Climbing the Mountain

WWW_portrait_xAmerican Dissident Voices broadcast of March 12, 2016

by Kevin Alfred Strom

FOUR DAYS ago a major step forward for the National Alliance happened in, of all places, a Virginia courtroom. Alliance Chairman William White Williams (pictured) was there and this is his report:

“A few months before I was named Chairman of the National Alliance, six former members — who all resigned from our organization three and one half years ago — formed an ad hoc group, calling themselves NARRG (National Alliance Reform and Restoration Group). They sued their then-Chairman Erich Gliebe and the Alliance’s then-Board of Directors as individuals 26 months ago for $2 million — after they made some unsuccessful attempts to purchase the Alliance from Mr. Gliebe. They claimed their goal was the resignation of Gliebe, whom they’d supported for a decade but with whom they had become disenchanted. But when Mr. Gliebe finally did resign, they weren’t satisfied. They continued the suit and went on the attack against the new Alliance leadership, raising and spending a great deal of money in the process.


“The six had their day in court this week. I retained counsel to represent the Alliance’s interests in May of 2015, once the NARRG grouplet dragged the Alliance itself into the lawsuit. The Alliance’s firm position since then has been that, among other affirmative defenses, the NARRG plaintiffs had no standing to bring the cause of action in the first place. This position was backed up not only by the Alliance’s carefully drawn Articles of Incorporation and By-laws, but by case law and the Commonwealth of Virginia’s time-tested corporate statutes.

“The National Alliance’s Motion for Demurrer, essentially a motion to dismiss the case, was heard in Circuit Court on Tuesday, March 8, 2016, and was granted, with the judge ruling that the NARRG plaintiffs, indeed, did not have standing. He likened their lawsuit to the absurd prospect of members of the National Rifle Association trying to sue the heads of that organization because they didn’t like the way the NRA leadership and board had governed. [Actually — this is Kevin Strom speaking here — it was even more ridiculous than that: They were not even members — they were former members — with no more standing to demand $2 million and a handover of the group’s assets than six disgruntled former telephone customers would have to demand a handover of the assets of AT&T. — Ed.]

“It was allowed that the plaintiffs can file an Amended Answer against the original defendants if they wish, but not against the National Alliance. However, the judge questioned how the plaintiffs could file such an Answer since it has been ruled that they have no standing. The stubborn plaintiffs and their attorney do not want to admit defeat so are likely to keep raising money on their Internet blog from misinformed donors to try to somehow get their hands on what remains of National Alliance assets. It is difficult to believe how this group of disgruntled former members of the National Alliance thought it was a good idea to petition a court of law to dissolve the Alliance with hopes that it would be turned over to them. According to legal experts, if dissolved it could have eventually been turned over by the court to even the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) or another high bidder.

“The National Alliance has already been restored and reformed, no thanks to this expensive, destructive lawsuit. With this unfortunate episode behind us now, we can spend more of our resources on productive work for our people’s future — instead of on attorneys. I believe that many prospective members will get off the fence now and support us. Some good people, I believe, were waiting to see who would prevail in the courts. Some supporters of the NARRG grouplet had good intentions when they got behind the effort to force former Alliance Chairman Erich Gliebe to step down and name a successor. Those former Alliance supporters are welcome to reapply as members or supporters and close ranks with us.

“Invoices for legal expenses — very significant expenses — related to this lawsuit are still outstanding, so donations to the National Alliance’s Legal Defense Fund will be very much appreciated:

A NARRG spokesman already misrepresented the outcome of the hearing, by the way, stating “there was no decision made as to standing at the March 8th hearing,” a complete reversal of reality.

This program, and the other public National Alliance media, have devoted very little space to the legal harassment — and disgustingly vicious mudslinging — from the NARRG grouplet and their recently-acquired SPLC-asset allies. (They have been discussed in depth, however, in the National Alliance BULLETIN, the monthly internal print publication for members and supporters of the Alliance –which, by the way, has been continuously published since 1970, longer than any other racial-nationalist periodical in the United States.)

There are a number of very good reasons for that policy.

One reason is that it’s impossible to win a mudslinging contest. Making accusations and starting vicious rumors costs nothing and takes almost no time. The accusations do not have to be true or even plausible, and one person can issue ten slanders under half a dozen different phony names every 15 minutes or so with ease — so imagine what a small team can do, armed with a blog or two, a Facebook page, and access to so-called free speech forums where anonymity rules, paid infiltrators and intelligence agents abound just looking for an excuse to stir up dirt, and oversight is nil.

Another reason is that one of the mudslingers’ goals is to put you on the defensive, use up your time and energy and resources responding to accusations — thereby giving a lot more attention to them, and get a bigger audience for whatever venue the attackers have chosen for their filth. This will happen even if you don’t participate in the mudslingers’ venues, because a mere reference to their latest attack in your own media will send gossip-hungry or simply puzzled readers to the source.

Another reason is that even careful, logical, unassailable step-by-step refutation of the mudslingers’ accusations will avail you nothing. By the time you have finished refuting one allegation, the malicious liars will have fabricated and posted five more. And when you wake up in the morning, there will be ten more to deal with. If you show that one particular anonymous poster is not to be trusted, and enough people believe you, that “screen name” will disappear and a couple of new ones appear in its place. All your herculean efforts that prove conclusively that lies are lies and that liars are liars will be swept away by a tsunami of fabrications and insults made by people who care for logic and truth about the same way that Hillary Clinton cares about murdered White farmers in South Africa.

If you or your organization come under an attack like this, consider it a badge of honor. That the System and the Enemy and their dupes have decided to denigrate and destroy you is surely a sign that you are doing something good in this world — and knowing that is one of the best feelings to be had this side of Elysium.

My advice if you find yourself in this kind of situation: Make a statement of the basic facts when necessary to the audience that really matters, as Chairman Williams did in a few select venues and in the BULLETIN, but for the most part let the rocks land where they may as you climb the mountain of achievement. Don’t let these or any attacks stop you from doing excellent work for your people, for it is by persistently working to achieve your goals, with all the skill and money and life-energy at your command, and by never giving up, that you will win the respect of those who really matter. It is they who will add their efforts to yours — and ascend to the heights by your side. Be thankful for the confluence of fate and circumstance that made the rock-throwers show themselves as they really are, since you don’t want them by your side anyway.

The same basic principle applies in reverse. Don’t spend much of your energy attacking the phonies and agents and lunatics (there is considerable overlap among these categories) you may discover infecting or trying to infect our sacred cause. Tell others about them privately, and always if asked, but only very occasionally publicly and only if the occasion demands it. Don’t use too much of your precious time and life-energy dealing with unworthy souls.

It’s five minutes to midnight and our people’s very existence is at stake. Act accordingly. Use your life for the only cause that really matters in this universe, and do the very best work that you can possibly do. Don’t get too wrapped up in swatting insects. If one of the worst of the pests tries to draw blood, slap it down decisively, but don’t let the swarm become your focus. You’ve got to keep climbing the mountain. Unless we make it to the summit — the summit of a racial state and White living space and a government answerable to us alone — we are doomed. Eyes upward toward the goal — arms pulling — legs pushing — with a helping hand to those of our folk who need a little help. That’s the way upward. That’s the only way the future we dream of can exist.

The National Alliance has for some years been climbing that mountain, inch by inch, with a backpack full of bricks tied to our shoulders. Now part of that weight has been lifted. But we do not relax on that account — we accelerate.

* * *

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