people.

Now that’s very interesting. Because White people don’t even have the highest average IQs on the planet. There are peoples of east Asia who have slightly higher IQs than we do, on average. But there is something special about us — and Murray talks about this to some extent in his book, about what it might be, and I have my own ideas. There is something unique about us that has led us to invent science — invent this incredible tool for discovering reality, what it really is.

And this race, our race, is being murdered. Murdered by the oligarchs, by the Jewish power structure. And it’s being murdered by our own misled, deluded people. They and we are killing — in way, you could say we’re killing God. We’re evolving to be more and more like a higher consciousness. We’re evolving more and more toward understanding what the Universe is all about. And what could be more pro-God, or Godlike, than that? They’re killing the most valuable thing of all. And that’s our race, and its future possibilities. That’s the big picture as Kevin Strom sees it.

ST: Rome was able to be built, and then it collapsed. Then it was able to prosper once again. And then we built arguably the greatest city since Rome, New York. How many times have we collapsed and started over, collapsed and started over? We’ve had cycles. But we see that they’re still living in the same mud huts that they made three or four thousand years ago in Africa. They haven’t prospered in any way, shape, or form. If these other empires and nations could rise and fall, and many of them have never risen again, yet the Europeans consistently rise and fall and rise again — even when outside forces such as the Bubonic Plague come in. . .

KAS: Well, in many ways Whites are inferior to the Asians and even the Blacks — one of those ways in which we are inferior, I think, is that we lack a strong racial consciousness. That’s what I’m trying to do for my people: Give them a strong racial consciousness. That’s the one thing we need, more than anything else, in order to secure our survival. The Blacks have a lot of social problems. They have a low average IQ, and as you say, they never created a civilization. But damned if they don’t have a stronger racial consciousness than we do.

By the way, people on the left are always calling me a “hater” or a “racist” or a “race hater” — and it’s true I don’t think we should live with other races. But I don’t wish them any harm. And I look at some of the Black separatists out there, like the Nation of Islam, and I wish them well, and I hope they succeed in their separatism. They certainly are a cut above the garbage “leadership” that seems to dominate the Black community these days. And they want to be separate, which is the only rational way that any self-respecting people would want to be anyway.

I think that other races have achieved certain things that we haven’t achieved and we can learn from them. However, our main concern has to be ourselves. And there is something special about us, to such an extent that even without intending to, we have benefited all of life on planet Earth. As the only race that has ever touched the surface of another world, we have the potential to totally change the fate of life in this Universe.

However, if  we insist on concentrating on the breeding of the lowest among us, and making sure that Taniqua and Jamal have a free hamburger every day, I think that we may fail in our quest to reach the stars. And that would be a tragedy of cosmic proportions.

* * *

You’ve been listening to Sonny Thomas interview yours truly, Kevin Alfred Strom. This interview has been edited for broadcast. You can listen to the entire program on the Resolution Radio Network. We’ll return with more of this interview next week, right here on American Dissident Voices.

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