Monsters on the Loose

Francisco Palencia and Josue Ramirez; according to witnesses and police, these non-White invaders raped a young Atlanta-area woman in front of her children, tased her, and poured boiling water on her body.

American Dissident Voices broadcast of July 8, 2017

by Kevin Alfred Strom

JUST LAST month, according to police reports and testimony, a 23-year-old mother of two was coming home from work with her little ones in Gwinnett County, a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. It was almost three o’clock in the morning. One of her children was still in a car seat; the other she carried under her arm — these are small children. She was unaware of what awaited her within. Lying in wait for her were two non-White males — Mestizo invaders of the United States named Josue Aguilar Ramirez and Francisco Palencia. They were driven to the woman’s home by a Mestizo female named Angela Garcia.

Armed with tasers and their faces hidden by black ski masks, Ramirez and Palencia were waiting for her in the kitchen. According to the local newspaper, the Gwinnet Daily Post:

The woman told police she could see two men wearing dark clothes and ski masks standing in her kitchen.

“The two males were armed with tasers and approached (her),” according to the police report.

She said the men shocked her with the tasers multiple times as they pushed her in the direction of the bedroom. She said she tried to resist and tried to get back to her children.

That’s when the taller man poured two pots of boiling water on her neck and left shoulder, according to the report and warrants. Then, the shorter man pushed her into the bedroom and demanded she take off her clothes.

“She complied with the male’s demands out of fear for what could be done to her children,” according to the report.

One of the kids then followed the woman and the shorter man into the bedroom. The child was forced to watch as the man raped the mother and forced her to perform sexual acts on him, according to warrants.

These monsters, who tased this young woman — who poured boiling water on her body, which could have killed her — who raped her and forced her to sexually degrade herself while her own little children were watching — are monsters indeed, and they not only do not belong in our country and do not belong anywhere within a thousand miles of a White woman or child — they do not belong on the same planet as us.

But do you want to know who the real monsters are, more monstrous even than these disgusting pieces of scum? Those who  enable these crimes — and those who hide these crimes from us — are the real monsters. And there’s a lot that’s being hidden.

First of all, the race of the victim is purposely being hidden — that means she is likely White, making this yet another non-White on White rape. And, second, this horrific non-White on White rape and torture crime is being given virtually zero national coverage.

We know that the media have physical possession of the Gwinnett County police reports and arrest records in this case, because the local TV station (and I emphasize “local”), Fox5 in Atlanta, aired a segment showing slightly blurry images of the reports — but nowhere, in any media, can I locate a PDF or readable image of the reports — or any copy of the reports at all except the blurry images in this one video. Local (and, again, I emphasize “local”) media quote from the reports, but the quotes are very selective and never address the race of the victim — something which would certainly have been noted by the police.

This blurry image of the police paperwork on this crime proves that the media have the police documents in their possession, yet no media outlet has provided the public with the full report. What are they hiding? Could it be the race of the victim?

What are they hiding? Could it be the race of the victim? The religious Web site WorldNet Daily also won’t release the full police report to the public, though they made a lot of noise about how they were the only outlet to reveal the fact that one of the accused rapists is an illegal alien wanted on an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detainer warrant. And it is true that not one of the very few news outlets that carried the story at all mentioned that.

Secondly, except for a single brief quote of their local affiliate’s report on Fox News, this disgusting crime is not being reported by the Jewish-owned and Jewish-controlled mass media. Not a single national media outlet has said a word about it. It’s a hush crime — and hush crimes are really hate crimes against White people.

CNN, for example, said nothing about this rape. As far as CNN viewers are concerned, it didn’t happen.

Google News is an exhaustive search engine of news Web sites, and I did a site-specific search for any mention whatsoever of one of the rapists’ names and the word “rape” — and CNN, as you can see in the screen shot I’ll post along with the text version of this broadcast, has said not a word about this crime.

I did a site-specific search for any mention of this crime on CBS News. They also have totally buried this story. I’ll show you screen shots to prove all of this in the text version of this show — screen shots taken just hours before the airing of this broadcast — and many days after the crime was reported to police and mentioned in local media, so shortness of time cannot be an excuse.

I did the same search on NBC News — with the same result: zero coverage.

Same for Bloomberg News — they said not one word to their viewers about this rape and torture.

What about our much-touted “Public Broadcasting System,” PBS, and their teams of investigators? They also have hushed up this crime.

ABC News is no better than the others — they have totally failed to mention this horrible crime to their viewers at all. As far as the viewers and readers of all of these mainstream media sites are concerned, this disgusting rape/torture never happened.

Just to understand what agenda is at work here, I decided to see how many stories mentioning Trayvon Martin that CNN is still carrying — and it’s 1,820 stories, even five years after Martin was killed. Yet no mention whatsoever of this Atlanta-area mom raped and tortured just days ago.

And it’s not like CNN doesn’t have the resources to cover stories in Gwinnett County, Georgia. They are currently running over 900 stories mentioning Gwinnett County — and I didn’t even bother to search on stories mentioning Norcross without mentioning the county’s name.

Futhermore, CNN has 1,790 stories currently available to its readers and viewers detailing the latest antics of racemixing celebrity slut Kim Kardashian, so it’s not like their reporters are all working on too many important stories to even bother about mentioning these Mestizo invader rapists.

Clearly, CNN and the others have made a conscious decision to bury this story. Why would they do that?

What do all of these media outlets have in common? Jewish control is what they have in common.

CNN for example: I’ll quote from the graphic that enraged CNN so much that they attacked and threatened the man who posted it on Twitter, and then pretended that the real reason they threatened him was a harmless joke video he also posted of Trump wrestling a man with “CNN” photoshopped on his head. Here’s what he posted:

If Jews represent just 2% of the US population, would it be odd for a media organization (whose parent company has a Jewish president and a Jewish majority of C-level executives) to also have a Jewish president and Jewish vice president, a Jewish majority of executive vice presidents, and a lead political anchor, chief political correspondent, chief political analyst, chief political director, chief national correspondent, and chief Washington correspondent — all six of its chief anchor positions — who are all Jewish, as well as a majority — at least 13 — of the network’s currently-running shows having Jewish hosts?

ABC, CBS, and the rest are also heavily Jewish. As I reported in 2015:

The “big six” media corporations in America are CBS, NBC Universal, News Corporation (owner of Fox News), now 21st Century Fox, Time Warner, Viacom, and the Walt Disney Company (which owns ABC). Of the twelve senior executives of these corporations, if Jews were represented among them at the same percentage they are represented in the American population, one would expect that at most one of them would be Jewish. But such is not the case. Of these twelve senior executives, nine are Jews — a representation of 75 per cent.

The Executive Chairman of both CBS and Viacom is Sumner Redstone, a Jew whose MTV channel is one of the worst offenders in degrading our young people with filth and promotion of racial mixing. The CEO of CBS is Leslie Moonves, also Jewish — in fact, he’s the great-nephew of David ben-Gurion, the first prime minister of Israel. The Chairman and CEO of Comcast, which owns NBC Universal is Brian L. Roberts, a Jew who has even participated in the international Jewish athletic event, the Maccabiah Games, in Israel. Philippe Dauman, a Jew, is the President and CEO of Viacom, and also sits on the board of a New York Jewish health system and is a United Jewish Appeal honoree. Robert Iger, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Disney/ABC, is a Jew who also was named “Ambassador for Humanity” by Steven Spielberg’s USC Shoah Foundation. Disney’s senior vice president is attorney Alan Braverman, also a Jew.

And that’s just the beginning — look at the presidents of other media companies: CNN — Jeffrey Zucker; MGM — Jonathan Glickman; MTV — Stephen Friedman; USA Today — Larry Kramer; Comedy Central — Doug Herzog; Reuters — Stephen Adler; Los Angeles Times — Eddy Hartenstein; Discovery Network — David Zaslav; Yahoo — Marissa Mayer; Marvel Comics — Isaac Perlmutter; Hulu — Andy Forsell; Touchstone Pictures — Alan Bergman; HBO — Eric Kessler. I could go on and on, and the list of CEOs and Chairmen is just as heavily Jewish.

So 75 per cent. of the top executives of major media companies in America are Jews — controlling almost all that you and your family see and hear about the world. That is an over-representation of 3,650 per cent.

Now do you understand why the major media are so unrelentingly anti-White? Now do you understand why these media constantly push an agenda of mass immigration and open borders for America and all White nations? Now do you understand why any crimes in which non-Whites can be portrayed as the victims of Whites — like the Trayvon Martin case and many, many others — are given huge national play in order to make Whites feel guilty about alleged “racism”? Now do you understand why these national media brazenly suppress stories that might make White people wake up and become alarmed about what is being done to them? Are you starting to understand who it is that engineered the move to open our borders and which has as its primary agenda the replacement and genocide of us?

There is no “democratic” solution to the racial invasion of our country; or to the degradation, defilement, and rape of our women and children; or to the existence of the lying enemy media that hide these things from us — when they can’t actually justify these things with their fake news and fake moralizing. White men and women need to begin organizing now to build a new and better nation — to do what is right — to make new laws and new institutions to enforce them — to protect our children’s future and ensure the continued existence of our race.

If you are starting to understand these things, join the men and women of the National Alliance. We are working every day to awaken our people and organize them, whatever it takes, into an effective force to liberate our people from the terror that is being imposed upon us — from these very real monsters on the loose.

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“Those enemies are doing everything possible to wipe us out—and erase White people, and our posterity, from the face of the Earth. They control our mass media—for now. They control our corrupt elected officials through bribes and intimidation—for the moment. They are importing millions of Third Worlders to replace us. They promote racial mixing as part of their genocidal agenda. And, so far, they’re getting away with it.

“But more and more of us refuse to accept extinction and genocide. More and more of us are fighting back. Join us. For our children’s sake. We’re the men and women of the National Alliance. Visit our Web site at NATALL.COM—or send $3 for more information today.”

You can get a free high-resolution PDF file of this flier — suitable for printing on your home printer, or having them printed at any quality print shop — by clicking on the image and links in the text version of this broadcast or simply by visiting (PDF 8.5×11; 2-up PDF 8.5×11; large JPG version 8.5×11).

This is the message that our neighbors and family members and colleagues and friends need to hear. We need to activate them as forces for racial-nationalist revolutionary change. Please do your part!

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