Parasite’s Folly Redux

FEED ME! A parasitized songbird, left, and a brown-headed cowbird chick — who has probably killed some or all of the songbird’s real chicks — demanding food.

American Dissident Voices broadcast of June 3, 2017

by Kevin Alfred Strom

PARASITES ARE disgusting. The tapeworm. The tick. The leech. The brown-headed cowbird. I’ve recently been dealing with a huge, bloated brown-headed cowbird chick — and the poor, exhausted, overworked finch who mistakenly thinks it is the cowbird chick’s parent — at my bird feeder which is outside my office window and no farther than ten feet from this American Dissident Voices microphone. I love feeding and watching the birds — it is one of my joys, winter and summer — but I do my best to refuse sustenance to this gross deceiver.

Adult cowbirds lay their eggs in the nests of other species, and the parasite chicks are then raised by the victims. At the top of this page, you’ll see a photograph of such a cowbird chick begging for food from the much smaller songbird “parent” whose nest it has parasitized. The chick is literally three times the size of its “parent.” Many such songbirds literally work themselves to death after weeks of trying to fill the insatiable maw of the cowbird chick, which, unlike the real songbird babies, follows its victim around continuously demanding food. Meanwhile, the songbird’s far less aggressive real chicks — the ones that weren’t killed or ejected from the nest by the cowbird — are often neglected to the point of near-starvation.

There are many parallels here to our situation vis-à-vis the Jews and the weaponized brown people they have used to parasitize us. I discussed some of those parallels in an earlier program. New studies of the parasites have revealed even more amazing facts that show us similarities between our situation and that of the songbirds and their deadly invaders.

Think about it — the bringers of beauty and song, the lovers of the deep forest — are being driven to death and possible extinction by brown and black invaders; invaders who don’t always kill the beautiful ones outright (though sometimes they do), but who rather pretend to be the same race as their victims — and who depend on the inborn morality of the beautiful ones to give them, the deceivers, everything they want without working for it themselves.

They trigger this inborn morality — which naturally is intended to stimulate support for their own offspring — by simulating the natural triggers for songbird feeding and support of their young. In fact, the cowbirds exaggerate these stimuli, turning them into super-stimuli.

We’ve recently learned that some cowbird subspecies are evolving the ability to not only lay eggs that look like the eggs of their hosts — but which have exaggerated the distinctive characteristics of their typical host’s eggs. So if the host’s eggs are green and speckled, for example, the cowbird will lay an egg that is even greener and more speckled than normal, psychologically tricking the host parents into regarding it as not only not alien, but even more assuredly natural and “belonging” in the nest than the birds’ real eggs.

One of the parasite’s super-stimuli: a mouth much larger than his nestmates’

Songbird chicks, like those of many bird species, open their outsized mouths wide, and the parents instinctively place food in those open mouths. The parasite chick has a mouth twice as large — and therefore, psychologically twice as compelling to the abused parents who probably place more food in it than in the mouths of their real chicks.

Among many songbird species, the chicks naturally develop an occasional “shaking” behavior of their hindquarters as they grow, which gets the parents’ attention and lets them know that the little ones are hungry. The cowbird chick shakes his hindquarters at five times the amplitude of the real chicks’ — and the parasite doesn’t just shake it when he’s hungry; he shakes it almost continuously while following the parasitized parents around all day long, sometimes literally overworking them to the point of death, something the real chicks don’t do.

A real baby finch makes a sweet little warble when he’s hungry and wants Mom or Dad to feed him. The cowbird parasite chick makes a super-stimulus imitation of that warble, ten times as loud, raucous, and never stops as long as he’s awake. As a result of all this super-stimulus, his victimized “parents” run around like crazy all day long to obtain ten times the food they and their chicks would normally need.

Can you think of any super-stimuli to which we as a race are subjected? — super-stimuli designed to trigger our own instinctive morality in the service of the parasite? How about the images injected into our brains of dead brown children and starving, pathetic brown mothers carried on the Jews’ airwaves and used as a means to get us to open our wallets and our borders to the mostly male, aggressive, rape-gang-forming invaders? How about the endless images of noble, persecuted Jews suffering profoundly because of the evil, murderous Whites who decided they wanted a country without supervision by Jewish billionaires?

As forests become more and more fragmented, the remaining forests do not have cores large enough to provide refuge from the parasites which thrive in edge areas. Eventually, as forest declines further, the remaining woods are essentially all edge areas, and the songbirds have no territory free of parasites.

Just as Jews and their weaponized non-Whites don’t pioneer new land or the forested continental interiors or the great plains, but instead flock to the cities once the Whites have cleared the land, built a civilization, and made things generally safe for them — so also the cowbird has an aversion to the deep forest loved by many songbirds, and prefers edge areas where forest meets city or grassland. As our former deep forests are disappearing — making practically every wooded area that still exists in effect an edge area — the songbirds have lost their refuge, and literally can no longer escape the parasites, causing songbird populations to crash to dangerously low levels in many areas. So also the loss of the American frontier makes everyplace safe for Jews and the brown invaders — so also the loss of our once-White cities and the increasing invasion of our suburbs and the countryside means that the beautiful and creative race has no refuge anymore and, like the phoebe, the tanager, and the sparrow, cannot escape the parasite.

What can be done to defeat this highly-evolved, yet disgusting, parasite? Some bird species have developed a means of fighting back — and scientists, believe it or not, openly call it egg discrimination. They have evolved the ability to detect — and reject — the clever parasites’ eggs, and eject them from the nest before they have a chance to hatch. Humans who care about saving the beautiful, endangered songbirds have started programs all across the country to trap — and gas — the parasites.

* * *

The leaders of the Jewish power structure are violent, nasty, parasitic liars and murderers. They have blood on their hands, up to their shoulders. But they don’t always get their way. They often miscalculate. And, time and again throughout history — hundreds of times, in fact — they have been recognized for what they are and removed from their positions of power and physically removed from the nations they parasitized.

This time around this well-worn cycle, the Jewish power structure may live to regret their extreme hubris and overreach in simultaneously 1) attempting to dominate the Middle East militarily while using the entire Western world as their cats-paw —  2) attempting genocide of one of the Earth’s major races, our race, the White race — 3) attempting to use the financial system to exact an ever-increasing percentage of the people’s wealth through fractional reserve banking, derivatives, and other financial scams; and then, once again, using the military might of the West, especially America, to threaten or punish any nation that wants no part of that financial system — like Syria, Iran, or Russia.

As I said, they may live to regret it, because they may find themselves fighting a four-front war simultaneously as the millions who have already awakened to their depredations join forces with the tens of millions more who are just starting to awaken to what is now known on the Internet as the “JQ,” or Jewish question — the acronym is so well-known that, among younger people, it doesn’t even have to be explained.

The Jews miscalculate often — and one of their worst miscalculations was the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty, an American intelligence ship, during the Six-Day War between Israel and Egypt in 1967, in which there were 205 American casualties. The Israeli planes used in the first wave of the attack were painted with Egyptian colors in hopes that the attack would be blamed on Egypt. It was a brazen false flag murder of American sailors, who were killed in an effort to bring America into the war on the Israeli side. Had they been successful in their deception, tens of thousands more would certainly have been killed — and possibly millions, since nuclear-armed planes bound for Cairo were only recalled, with minutes to spare, when American heroes aboard the Liberty managed, with incredible bravery and despite overwhelming odds, to get a message through to the world. Because of the actions of those heroes, the false flag was all for naught, the bombers had to be recalled — and the Jews had to go into damage control mode.

In just a few days — June 8th — it will be the 50th anniversary of this atrocity. Let’s let every single one of our neighbors and friends know about this brazen murder of Americans for Jewish ends. Let them know what the Jews did to us on that day — and on every day since. Show everyone in your neighborhood that there is a direct, provable connection between Israel and dead American kids coming home in body bags. Show them that there’s a direct, provable connection between Jewish media control and the graves of their children — children who didn’t have to die. Show them how these murders were covered up by politicians who serve Israel instead of the American people. Show them that President Trump is in bed with the same vipers and liars and parasites, and refuses any national commemoration of the deaths of these heroes.

You can do that. Take a whole day off and spend the entire day printing out and distributing a hundred, a thousand, or more of our USS  Liberty fliers. They are available at When you get tired and need a break from walking to every shop and grocery store and parking lot and distributing fliers, sit down at your computer and have a sandwich — while posting links to our exposés of the Liberty incident and its cover-up on every social media account you have. We’ve created an easy-to-remember short URL for that purpose, too — Be relentless. Fight back. And take heart — we are growing, and every day a thousand new men and women awaken to the real threat to our existence. Be a part of that awakening.

* * *

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