Time Is Short

American Dissident Voices broadcast of February 11, 2017

by Kevin Alfred Strom

IMAGINE that you and your family are picnicking at the very center of a high, narrow railroad bridge passing over a rocky river,  and you are picnicking right on the tracks. You’re picnicking right on the tracks because the bridge is so narrow that there’s nowhere else to stand or sit. Never mind for the moment the details of how you were convinced to do such a stupid thing. Let’s just say that a friendly merchant told you how wonderful the view would be from there. Some local folks tried to warn you it was a bad idea, sure to lead to disaster, but the merchant said they were terrible people, not to be believed. So there you sit, eating your sandwiches.

Off in the distance you see a locomotive, pulling a freight train behind it, approaching at high speed. There’s no way the locomotive’s engineer could stop the train in time — before hitting you and your family — assuming that he even sees you. There’s no time for you and your loved ones to run to either end of the bridge in time to avoid the inevitable collision. There are only two ways now to save yourselves: Leap off the bridge into the rocky waters below, where some or all of your family will surely die, or use enough firepower to blow the train off the tracks (and, one hopes, right into the merchant who is rubbing his hands nearby), killing the engineer but saving your wife and children.

I fear that my analogy is a bit obvious, but I hope it is no less strong for being obvious. The merchant is the Jew who has convinced us Whites that “race doesn’t matter,” “Whites are guilty,” “Whites have privilege,” “race doesn’t exist,” and that “Whites have a moral obligation to be race-blind” and allow mass migration of unlimited numbers of non-Whites into our societies. The collision with the oncoming locomotive is the near-inevitable demographic death of the White Americans and Europeans who have followed the merchant’s advice.

So, what’s it going to be, White man, White woman? Will it be escape by leaping, with your children, into the waters below? (An analogy to escaping this country by emigration and all the risks that that entails.) A tough choice. An unknown chance of survival, and not a very good one from the looks of it. Or will it be aiming your firearms and grenade launchers and everything you’ve got at the locomotive and blowing it and the merchant off the tracks and preferably into atoms? You did ignore the merchant’s advice to give up your weapons, I hope. If you didn’t, your choices have narrowed considerably.

Those really are the only two choices you have, my friends, and the first choice is really no choice at all assuming you do have your weapons and know how to aim them. And time is very, very short.

But listen! Someone is telling you that you have a third choice. Oh, look — it’s the friendly merchant with his megaphone. He says there’s nothing to worry about. He says there’s no reason to believe that locomotives aren’t made of marshmallows, so you can just keep on picnicking and partying. How do you know that trains today aren’t equipped with magical brakes that can stop them in a millisecond? Do you have a degree in railway engineering? Besides, he says, the merchant’s cousin, a “deconstructionist philosopher,” tells us that even steel is just microscopic atoms with mostly empty space between them. Our sophistry proves it will pass right through you even if it doesn’t stop. Smile and keep on eating your Cheetos. And besides, it would be illegal and “immoral” to start shooting. If you are so distrustful and negative and hateful to think that the oncoming train is about to smash into you and really is made of solid steel, why, the merchant says, deal with it legally. Not by shooting! Petition for redress of grievances! File a lawsuit! Call the police! File a complaint — a criminal complaint, if you insist. Officer Friendly will take your report and the merchant’s other cousin is a judge, so you know you’re in good hands.

I think we can agree that filing a lawsuit or a criminal complaint or dialing 911 would be insane under the circumstances. But that is exactly what we do when we trust the legal system or the political system to save our people from non-White violence and save our race from our looming genocide.

It has been more than thirty days since the Black “Facebook torture gang” was caught after putting a disabled young White man through days of brutal agony, imprisonment, and torture. The System has just got around to charging the Blacks and accepting their “not guilty” pleas. Then will come rounds of hearings, petitions, the trial itself, possible acquittals on technicalities or errors by the authorities or because of the racial makeup of the jury in that area, then sentencing, then possible appeals, then possible early release. The procedure is very slow. It will take many months just to get to the next step. Ask yourself this question: Are non-White crimes happening at a similar slow rate? Or are they multiplying many times faster than the System can take care of them?

Here’s a video of the brother of one of the Facebook torture gang. Listen to his incoherent and almost incomprehensible rant outside the courtroom  and you will understand that neither education, no matter how expensive or prolonged, nor law enforcement, no matter how draconian, can ever make a civilized being out of such material.

Let me tell you about another crime that happened last month, as reported by Chicago’s DNAInfo, which I’ll paraphrase for brevity:

A Wicker Park man, snatched off the sidewalk and forced into a car where he was beaten and robbed by three attackers last month, says he wants to warn others about the harrowing four-hour experience that has left him partially blinded in one eye.

“I am known as street smart, tough, aware and well traveled, yet I was kidnapped in my neighborhood in a well-lit crowded location. Our city is slipping into the type of society that is the likes of Third World countries,” said Dan Lipton, a 46-year-old real estate agent.

Lipton says he was kidnapped at approximately 12:15 a.m. on January 8 while he was standing in the 2100 block of West Division Street, a block packed with bars and restaurants.

“…I was on the sidewalk …and a guy came up to me and asked for a lighter. As I was searching in my pockets for my lighter, he put his arm around me, cradled the back of me and shoved me into the front seat of a car,” Lipton said.

Officer Laura Amezaga, a Chicago Police spokeswoman, said the “armed robbery with other dangerous weapon” incident lasted from approximately 12:15 to 3:50 a.m. The weapon was a hammer, which was used only as a threat.

Lipton said he was restrained in the car and beaten in his face and hands (which he was using to try to cover his face with) while the man who shoved him into the car reached from behind to take Lipton’s wallet and phone from his pockets. Lipton said he was then pummeled in the left side of his face as the driver held his arm down to further restrain him.

The man who pulled Lipton into the car was described as black, between 6-foot-2 and 6-foot-4, weighing up to 240 pounds and about 25 years old, Lipton said. The car was an older model four-door maroon sedan, possibly a Mercury, Amezaga said.

Another black man, about 5-foot-10 and 180 pounds, …in his early 30s, was driving the car.

A white woman, estimated to be between 30 and 35, was in the back seat with the larger offender. Lipton said the woman’s hair was “dirty blonde.”

Lipton said the three attackers told him they were “on crack” and were passing around a little glass tube and smoking from it. They offered him some crack but he said no.

They demanded the PIN number to his ATM card, which he gave to them after first resisting. Then, they visited several unknown businesses and gas stations.

“We went from ATM to ATM. They took out as much cash as they could before Chase fraud protection cut off withdrawals,” Lipton said.

At one point, they demanded the security code to unlock Lipton’s cell phone, and once it was unlocked, sold Lipton’s phone to someone at one of the gas stations.

Eventually, Lipton was let go from the car near the intersection of Harrison and Pulaski on a freezing morning.

Lipton said he flagged down a Cook County Sheriff’s police car, but “they sat there and they called a Chicago Police officer” while Lipton stood outside the car in the cold.

When police responded, Lipton said they did not allow him to go to a precinct “to warm up and get a report written.”

“They said I go home, or to the hospital. I knew I needed to go to an ophthalmologist and it was Sunday morning. They dumped me beaten up at my house and didn’t even wait for me to get inside. No paperwork or anything was done,” Lipton said from Florida, where he has been recuperating with limited sight in his left eye almost a month since the attack.

Amezaga said that according to the police report, “it appears [Lipton] refused medical attention and was taken home by officers and a report was not generated at that time [at 3:50 a.m].”

But later the same day, at 4:30 p.m. on Jan. 8, Amezaga said officers arrived at Lipton’s home and generated a report.

Lipton confirmed a report was made later in the day after his phone was recovered.

“[A Lipton-] related person called victim’s friend and stated he was in possession of victim’s phone and wanted to sell back phone for what he paid for it ($100). Deal was made and victim got his phone back,” Amezaga said. [Apparently, English is not the first language of our valiant representative of the majesty of the law. — Ed.]

Lipton said his cousin and his cousin’s girlfriend, who called 911, bought his phone back in a Jewel parking lot at Ashland and Division, and plainclothes police officers interviewed the phone seller. Lipton joined them and said the man whom he got his phone back from was not one of his two attackers.

After a recent conversation with the detective in the violent crimes unit, Lipton said he felt like there is nothing they can do to catch the perpetrators and since so much time had gone by, the chances of getting any surveillance videos has been greatly diminished.

“I feel like the detective just gets more cases piled on him. The detectives are in a spot where they are apologizing to people for not solving crimes. They are being set up to fail with too many cases and lack of resources,” Lipton said. “Our city is broken and getting worse.”

Amezaga said that the incident is an ongoing investigation. Anyone with tips or who sees the maroon car and three suspects as described is encouraged to call Area North detectives.

Now, what are the chances that this case is going to generate even any more paperwork, to say nothing of detective work? How many maroon cars are in Chicago, better called Chicongo? How many heavyish Black males in their 30s? Absent a miracle, you and I and the cops and the partially-blinded Mr. Lipton all know this case is going nowhere. And how many cases like it go nowhere every day in Chicago alone? How many never even get the perfunctory paperwork filled out and so never even make it into the crime statistics? How many every day, every minute?

What crime statistics there are tell us that about half of all Black males are somehow involved with the criminal justice system by the time they are 30. Statistics for Mestizos and other invaders also show a high crime and incarceration rate, far higher than for Whites. But even this huge and expensive effort by law enforcement is not enough. Huge areas of our cities are Third World genetically and Third World in terms of danger and crime — and those areas are constantly growing. The places where it’s safe for White families to walk at night are constantly shrinking. The System is firmly holding open the big beautiful doors on our borders. And the Merchants with their network megaphones tell us to keep quiet about it.

The System can’t keep up with non-White crime because the System can’t keep up with the Black and Mestizo and other non-White birthrates — and it also can’t keep up with the invasion across our borders. Just looking at the counted Black birthrate alone — ignoring the uncounted, ignoring other prolific races, and totally ignoring mass immigration — we see that every three years we are blessed by a million more such beings. Half of these are male. Half of these males will be caught committing crimes. What System could even conceivably keep up with that? Clearly even law enforcement draconian enough to incarcerate so many hundreds of thousands, draconian enough to inspire riots, draconian enough to imprison so many in their prime reproductive years — is still not enough to stem their increase. And it is the increase that threatens us much more than the crimes.

Several lessons can be learned here: 1) The legal system is not swift enough to deal with the violence and crime (to say nothing of the racial destruction) the resident non-Whites and the non-White invaders bring (they are arriving and reproducing and committing horrific acts much faster than the police and courts can deal with them); and 2) the speed of the legal system is slow enough, but it is lightning fast compared to the speed of political change through the “democratic process.” It has taken half a century of racial destruction to get most Whites to support the milquetoast reforms of Donald Trump, which don’t go 1/100th of the way to solving our racial problem — and meanwhile Whites are losing ground demographically so fast that even if all Whites supported a nationalist candidate, he would still lose the election in the America of a decade hence.

We have now entered a world in which the only hope of avoiding the oncoming locomotive of racial extinction and death is direct action that bypasses the corrupted legislatures and the crippled arm of the law. Therefore we must use all the resources at our command to make direct action feasible, legal, and effective. To do that we must unite under the banner of the National Alliance, the only credible organization willing to speak the hard truths that our people must hear and understand in order to survive. Direct action by deputized White citizens against aliens and invaders must be fully legalized, supported, and encouraged by the state, which should also use its military forces against the invaders when necessary. If the current state apparatus cannot be employed in such a way, it must be replaced by a new state apparatus, which, as Jefferson and Nature tell us, is always the right of the people. Imagine what a million deputized,  empowered citizens, backed up by the full authority of the state, could do. And, I’m telling you, it is our only hope.

* * *

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